Her director his designer episode 11


Ck 1234 yar please upload ragini and arjun bililane ff and this time a long one .
I am waiting for it daily please and yaa this
Let ragini and sid meet each other please..

They reaches hotel..
Van drivers wakes up all of them.
They reaches lobby collects keys and starts moving to their rooms.
While going..
Laksh:- ragini.
Ragini turns and asks.
Ragini:- yaa laksh what happen.

Laksh:- just like that .
I want to say good night..have a wonderfull sleep.
Ragini too smiles and says good night laksh. Sweet dreams
They both goes to their rooms.
All were having good and deep sleep..
Next morning…
They all reach location for song shooting..
Laksh sits in his chair and started preparing reel for shooting.
Hero and herione were dressed and getting ready.
Ragini and remo were in serious discussion and seeing set througly.
Shooting starts…
After shooting completed…

Laksh is walking threw streets for relaxation…
He sees a ragini walking opposite to him by watching into phone without noticing anything.
Laksh smriks and wantedly stands infront of her way.
Without seeing ragini collides with him..
Ragini about to fall but laksh stops her from falling.
Ragini gets shocked seeing him.
Ragini:- laksh what ever you doing here..
Laksh:- come on ragini this street is meant for all not only you and your phone.
Ragini:- what.
Laksh:- you were so busy in phone that you were not seeing who is coming infront of you…
Ragini:- i was checking my mails and by the way can i stand properly now.
Laksh realises that he is still holding her and makes her to stand properly..
Ragini:- shooting over.

Laksh:- yaa.
But what were you doing.
Ragini:- taking photos for photography contest.
Laksh:- oh.
Shall we have a coffee.
Ragini:- not now i have to go to another place. Some other day.
Laksh:- tomorrow are u free.
Ragini:- hmm ya i am free tomorrow.
Laksh:- lets go outing..

I got to knew about a special place here lets visit.
Ragini:- done..
Ragini goes from their..
Laksh smiles and says to him self..
Laksh:- tomorrow at any cost i have to knew about her brother.

Laksh to leaves from their.
At night at ragini room.
Ragini to herself.
Rahini:- laksh kapoor
He is the same person whom i met before 2 months .
I used to fight with him.
Sometime we used to find ways to fight with each other but today he became a great frd to me.
Its funny..
I am going out with him yomorrow that to all alone ….
She gets a message from laksh .
Ragini opens cell and see his message to be ready by 3 am.
She smiles and goes yo sleep.
Next day.
Ragini and laksh were stsnding at a peek point on mountain.
Ragini is in half sleep.
Suddenly laksh wakes up her hurriedly.
Ragini wakes up with a jerk.
Ragini:- what happen why are u shouting..
Laksh:- look sunrise …
Ragini takes her camera and clicks few picks.
In one click laksh peeps his head between.
Ragini with out noticing clicks his photo later realises and smiles.
Laksh:- come we will go to end of cliff and see down.
Ragini:- no i am scared of heights.
Laksh forwards his hand and says trust me i will show you wonderfull scenior..
She follow after him.
He takes her to end of cliff and asks her to watch far down.
As she see she smiles immediatedly by seeing .
A small sea and few dried tree in water and sun rays were making that sea to look in yellow color..
Laksh:- dont you click this view.
Ragini:- i wish but for that i have to move more close..
But i was scared of heights.
Laksh:- oh my god first time i am lisening that ragini gagodia is scared to some thing.
Ragini:- very funny.
She about to leave.
Laksh holds her hand and says .
Laksh:- i will hold you and you take your pictures .
I promise you that i wont allow you to fall.
Ragini and laksh shares eyelock with a cute smile ..
Ragini moves front with help of laksh and takes few best pictures
After a while they both sits down enjoying nature by sitting on ground with strenched legs and hands..
Their was a complete silence between them.Which was broken by ragini voice.
Ragini:- i am not that strong as i look laksh. I had many fears..
The most fear is to get betrayel , cheated and loosing someone close to my heart…
I lost my brother because someone cheated him. He may break down so much thats why he not even think about us a second and left us.
Laksh:- actually what happen ragini.
Ragini says every thing what ever
Remo already said to him.

Laksh:- who is ragini.
Ragini:- i dont knew but i am trying to find out..
Laksh:- didnt your brother said to you who is that director..
Ragini:- no he said that he will give me surprise as he got chance with a big shot.
That day he was very happy and talked with joyfully.
I never thought it will be my last conversion with him.
Laksh:- hi cool .
He will be always with you .
Might be happy by your work.
Ragini:- thats why i am in this field although me and my family doesnt like.
Laksh:- not all directors will be same …
Ragini:- yaa even may be that director may also have his reasons but still i lost my brother.
Laksh:- what will you do .if you came to knew about him.
Ragini:- first of all i dont want to lisen his,name and meeting him is next to impposible..
I dont have any issues with him.
Because my bhai wont come back to me.

Laksh:- thank you.
Ragini:- for what.
Laksh:- for sharing your personel matter with me.
Ragini:- i believe you laksh…
She smiles and he too smiles..

Precap:- laksh back to india.
Raginis next shoot.

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      Sid and ragini were couple..

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