Her director his designer episode 21


Ragini and laksh were seeing dp from door who is sleeping peacefully.
Laksh:- i never thought that you will forgive me..
Ragini:- i am not anger at any one.

If i lost something then u too lost laksh and yaa one more my bhai died and seeing our loved ones infront of our eyes like this it hurts more so dont worry ok.
I will talk with uncle and i will say that i forgive him .infact i was not at all anger on him…
While ragini keep on talking laksh was staring at her..
Suddenly he got disturbed by ragini voice..
Ragini:- hi where you lost…you have to leave for flight.
Laksh:- oh yaa i forgot..

After few minutes..
Ragini was driving and laksh was sitting next to her..
Laksh:- so we will meet after one and half month haa.
Ragini:- hmm after that mission bringing your dad to normal will start.
They reach airport and ragini gives send off to him.
Next day morning ..
Sachin sumi pradeep were seeing newspaper and giggling seeing ragini coming down…
Ragini:- what happen why are you all laughing at me.
Pradeep:- by the way you selected awesome person but you didnt said to me..i mean us.
Ragini:- what are you talking about and why are you all were smiling at me like that..
Pradeep shows a picture of her and laksh on newspaper…
Ragini:- its not like that we were not in relationship ..ok
Pradeep:- ok ok.
Ragini:- but i have to say something with you all.

All a while..
They all were sitting silently..
Sachin:- destiny played with us ragini
No one is at fault at young age even laksh faced alot ..
I am proud of u that you behaved maturally..
Bring him and his dad to our house.
Ragini says yes and about to go but sumi stops her ..
Sumi:- by the way you both were looking good.
Ragini:- maa..from home i am Receiving this ..then definrtly today my phobe will brust with messages..
All laughs….
Ragini is packing her bags for paris trip..
Remo calls her..
Ragini sees his name and smiles.
Ragini:- its a rumor remo..
Remo:- laughs loudly but you both were looking killer pair…
Ragini:- very funny …
Remo:- happy journey..and all the best
Ragini:- thank you.
Later all her frds sanskar kusum all calls her and teases her.
She keepsvher phone aside sita on bed and takes newspaper sees her and laksh picture a smile appears on her face..
Here laksh holding newspaper and sees her and ragini photo smiles while all teases him..
By saying how can tom and jerry became pairs..
Laksh:- shut up get back to work..

Here ragini is preparing for her fashion show and missing laksh.

Laksh too lost in her and reminds his and her incidents smiles..

After one month ragini wins paris fashion show award..

Precap:- ragini and laksh plansss

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