Her director his designer episode 17


Ragini is wearing red colour long gown and her hand and chest part were black colour mix..
She left her hair by kept a bun on top of head…
Wearing studs and remembering to her and laksh conversion a smile appeared on her face…
Ragini:- he is really different..
He gets a call from laksh..
Ragini:- hello.
Laksh:- are you ready madam..i am waiting at your..
Ragini:- why are u waiting outside come inside naa.
Laksh:- no i dont want to waste time in these all formalities after a very busy designer gave me time with lots of difficulties..so i dont waste time.
I will come inside on some other day..
Ragini:- ok fine i am coming.

Laksh:- be alert you are going to have a heart attack by seeing my handsome look.
Ragini:- oh my god really then you stick glue to your mouth so that it wont open by seeing me ok..
Laksh:- done..
Laksh keeps one leg down and another one on car and stands taking it as support.
Soon he hears a foot steps and turns around as soon he turned he get awestuck and instanstly opens his mouth..
Ragini too see him in complete black and black three piece suit And gets stunned..
Ragini comes close to him and says..
Ragini:- i warned you naa director saab to keep glue to your lips see finally u opened it..
And closes his mouth by her fingers..
Laksh comes to his senses and looks at ragini and says you were looking beautifull ragini..
Ragini smiles and says thank you..
Ragini:- by the way you too look handsome..
Laksh bows his head and says thank you..
He offeres her to sit by taking car door for her..
Ragini sits inside ..
Laksh to tooks his driving seat and starts drivi

Ragini:- so where are we going ..
And dont tell me surprise..
Laksh:- laughs and says ….resturent ..we are going their as Ragini:- only reputed and few people comes who will not recognise us right.
Laksh:- right..
They both goes to that resturent and offers ragini hand.
Ragini:- are u doing this as a courtesty or as frd.
Laksh:- if we boys dont offer you hands then you people say that we dont know mimimum manner how to behave with girls and all..
If we did then you will say that we are taking advantage not fare you see .
We all were poor boys…
Ragini comes close to him where he stops breathing by feeling her hot breeze on his cheeck.
Ragini whispers into his ears..

You were no more boy mr.kapoor you crossed that age..
And starts laughing getting apart from him.
He gets into senses and says ..
Ahh you were saying like you were girl even you crossed that age..
Ragini:- i may crossed but comparing to you i am still young naa director saab..
Laksh fumes in anger while ragini teases him more..
He starts running beside her while she too started running.
(Actually its a beach resturent frds)..
Ragini is unable run in sand laksh sees this and smriks..
Ragini immediatedtly removes her heels and started ruuning..
By seeing this laksh increases speed..

Both were running fastly..
In between ragini is turning back her head and running this makes her hair to fly in air which made her more beautifull..
Laksh gets mesmerised and signs her beautifull..
Ragini immediatedly stops running by seeing they came far away..
Laksh couldnt control and hits ragini but falls on sand..
They both sees at each other and laughs loudly..

They forget that laksh was on top of her..
While laughing suddenly he stops laughing at keeping on looking at her lips and her eyes
Ragini sees this and stops laughing ..she understand the intences gaze if laksh on her..
Before he took some step she brings himback to his senses…
He immediatedly gets up and helps ragini to get up.
They both composes them selfs..
Ragini to chane the intense of situation she says.
Ragini:- we came far away from resturent.
Laksh:- who told you to run like
PT . Usha..
Ragini:- who asked you to chase me like mika singh..
Both laughs again and started walking slowly by talking on random things.
Laksh:- if our crew came to knew that you and me became close frds then all will get.
Ragini:- heart attacks mainly..
Remo and sanskar..
Poor peopke they used to calm us but they used too

Laksh:- bet booked between us.
I must say you are good fighter..
Ragini:- you too..
Laksh:- actually i am good at barring people you are best exam

ple you see..and walks ahead and stops turns back and sees ragini glaring at him angrily..
Laksh:- what i said truth..
Ragini:- o yaa u said truth haa..
and started running behind him again.
Finally they both reaches again to resturent.
Laksh:- i think we can eat double today.
Ragini:- haa it looks like we came for workout rather than dinner.
Laksh:- thats good naa we can eat more without any hestination of calories..
Ragini:- i never mind about calories..
Eat what ever you want and do exercise thats it.
Laksh:- good policy..
Lets goo inside..

Precap:- their dinner together and some close moments..

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    1. Sindhura

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  5. Superb episode

  6. Loved it di and waiting for precap. Plz update next part asap

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    1. A very nice update. I loved the nok jhok between RagLak, they are just soo cute ??. And the way Laksh fell on Ragini, how romantic ??. Can’t wait for the next update xx

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    What an awesome episode of Raglak, can’t wait for more romance haha.

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