Direction of love….OS


If someone could have told us the directions to fall in love, it would have been better….

Pragya, Everyone around me is hiding something from me! I am not sure which direction should I follow? Is it the direction of my heart or the direction of my past? But what is my past?

Abhi, Everybody related to me are telling different stories…Who do I believe? What really happened to me in the past? Is it love or hatred towards a person?

Pragya, I don’t think I would have fallen in love…but what if someone had loved me? And who is he? Or may be I am just feeling like that as I have always yearned for love….

Abhi, If I loved someone, then who did I love? It should be Tanu right? Then where is she?

Pragya,Where is Bulbul? Ma said she went overseas to study…but why there is no calls from her? I seriously can’t figure out what is happening around me? And whenever I think all about these, I get unclear visions of a man! Who is he? When I told this to Ma, she asked me not to think too much and you should get back to your work!

Abhi, I am feeling very weird in my room….I always have a feeling that I shared this room with someone…and the couch there, I feel it’s more comforting than the bed that I used to sleep! Why is that so?

Pragya, which direction is all my thoughts are leading to? Is it to my past? Or to my future?

Abhi,I hope someone can show me a way or direction so that I can know what are the reasons for my thoughts and feelings…

Abhigya looked at the sky outside from their respective houses…They saw a shooting star and closed their eyes to wish at the same moment….

Both the families of Abhigya have decided not to make Abhigya meet again due to whatever turmoils that they had faced…It’s a mutual decision by both families after the accident that they had faced where both lost their memories of their marriage and the events that happened after that….Don’t ask what happened to Tanu, Nikhil and Aliya…haha they are just removed! Either they are dead or lost somewhere…

So how will their thoughts and unknown feelings for each other would lead to the direction of love?

Ok this is just my lame idea after hearing that there could be memory loss track in kkb! Haha i just made Abhigya to lose their memory! ??

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  1. Riyashri

    Someone please tell me the mail id or contact of the writers na !!!! Please !!! I wanted to send this Os to them !!
    This one was seriously An Amazinggg Thought and I think u don’t know what An Lame is……. Best Example Present Track of 2 & half yrs Waste Track of KKb till now is something which should be awarded as The Lamest Track Ever Seen !! ???????
    So don’t ever think to compare with that Lame one !?
    It would be Best if something like what U hav written happens in the future !!?
    By the Way …. Hope U got what the real Lame is !! ??So don’t ever be Laming walafying your thoughts….. Here after !! Ok if u r wondering what that is ….. It is Tanglish ka !!???
    Awesome Title !! ??I wish u continue this plot further if u hav enough time !!?? Take Care !! LUFE Sweetie !!???

    1. Maya

      Haha no need to do until the extent of sending this OS to them??? Like seriously? This is once again my random thoughts! I don’t really expect anything out of this??? I will try to fulfil your wish of continuing this plot?? Thank u for the lovely comment??????

      1. Maya

        Take care too cutie!??

  2. Fantastic….

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nirmal!??

  3. Sooooo cool………both were lost their memories??? and I agree with Rita??sooooo funny yaar……..

    1. Maya

      Haha It’s like this as I have lost my sweet memories of Abhigya after watching the current track! So I made them to lose their memories????It’s a revenge from my side???

  4. It’s mindblowing! great idea like seriously! Can’t wait to read the full story! Can you write it in one shot instead of os part 1, os part 2 etc.. .if possible? once again…great idea…! 🙂

    1. Maya

      I will try Madhu! But u will have to wait for that a bit longer…but will make it as u wish as I feel that it will be better that way too…Thank u for the suggestion! ??

  5. Saranya24

    I guessed its u akka while readng itself nice love u????

    1. Maya

      Aww that’s so sweet of u again! ???Love u too! ?????

  6. Fantastic anday wonderful thinking

    1. Maya

      Thank u Sonika!??

  7. Nice OS yaar bt it’s lk incomplete I feel lk it coz I feel abhigya on whole s a complete one nt as a abhi n pragya it’s abhigya love..

    1. Maya

      Yes I too feel it’s incomplete?! I will try to complete this in my next update! Yes u are right it should be about Abhigya’s love! Thank u for the nice comment!??

  8. Trisha

    Beautiful OS Maya???
    Wished Tanu, Nikhil and Aliya could disappear just as easily in real KKB???
    Anyway, great job my dear…excellent writing as usual??

    1. Maya

      Haha me too I also wish it happens! ??? Thank u for the wonderful appreciation!??????

  9. Superb maya…..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Loli??

  10. Superb!!! We all r really fed up of the lame track of Kkb!! Don’t know whT the writers are thinking!! If I ever got into contact with these writers I will surely suggest them to read this os so they can get a better idea instead of dragging that lame track!! Nd u don’t dare to say that ur idea was lame!! Actually it’s awesome!!…..waiting for the next part!!

    1. Maya

      Haha ok I won’t say it’s lame already Riya have explained the meaning of lame to me! So I have understood and will try to come up with a nxt part?? Thank u for the appreciation!??

  11. Maahi

    can someone tell me the direction to reach dizz magical thought person??? u knw dizzz iss soooo amazing hope smthng happens like dizzz in KKB but hw can i forget tht its KKB man nly antagonists win over there ll really wish tanu disappears like tht awsome awesome u rocked it IB!!LV UUU

    1. Maya

      No need of direction as u have already reached my heart as a friend! ?? I have nothing to tell about KKB! So no comments for that??? Thank u for the lovely comment man!?

  12. suha suha just awesome story line.. takilya had lost somewhere.. great atleast u made made them lost.. super yaar…. love u.. love tis os.. pls continue.. update it soon….

    1. Maya

      I will try to update the nxt part soon! ??I made them lost to avoid myself not to get lost! ???I still remember your comments in my previous ff! ?? so thank u and love u again for that and now too! ?????

  13. really Suga only u can think like this.

  14. really Suga only u can think like this. It just awesome. ..

    1. Maya

      Haha athalam onnum illa! ??? neraya peru kuda ippadi think pannirupanga??? btw thanks for reading this??

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