Her director his designer episode 24

Laksh and ragini makes dp to sit in a room on hospital bed..
A projector is placed infront of them..
Laksh and ragini sits on each side of dp.
Dp looks all around room and holds laksh and ragini hands.
Dp:- lets go to home . I am not liking this place…
Laksh:- ok dad before that i want to show you some pictures..
Ragini:- and you have to guess that person and what relation you had with him or her..
Dp:- if i say can we go to home.
Ragini:- ofcourse..
Dp:- ok then i will say..
Ragini and laksh signals to each other and doctors are standing beside them.
Laksh first places a picture of old couples and asks
Laksh:- Who are they dad..
Dp:- maa and papa..
Another picture of a women…
Dp:- annapurna my wife..
Now another picture of a boy ..
Dp:- its you laksh at childhood.
Now a girl picture..
Dp:- dost..

Now they three happy moments pictures..
Dp:- our happy moments…..
Laksh breaths heavily and sees ragini..
Ragini signs him that everything will be ok and holds dp hand tightly..
Laksh plays another picture and sees dp tensedly.
Dp:- sandeep rai… i killed himm.
And started shouting i kill him ..
Ragini holds his head and says
Ragini:- no you didnt killed him dost.
Laksh:- haa dad you didnt killed him.
Dp:- you both dont knew anything i killed him.he wont forgive me
Ragini:- tell me how you killed him dost then i will say whether he will forgive you or not…
Dp says everything exactly what laksh told him.
Ragini:- hmm then its not your fault you did this all to save your family.
Dp:- no…
Ragini:- what some member who is very close to sandeep said to you that they forgive you and you were not at fault.
Dp:- will they ..
Ragini:- they forgave you already.
Dp:- who.
Ragini:- sandeep rai own sister ragini rai.
Dp looks at her in shock..
Ragini:- wont you want to knew how her sister looks like.
Dp nodes his head..
Ragini click for next photo..
And a photo appeared with sandeep and ragini . Dp sees it with tears and turns towards ragini.
Dp:- that means you were sandeep sister..and brust out crying and bends down to touch her legs..
In mean time ragini stops him
Ragini:- what are you doing dost.
Dp:- i snatched everything from you i am sorry.
Ragini:- you didnt do it.

Its just written that he should die.if not this reason he may die with another reason and you knew my bhai was very senstive..
If you didnt took his story and if they killed your son then..
Dp:- let it be atleast your brother will be alive naa.
Ragini:- no never . He him self blames that directly or indirectly he was also a reason for things happening in your family and he might ended up by suiciding..
And dost u knew two types of lonelyness will be ..first one not having anyone around us …
Second one although having people around us still feeling like being alone..
In first case we can overcome that lonelyness by finding frds or getting busy at something…
But second one it kills us from inside and right now your son is in second option.
You lost you wife only but he lost his mother and now missing his dad’s love.. he is carving for your love dost please come back..
Dp turns to laksh and sees him with teardy eyes and they both hug each other cries whole heartedly..
After sone time dp fell unconscious..
Doctor exams him and says that he is out of shock and fine now..
Laksh thanks doctor turns and sees ragini covering dp with blanket . He goes towards her holds her hand drags her into bone craching hug..
Ragini too wraps hands around him.
Laksh:- thank you so much ragini.
Ragini:- you are welcome..
They both closes their eyes and feels each other presences..

After few hours dp was taken back to his home and laksh gave this newz to whole industry that director durga prasad health was back now and he invited whole industry to a party..

Dp:- laksh..
Laksh:- yes dad..
Dp:- i think we should go and invite ragini family personelly.
Laksh:- even i am thinking about it and he immediatedly stands and says shall we go now itself..
Dp looks up at him and says haa we will definetly go right now but atleast change your shorts beta .it wont look nice..and starts laughing.
Laksh looks down at himself and realises that he is in shorts…and hits his forehead and he too starts to laugh..
Dp:- kya bhat hai beta any special reason behind this excitment of meeting ragini..
Laksh:- come on dad its nothing like that..
Dp:- hmm and starts watching him.
Laksh looks at dp watching him and hides his face but finally turns to dp and says..
Laksh:- i think i like her dad.
Dp:- like or love..
Laksh:- first i used to fight with her later it turned into like and i dont knew when it turned to love..
Dp:- fight with her but why..
Laksh says his and her story from first meeting to yesterday..
Dp:- hmm we can take a romantic movie from your story..
Laksh:- dad i dont knew what she feels for me and with out knewing i cant confess
Dp:- then try to knew it.
Laksh:- how
Dp:- they are so many factors in love ahh like concern , anger , caring ,and main thing jeously…
Laksh:- last one is good one dad but ragini is different from others if she felt jeously also inspite of feeling jeously she will attack on me in different way that i will confess my feeling ..
Dp:- then try to control your feeling and try to provoke her and let her out of her feeling directly or indirectly..
laksh:- i will try dad..
Dp:- hmm but present lets change our clothes because we have to go to her house..
Laksh:- yaa..
They both changes and starts to ragini house..

Precap:- dp and laksh were welcomed by ragini family..

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