Her director his designer episode 25


Ragini keeps a big white sheet and starts drawing a sketch and was very busy to give it a damm look.
Door bell rings..
Pradeep goes and opens door. He gets surprised to see laksh and dp..
Laksh:- hi pradeep and looks inside house
Pradeep:- hi laksh laksh. Hi uncle come inside naa.
Dp:- laksh dont peep into their house like thief ok..and dont worry she will come down by lisening our arrival news.
They both were welcomed by shekars family.
They sits in hall.
Dp:- where is ragini.
Shekhar:- she is busy in her designs from morning..
Pradeep:- haa she is saying that She had some london contract…
Sumi:-but i have to call this girl down otherwise she will spend in her room only . From morning i
am trying to bring her down.
Pradeep raises his eye brows and says i will bring her down.
Shekar:- dont u dare to prank on my daughter i will kill you.
Sumi:- i am with you pradeep do what ever you want but bring her down ahh but dont spoil her designes she will kill you otherwise..
Pradeep:- done..

He goes up…and stops inbetween and says laksh do you also want to join me.
Dp:- ofcourse why no he will join you go laksh.
Laksh:- are you sure pradeep .if any thing went wrong thats it she will eat us alive…
Pradeep:- arey come na, i will take care of it..
They both goes towards her room and see her indulging into her drawing so much that she was not in her senses so that she can sense pradeep and laksh around her..
Pradeep slowly walk towards her while she was busy in painting by keeping her hair tied up..
While laksh was lost in her..
Ragini tears that paper and holds her head and speaks to her self..
Ragini:- ahh what happen with me today why i was unable to concentrate..
Pradeep:- holding water bucket and says shall we help you..
Ragini turns immediatedly pradeep threws bucket full of water on her leaving ragini and laksh shock..
Ragini opens her mouth in shock while pradeep laughs and runs away..
Laksh who was still in shock stands their only…
Ragini turns and sees laksh..
Laksh nodes his head saying..
I didnt threw water it was your brother..
Ragini:- but you were also part of his plan naa.
Laksh:- haa but

Ragini:- thats it…
Ragini starts chasing laksh snd pradeep whole house…
Pradeep runs in another direction while laksh runs to another room.
Ragini see both direction where they both went and finally goes towards laksh.
She entres room and see around.
Suddenly a hold on her hand drags her and pinned to wall.
Ragini sees it as laksh and gets relief..
Ragini:- laksh u made to frighten..
Laksh keeps on looking at her .
Ragini realises his intense look on her and tries hard not to blush and pushes him but laksh blocks her by keeping his both hands on wall.
Laksh:- lisen i just gave company to your brother to disturb you so that you can come down and that water bucket incident i dont knew anything about it..
Ragini:- ok , lets go down and about to move but laksh stops her.
Laksh:- one second.
Ragini:- now what…
Laksh sets her hair behind her ear and says..
Laksh:- perfect.
Both smiles..
Ragini:- you go down i will change and come..
Laksh nodes and goes down.
Later ragini too comes down and wishes dp..
Just then pradeep comes and sits infont of ragini.
Where ragini eyes him angrily.
Pradeep sticks his tongue out and teases ragini..
Where shekar comes and pour water on pradeep head..
Shekar:- this for pouring water on ragini.
Ragini and shekar both hi fives to each other ans sticks their tongue out and teases pradeep.
After some time…
Dp and laksh invites them for house party and leaves from their..

Precap:- party..

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