Her director his designer episode 13

Next morning ragini wears a track suit and goes to central park for jogging..
Their were so many people doing exerices, jogging, playing , few were walking..
After 10 rounds ragini goes out and takes a bottle from car starts drinking…
While drinking she sees a old man behaving odd by closing ears and head down getting worried due to traffic..
She see her all surrounding to find may someone is their with him but to her surprise no one is their..
She gets ready to go to him before that she see a car coming towards him fastly..
She see and starts running fastly..

People around him are giving warning to move car is coming to him.
Before car could hit him ragini pushed him by holding him with her both hands..
Both falls down and ragini hits her hand to footpath and gets injured.
In next minute she gets up and goes towards that old man and started obeserving him.
He looks up and sees blood coming from her hand and started shouting loudly and crying.
By his behaviour ragini came to knew that he was not normal like all but a special person.
She goes to him.

Before she could console him.
One person came to him by wearing white and white dress by seeing him i understand that he is his driver..
To my shock that old man hugged him and started crying ..blood ..
I hurted her
Blood blood.
Driver tries to console him but no use so i thought i should console him.
I said loudly to bring his attenstion towards me.
Ragini:- blood.
Where blood.
What blood.
How will be blood look.
And my plan got successed.
I drivert that old man attenstion towards me..
He said innocently like a kid.
Old man:- i pushed you and you got hurt on your hand and blood is coming .
Ragini:- blood i wont see any blood on me.
Old man:- their i saw if you want check your hand and points at her hand.
Old man looks up to her and again at her hand and says.
Where the blood went ..
Ragini:- i said na i didnot got hurt.
But i think you got hurt because i pushed you that why you are crying.
And now she started..
Old man:- no no i did not ger hurt see.. he immediatedly stands up Cleaning him self from mud which he got by road and stand like innocent kid infront of her.
Ragini too gets up and says..
The way i didnot get hurt you too didnot get hurt hieee yipeee..
Dp smiles and claps.
And forwards her hand and says friends.
Ragini smiles and shakes hands with him.

Oldman:- you have beautifull smile like my son.he too smiles like you.
I love you both.
Ragini:- i love you to uncle…
Dp:- wait i will bring a gift for you.
Driver:- thank you mam for saving our sir.
Ragini:- you should have been carefull..what if anything happen to him.
Driver:- then our sir will die mam.
Ragini:- you mean uncle son.
Driver:- yaa.
Ragini:- what he will do and whats his name.
Driver:- he is a…
Dp interrupts them.
Dp:- dost take this paper flower..
Ragini:- why paper flower you can give me natural flower right..
Dp:- natural flowers will betray us by fading in one day.
I hate betrayels ..it will ruin everything.
It makes people weak sometime people will die also.
Ragini looks at him surprisedly inshort she liked his thought..
Dp:- so you like it frd..
Ragini:- very much thank you. But what can i give you and started searching her bags..
She gets a pencil and i only had this.
Dp tooks it and says no problem dost i like drawing i will use this pencil and i will never sharp too.
Ragini laughs..
Ragini:- if you wont sharp how will you draw when pencil point completed..
Dp and ragini laughs together..
Driver in his mind :- i never saw sir laughing like this after that incident.
I dont knew whats their in mam but some charm and magic is their that made sir to laugh..

Precap:- laksh coming to india ..

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