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A rounds claps are lisened a person gets up from audience nd goes threw steps he moves forward to akshay kumar they both hugs and akshay hand overs the wards to him.
Akshay takes mike and says by turning that man ..
Akshay:- he is the future of indian telefilms..and he will definetly rules us so many are eager to work with and with out doudt i am one from it laksh kapoor…
And hand overs mike to him.
Laksh:-first of all i love to work with u sir and secondly thank u for all of u who ever thought that i deserves this award ..
All claps again ..
He goes from their..
Anchor:- hmmm next award goes to for custom designers and award was given by rohit shetty..
Rohit :-hmm obvious who else can get when her name is mensioned ragini raichand..
Anchor:- ragini was busy in another project in dubai so her brother will come and collect it.
So welcome to pradeep raichand.
All claps and welcomes him.
Rohit hand over award and says u were very lucky to have her…
Pradeep:- thank u and thank u all..
Laksh frd:- wat yar can u belive only few people knew her personely she just came to industry but she just turned whole industry up and down.
Laksh:- hmm..i lisened alot about her but never saw..
Frd:- are u not exicted to see her.
Laksh:-if it written lets see..
Award function completes all goes while few were giving interview..
Laksh oneside and pradeep another side .
Reporter:- sir we got a information that sandeep rai was your brother whose death is a mystry to all in film industry from that family only your sister came and untill now she never spoke about it .
Can u give us any infornation about it.
Pradeep:- sorry and yaa when she is keeping quite about our brother then plzz respect our decision dont force us..
And goes from their angrily..
Laksh sees all this and also goes from their….
All leaves to their homes..
Next day laksh goes to his office after sometime.
Remo d’souza comes and meets him.
Remo:- so all ready and why do u want to shoot dance first usually people choose it last right.
Laksh:- yaa but now a days people are more interested in songs and their are easily noticing location in songs also thats why i am giving little bit more importances to dance and when it comes to moves u were best..
Remo:- thank u..i will set dance Moves but wat about locations..
Laksh:- we were trying to find it..
Remo:- why dont u meet ragini raichand she is expect in finding location i mean my personel expreience thats why.
Laksh:- but we are thinking to hire her for custome designing any way we will ask her for that also
Remo:- if she accept thats good.
Any way meet u tomorrow here again i have some work….
Laksh pa calls ragini pa and asks for date for meeting with laksh kapoor and producer.
Ragini pa gives him a date tomorrow afternoon.
He informs this to laksh and he says ok….
Next day..
Laksh producer and remo also comes.
Producer:-remo u are here..
Remo:- haa i want to meet her personelly as i want her to suggest few places..
As they all entres her office they sees many sceniors and animal photos .
Laksh and producer were quite impressed and asks her pa about photos.
Pa:- mam likes photography where she goes she always carries her camera..
Remo:- mr.kapoor she loves travelling.
Pa:- u have to wait for 5 minutes.mam is almost reached here she directly coming from airport.
They nodes ok
Pa makes them sit in her cabin.
Laksh sees all designs and gets impressed now he became restless to see her….
Laksh:- can i see whole office..
Pa:-ofcourse sir..
Laksh goes out and seez whole office while he gets a call he goes out and stands between steps and lift..
Laksh is walking here and their and talking in phone..
Suddenly lift opens and laksh to turns and collides with a body and immediatedly catches by hand and stops that person from falling.
After few seconds he sees that he is catching a girl and girl face is covered with hair and in half position.
Laksh sees her completely and says wow wat a structure completely lean and was curved

every part in her body perfect.
The girl turns her head and now he can sees her face completely now and was awestuck to her beauty.
Laksh:- haa man untill now i saw so many beautifull face but she was perfect for beautiness that to with out any sort of make up is it really possible she has small lips and big eyez infact everything in her face was awesome..
Suddenly he was disturnbed by that girl who takes his hand support and stand straight and says.
Girl:- cant u see and walk ..
Laksh:- excuse me i saved u and u
Were shouting at me
Girl:- ofcourse standing inbetween of lift and stairs first u made me difficult to walk and when i about fall u helped thats it and u tell me in which way u helped me.
Laksh was stunned because she was right and being stubborn he says may be i was the reason but still saved u right..
Girl:- wah wat a arrogent answer.
Laksh:- even i can say madam.
Girl sees time and again him and says wat ever i have no time to waste on you and rushes …
Laksh:- even my time is precious and i too wont waste on u…
Ragini looks back while walking front.
Laksh:-see front and walk if u fall this time no one will save as i am here .
ragini goes from their angrily.
Laksh continues phone and cuts after 2 minutes.
Her pa comes and says mam cams sir plzz u too come madam is waiting for u..
Laksh nodes and head inside her office again and thinks himself.
I was standing at entrance when she reached and remembers who ever passing him and that girl only passed from that means,hmm no way by seeing her talent i wont believe that girl can be ragini raichand and her pa knocks door a voice is heared from inside as
Come in.
Pa:- here sir mr.laksh kapoor and shows a person
Both faces eachother in shock and she stood from her place in utter shock…

Precap:- second fight…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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