Her director his designer episode 22


I am sry before this i uploaded same episode here new one..

Ragini sees award and gets happy while leaning on bed..
She gets a call ..
She turns on bed and see laksh calling her.. a huge smile appeared on her face soon she lifts the call..
Laksh:- congrates yar..
U won it .
Ragini:- thank you…
Laksh:-where is success party..
Ragini:- u come to paris i will give or if u can hold then wait untill i return back…
Laksh:- what you want me to do.
Ragini:- wait untill i came because tonight i am starting from here and after 38 hrs i will their..
Laksh:- ok i waited for one and half month so i will wait 38 hours more ok.
Ragini:- wait wait and wait.
Laksh:- bye happy journey.
Ragini:- thank you and yaa how is your movie
Laksh:- editing work remained…..
Ragini:- ok i have to start ..when i reach their i will meet you at your home..bye..
Laksh:- bye..
Ragini(mind ):- i dont knew why i sm feeling very happy by thought that i am going to meet you.
May be i had fallen for you..

After 38 hrss..
Ragini was first welcomed by press reporters..
Later she meets her family members..
By evening.
Ragini calls laksh and says him that she will meet him ..
Laksh and dp were equally waiting…
As soon as they hear a door bell..
Laksh goes and opens door..
They both welcomes each other with a huge smile….
And see dp waiting for her with a small pink rose ..
She goes towards him
Dp:- welcome back dost ..
Ragini:- thank you dost and yaa i bought this camera for you..
Dp:- hii thank you..
I will take alot of pictures with it..
Laksh seeing them.
Ragini goes towards him and holds hos hand and keeps some thing inside his fist and closes it.
Laksh:- what is it.
Ragini:- open and see.
Laksh opens and sees a braclet which written as my dad is my hero…
Laksh looks at her emotionally.
Ragini:- no scenty scenes director saab.
They both laughs..

Dp tooks their picture..
Ragini:- we should not do late in his treatment.
Laksh:- i called my family doctor..
He will come at any time..
They both sits ..
Doctor comes and checks dp.
Doctor:- before you reveal him you were that girl. We have do some tests on his brain.
How much it capable to face truth.
Did he had that strength or not.
And haa we have to reveal this truth in hospital for his safety measures.
Lak and rag :- ok..
Doctor:- so tomorrow first we will fo some test .it will took one day time to get reports after that we will reveal everything to him..
After so many years he will come out from this hell..
You were really great ragini to forgive him.
Ragini:- i am just normal person uncle nothing much more..

Precap:- dp test and results.

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  3. Can we expect any twists ?but it is very awesome.plz continue.

    1. Sindhura

      Untill now i didnt thought about

  4. nice good next part soon

  5. Can anyone tell me how to get registered in telly updates plz?

    1. Sindhura

      Go to main menu thrir u will find it

  6. so nice
    love rags

  7. Lovely update. It’s cute how Ragini calls Laksh director Saab. I love their bonding. Can’t wait for the next part

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  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Ragini realized her feelings
    Waiting for the next one………

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  11. Awesome!

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    Love it, waiting for the next epi eagerly.

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    Awesome Sissy aha.

    Anyways keep smiling like always xx

    ~Nusz xx

  14. Superb……?

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    Amazing dr.. Wow ragini has fallen for him

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