Her director his designer episode 16

Hi frds i will post family bonding tomorrow….

Laksh looks at pradeep and he too looks at him.
Pradeep:- if i was not wrong then you were young director laksh kapoor right..
Laksh:- yaa and you were pradeep raii..
Ragini and pradeep laughs..
Laksh:- why are you laughing he is your bhai right so ..
Ragini :- he is pradeep gadodia..
My first brother…

Laksh:-how come surnames…
Ragini:- actually my bhai abd pradeep were child hood frds and for me my bhai and he were equal..
And me and my bhai surname is raii..
And his name is gadodia….
Laksh just smiles..
Pradeep:- any way i came here to give your tickets to paris in two days ok.
Ragini collects it and says thank you bhai..sit naa ..
Pradeep:- i have to go to office have important meeting is their..
Ragini:- then why you wasted you time by giving tickets..
Pradeep:- i am just passing from here and thought to give it..and yaa you were not time waste to me.ok
We meet at night bye.
Bye mr.laksh..

Laksh:- bye..
After he leaving lakah turns to ragini and looks on he about to ask..
Ragini:- i knew whats your doudt.
I will clarify to you…
Me and sandeep bhai lost our parents at our childhood later we both went to sponcers hand..
At that time pradee bhai sandeep bhai and mee were in same school
Both bhai were best friends and pradeep used to treat me like his own sister..
Their families also loves me like their own daughter..
After mant years our property and all were returned to us..
We started our lifes and bhai crazy for filmm ..i said that story..
After bhai death..i couldnt able to stay at our home.
I slowly started going into depression.
Then pradeep bhai and shekar papa took me with them..
By living with them i came to normal after that i got chance in films..
Pradeep bhaiya didnot like as he started beliving that because of this field only i became lonely..
But its my pressure that i came into this field as its my..
Laksh:- your brothers dream.
Ragini smiles and nodes..
Laksh:- ok then i have to leave i will come to your home to pick u up.
Ragini:- only picking up is their or will you drop me also…
Laksh smiles and says ofcourse i will do both….
Laksh:- ok then meet u at evening.
Ragini:- why..

Laksh:- ahh.
Ragini:- why all this all of sudden.
(Doudetly by pointing finger at him )are you going to propose me..
Laksh laughs and says ..
Joke of the year.
One boy cant propose to another boy.
Ragini:- threw a toy ball on him and says every funny…
Laksh:- bye..and yaa ger ready because you should match me haa
Ragini:- o hello director saab..
You should get ready well because you are going to match world best fashion designer..
Laksh:- they are so many no.1 designers are their not only you.
Ragini:- thats why i said world best designer instead of no.1 designers.
Laksh:- beauty with brain haa..
Ragini:- thank you and yaa if you wont get ready specially matching to me then we will looks like..
Beauty and beast (pointing towards laksh)..
Laksh:- you challenged on my looks see you will open your mouth by seeing me at evening.
Ragini:- lets see..byeee..
Laksh :- bye…..
Laksh started walking away from her by thinking to him self.
Its god that dad didnot had his senses..
If he came to knew that because of him ragini became alone.
Then he would have suicided.

But ragini became alone already she lost her parents and because of us she losted her brother also..
Dad what ever you did because to save our family but without your notice we made one innocent girl orphan..its good that she got god gifted parents and brother..

Precap:- ragini and laksh date and fun moments..

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  7. Nice update. I loved the conversation between Ragini and Laksh regarding their looks. It was so funny. Can’t wait for the next part ?

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