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Next day ragini came to laksh house to give him surprise..
She rings his door bell..
Laksh was talking with his father in hall so he gets up and opens door.
He gets shocked by seeing ragini.
Laksh:- ragini you were here.
Ragini:- i just want to surprise u.
Wont you allow me inside..
Laksh:- its not like that come inside..
Dp and ragini sees at each other and gets shocked..
Dp:- dost..
Ragini:- dost is this your house.
Dp:- yes he gets happy and comes to ragini and hugs her..
Ragini gets shocked but hugs him back..
Laksh about to stop but rags stops him and signs him as its ok..
Laksh:- you both knew each..
Dp:- i said my magic walli dost She only.
Laksh:- oh and turns towards ragini and says ..
Thank you ragini for saving dad..
Ragini:- he is your dad laksh and is he ..

Laksh:- yaa your doudt was right.
I will explain you aftwerwards..
Dp:- drags her and says come we will play..
Ragini also goes with him.
Laksh gets shocked by seeing their bonding.
Dp made ragini to stay with him whole day by playing and having lunch..
After being tired and by lot of attempts ragini makes him to sleep .
And comes out and searches for laksh and she finds him at balcony..
Ragini goes and stands next to him.
Ragini:- i wont talk to you..
Laksh:- what.
Ragini:- i was angry on you .
Laksh:- what i did..
Ragini:- i said everything about my family my brother the way i brought up my fears my strenght everything.
But you did not said this much big thing about your dad thats not fair.
Laksh:- it is not like that i didnot get perfect situation.
Ragini:- what do you mean by perfect situation i didnot said abt me by seeing situation i trusted you and i said.
U didnot trusted me thats why you didnot said to me..
May be you didnot taken me as your friend its ok..
She about to go but laksh holds her hand she turns ..
Laksh holds his another ear and says sorry.
Ragini:- i wont accept your sorry.
Laksh:- please …

Ragini turns her face to aside..
Laksh holds her chin and makes her turn and says its not like that i didnt not trust you or not belived you .
Ragini:- no laksh may i am not that enough for you to share your pain.
Laksh:- my dad was not like this before ragini a accident made him like that…
He was fit and fine like before but 5 years before because of his mistake knowingly or unknowingly he hurted a family and after knowing that truth he became like that..
He couldnt resist that because of him a family lost everything ..
Ragini:- he didnt did it wantedly na.
Laksh:- he did wantedly actually situation made him like that but because of that mistake he didnot accept that family get ruined..
And he drived fastly after that he met with an accident and he became like this.
Ragini:- did you take him to hospital.
Laksh:- i showed him to all doctor even in states..
But no use..no medicines effected him..many doctors said that he is effected mentally than physically.
When he curied mentally then he will be perfect by physically also.
Ragini:- what was his medicine then.
Laksh:- making his guilt clear.
Ragini:- did any one left in their family.
Laksh :- one girl..
Ragini:- talk to her explain your dad situation and in what type of dull situation he made that mistake. I hope she will understand and forgive your dad..
Laksh:- if i say will she accept.
Ragini:- as i dont knew complete story and ofcourse from her side is also important .
I hope she will forgive your dad.
Laksh:- i knew two sides story if i say will she accept or not will you say.
Ragini:- ofcourse why not.
Laksh looking at ragini tensedly and ragini looking at him curiosly..

Precap:- suspence…

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  1. Ruhani

    Whoa laksh indirectly revealed everything to her.. I hope she forgive him after knowing the truth

    1. Sindhura

      Lets hope
      Thank u

  2. Nice..
    its like a anand(telugu) movie

    1. Sindhura

      I took concept but its completely different

  3. Oh now time come for truth make it in next episide

    1. Sindhura

      U have to wait for that dear

  4. awesome……:)

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      Thank you

  5. I loved it and Waiting for next episode

  6. Awesome

  7. Sofia

    Amazing.Waiting for the revealation of the suspense.

    1. Sindhura

      Ha ya it will revealed

  8. Fairy

    Superbbbb sindhura dear..jst lovedit..☺

  9. Pavani

    Hope he reveil the truth

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  11. superb ff

    1. Sindhura

      Thank you

  12. Wonderful update ??. Ragini and DP share a really sweet and cute bond. And aww, hopefully Laksh tells Ragini the truth xx

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks fatss

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