Her director his designer episode 14

Right now i had no ideas thats why i uploaded small one i hope you like it..

Driver:- sir its time to go…
Ragini:- ok bye dost….
Dp:- can i meet you again.
Ragini:- ofcourse she takes her visiting card and gives to dp and says..
I have my number on this u can call me when ever you want or may be daily too..
Dp:- bye dost
Ragini:- bye….
They both goes in different directions..
Ragini while entering home see her indulging in work and sits next to him.
Ragini:- what dad morning morining work…..
Shekar:- princess.. u only used to say naa work comes first…
Ragini:- so you are not going to lisen about my new found friend.
Pradeep:- is it a boy and winks at her.
Shekar laughs.
Ragini:- he is a man …who is at age of dad ok.
Pradeep:- love has no age dear.
This time shekar and ragini both looks at him angrily.
Pradeep:- ok sorry bad joke.
Shekar and ragini mutually:- worst joke ever.
Ragini:- you knew dad he is old but by mind he is kid.
Shekar:- that means.
Ragini says wat ever happen.
Pradeep and shekar lisens to her .
Shekar:- i am proud of you ragini
Pradeep:- when is your london trip.
Ragini :- after two days.
Shekar:- someone is becoming workholic.
Ragini:- the one who is saying is also belongs to that categorie.
Three of them laughs….
Shekar:- now only i am saying dont take busy schedule in next month..
I hope you
Ragini :- how can i forget dad..
Here laksh reaches to india lisening to his dad accident.
He hurriedly goes up and hugs his dad..
Dp:- my son came …
Laksh:- how were you dad you didnot get hurt right..
Dp:- no but my dost got hurt and blood came from her hand also but you knew son.
She did a magic with her hand and blood disappered..
She is my new dost..
Laksh:- what her name dad.
Dp:- raa.. she said that only i didnot hear her full name..
Laksh:- i will found about her hand
Dp:- you have to bring my dost to me promise.
Laksh:- promise..
And reminds what his dad said starting letters ..

Laksh in mind :- raa this letters reminded me your name ragini.
Before leaving to shoot i have to meet you once..
Before that i have to ask about that girl to driver.
He goes to driver and asks him everything
Laksh gets touched by care which she showed to her father.
Laksh:- did you knew her details..
Driver:- she gave her card sis but we lost it.
I am sorry sir.
Laksh:- its ok i will find about her..
And goes from their..

Precap:- laksh going to ragini office..

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