Her director his designer episode 20


Laksh forwards his hand towards ragini..
Ragini sees him and his hand ..
Ragini:- what..
Laksh:- come with me..
Ragini:- where.
Laksh:- please come with me without asking any questions..
Ragini gives her hand to laksh.

He holds it and takes her to a room ..
Ragini keep on looking at laksh untill they reached a room..
Laksh looks at ragini and signals to look at a direction.
Ragini turns her head and gets shocked by seeing a big photograph.
Ragini:- bhai..
Laksh:- my dad is that director in your story..
Ragini stays stunned by seeing at his brother photo tears were rolling from her eyes..
Laksh:- when your bhai came then my dad was in serious problem ..he was stuck by a producer inshort by a goon. He is a under world don.

He gave money for dad to take movie and by fate that movie flopped and he started demanding to give money back ..
While time passing his touture increased he kidnapped me and started giving warning to dad that if he wont return money with in a month then he will kill me.
Dad started to panick month nearly passed so quickly.
Only 7 days left..
Because of his mental touture my mom died because sever cardiac attack..my dad became weak.
For him all ways closed that day he thought that he will loose me also.
That day your brother came and lisened story to my father.
He loved it alot he asked him for time to give him chance.
Unfortunately that day goon lisened to your brother story .he started liking and threaten dad to steal his story and direct his movie so that he can give him money..

My dad didnt have option because untill my dad gave him money he kept me under his control..
Once all sorted out my dad started to search about your brother..
He got his address at one day he rushed immediatedly..
That day he came to knew that its been a 6 months that he commited suicide..
He broked completely by knewing the fact that to save his son he became reason to death of some one’s son..
He drived fastly and he met with accident.
Slowly slowly he went into deep depression and he became like this….
He will get nightmares..
He often gets attacks..

He cries daily by seeing your brother photo.
I already lost my mother and my father too.may be this is our punishment for our deeds..
If its possible please forgive my dad..
Ragini breathing heavily and tears were rolling from each others eyes continuosly….
Laksh:- ragini say something please..
Laksh:- i want to lisen your voice please say something .
Scold me, beat me do what ever you want give me punishment for shattering your family for making you alone..
Ragini:- i want to talk with your dad..if you dont mind i want to make him normal and that can be happen only when you cooperate with me..
Laksh gets shocked after lisening to ragini postive response..
Ragini:- what are you seeing at me like that.

Laksh:- are you not angry on me.
And my family…
Ragini:- no… if my family or i were in your father position they will also do same thing..haa i was angry on you because you didnot belived me thats why u didnt relive truth.
See laksh i lost my parents before i could understand this world .i never felt their nonpresences in my life because my brother full filled it.
After some years i lost my brother.u knew what i feel bad by thinking that because of someone selfishness i lost him but today no more guilty because he died to safe someone family…
One more thing you forgot to tell me that is .

Atleast i saw my brother last time but you missed your mother last rituals.i knew how it feels.
No more guilt..if my forgiveness can give you your dad back then i am ready..
I hate this field because it snatched my brother..it made your dad helpless ..
If anyone at any fault that is this field not your dad..
Their are so many untold stories are their which we dont knew.
So stop being pointing out yourself.
Lets solve your dad problem …
together .once we came back from our work ok.
Laksh hugs ragini immediatedly..
Both closes their eyes when tears are flowing from their eyes..

Precap:- in paris..

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