Her director his designer episode 2


Both see each other in shock.
Girl:- what the hell are u doing here.
Laksh:- i am also asking u same what are u doing here.
Remo ,producer and their pa were watching them in shock .
Because they were fighting like kids.
Girl:- you were in my office and turns to her pa and say i told you to bring mr.laksh kapoor and whom you brought.
Remo about to speak but cuts by Laksh
Laksh:- excuse me i am laksh kapoor …
Girl:- what unbelievable..
Laksh:- even i am shocked by knewing that you were ragini raichand..

Before she could speak..
Remo shouts .
Remo:- stop it guys you both were fighting like school or college going kids..
Producer :- both of you meet properly.
Laksh and miss.ragini please..
Both looks at each other and unwillingly hand shakes.
Ragini:- i am sorry and please have a seat.
Laksh:- its ok.
Ragini and remaing also eyes him angrily.
Laksh see and says:- fine i am sorry too.
Ragini nodes her head and talks with remo.
Remo:- i need your help dear i lisened that you were going to maurius from your brother is it true.
Ragini:- yaa on this season it will be awesome their and i too need a break thats why..
Remo:- i need your help then.
Ragini:- hmm say i will always love to help you.
Remo:- u already visited their so suggest me few places..
ragini opens her laptop and shows a file to him and says in this all places photos vedios and their desprictions are there you see them if you have any doudt about any place i will say..
Remo is checking pictures..

Ragini now talks with producer..
Producer:- anand mehta u knew me i am well knew producer..
And we are going to take new project we want u to be designer. for it as its a simple customs are
are needed and right now you were leading so we want you to work in our project..
Ragini in mind ( right now leading this is the one sentence i hate in this industry. People keep on changing right now these two were infront of me. Who knew tomorrow infront of whom these two will sit i hate this but i love my bhai more and he loves this producer alot. he used to say that he once believe in anyone he wont leave that person hand at anycost haa he helped my bhai alot at that time but nothing worked..)
She was disturbed by producer again.
Producer:- you can take your time and say to us and handles a file to her..
This is a glimpse of our project you go threw it as it will help you to design as per story.
Ragini:- no need to think sir i am in your project.
Laksh:- what but you did not read any terms condition not even our story then how come you.
Ragini:- sometime story doesnt need mr.kapoor sometime we have see respected people also.
I lisened about you a lot from my brother i would love to work with you.
Mehta:- u were like your brother born talent and never leaves a chance to work .if things doenst gone good for him and we lost a star may be we were unlucky..
Ragini:- we all were unlucky sir.
Where will be locations.
Producer:- we have to find that and once we done we will inform you.
Laksh:- u can start with designs.
Ragini:- i mean atleast can i knew place state country..
Laksh:- we are searching for coolest places and villages also.

Ragini:- ok done and yaa one more thing i cant come all time to your locations i will visit alternatively..
I have others things to do u see.
Producer:- ok you were custom designer all time beiging in location not needed.
Laksh:- but sir what if we faced any problem in designing.
Producer about to speak but ragini speaks..
Ragini:- dont worry mr.kapoor we wont disappoint you.
Laksh:- if i face any problems from your side think that your payment is cancel.
Producer looks at laksh.
Ragini smiles and says :- fine..
Remo comes from back and says remo:- as always girl from where u see these places i went their three times but never saw these ones..

And turns to laksh and says
Sorry to talk with u like this but she never works for money or fame purpose thats why only few people knew about her..
Any way ragini jii u were coming with mee..
Ragini:- why mee..
Remo:- a friendly tour.
Ragini:- i will see my schedule and i will join u ok..
Remo:- ok i am leaving and says bye to all.
Producer:-ok then once we final everything we will meet you in 2 to 3 days to sign offically.
Ragini:- yaa sure.
Producers gives handsake and signals laksh too.
Laksh too handshakes with her both looks angrily at each other..
They both leaves in one car..
Mehta:- laksh i didnot except this from u.
Laksh:- what happen sir.
Mehta:- how can u speak to her like that . Whole industry are dying to work with her and u insulting her.
Laksh about to speak.
Mehta:- let it be once when u see her work may be your point view of view will change ..
After going to office lets doo casting work also.
Laksh nodes….
Laksh see out from car window and thinks.
First time i was seeing mr.mehta talking angrily on me.i too lisened alot about her and saw her work .
Infact even me eager to meet her but dont knew wat happen to me by seeing her i forget what i am and wat she is and fighted with her like kid inshort after so many years i behaved like me with her..and mystery of her brother is making me more curious i have to knew about it at any cost.
His thoughts were disturbed by reaching their office.
They both went inside office..

Precap:- casting for his movie and deciding locations..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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