Her director his designer episode 12


Read princess ff..

Laksh is standing outside of ragini room and lifts his hand up and again keeps down..
Laksh to him self..
Shall i knock or not..
I will knock it and finally he knocks ragini door.
After a minute ragini opens door.
Ragini:- hi and see him with his luggage and says.
So every thing is packed to india.
Laksh:- yaa i just want to say bye to you..i knew we will meet again in india but still back all the best for your album shoot.

Ragini:- thank you.
All the best for your movie shoot to..
Laksh:- ok bye..
Laksh leaves feeling lonely..
Here ragini too feels lonely and has different lonelyness. But she ignores her feelings and gets ready for her shooting and comes out and see remo and all were just coming….
Six month passes with laksh and ragini shooting.
Remo and ragini completes their album shooting successfull..
They too leaves to india..
Ragini goes to her home and sees a lady doing pooja and whole family standing.
Ragini goes silently and all member by silently and signals them to be silent..
She goes and about to hug that lady.
Lady:- so finaly you came after 7 months haa.
Now you remembered your family and your mother..
She turns towards ragini..
Where she holds her ears and says sorry mrs.sumitra gadodia..
Sumi catches her ears and says
Sumi:- shaitaan you were calling your mother with her name..
Shekar comes forward and realises her grip from her and hugs ragini from side and says .
Shekar:- what sumitra people will give us name to call only naa..
And hi fives with ragini.
Ragini:- you were worlds best dad.

Sumi pouts. .
Ragini smiles hugs and says your my bestest bestest mom ..i missed you so much
Sumi smiles and hugs her..
Her brother babhi dad all hugs in to a group and says we all missed you shaitaan.
Pradeep:- guess what this time too you won best fashion designing award .
They will anounce officaly tomorrow so get ready to answer all your calls.
Ragini:- yes… but i too won best photography award..
Damini:- and you sended those money to those people who were partispated and needed money most..
Ragini:- yes..
They all sits for break fast after Ragini getting freshen up..
Pradeep:- i lisened you had a rift with director laksh kapoor.
Ragini:- yaa at starting but now everything is ok.
Shekar:- i lisened a lot about him he is different and good in person not like that director who took our happiness..
Ragini:- yes dad he is different.
He doesnt had arrogence at his success..
He always bows down on earth after being so successfull too.
I wish my brother met a director like him.thenhe may be with us..

A tear escapes from her tears..
All family members holds her and danush wipes her tears and says..
I promised to your bhai..
Chotai papa that i will be your protective shield and never let you cry or sad..
But i think i am failing in it.
Ragini immediatedly smiles and hugs him says..

Ragini:- no bhai you won already and you will win always…
They all smiles…
Scene shifts to a hotel roof where laksh staring at stars and thinking.
Laksh:- ragini gagodia i dont knew when you took my heart away from me… i am now heart less. I want to confess you that i love you but before that i want to say that the director who cheated your brother was was….. my dad..
He did this to save him from loses At that time he didnot had choice but the minute he annouced that movie on his name he tried to meet your brother and explain to him and came to his flat to talk with him.

But its our bad fate that my dad reacted lately and your brother left this world..
My dad was in so much depression and that depression slowly slowly effected his brain and he was now mentally instable.
I can understand your pain because i too lost everything like you lost..
My dad was still living in that guilt and feels that he destroyed so many lifes for saving him self..
Later i tried alot to find about your family but i couldnot found any thing.
I found that your were his sister in that award function .

Then i started gathering information but as always my no our bad fate i fidnot get any information and when i fight with you i saw so many defending you then i came to knew that remo knew about to and i started irritating you and insulting you.

As per my plan it worked ..remo gave few information about you and i came to knew that you were sister of sandeep rai but why you changed your surname and with which brother your were staying..
I only got to knew few thing about you from remo and few from ypu .
But you didnot give me your complete story..
I want to ask forgive ness from you.
My dad want to ask sorry for his deeds . If he does i have a small hope that i will get my dad back..

Precap:- ragini saving dp from accident..

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