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Pragya opened her eyes….She was looking for him….Pragya ” Did u saw him? Where is he now?” Nurse ” Who are u asking about?” Pragya ” Him! The person who admitted here!” Nurse ” He went off!” Pragya ” Why did he went off? I want to ask him something? How can u all leave him?” Doctor came by there, ” Pragya! Calm down! I will call him back and u should not shout like this!” Pragya ” Will u call him back?” Doctor ” Yes sure but before that u have to take injection and have to rest!” Pragya “Ok! But u should call him!” Doctor ” Ok I will! Do u know his name?” Pragya ” No! But I know him…It’s like I have seen him before and have spend a lot of my time with him… but I don’t who is he to me…” Doctor ” Ok now u just relax and sleep well!” With that Pragya was given injection to make her sleep….

Sarla ma and others came there….
Doctor, ” Sarlaji she is slowly regaining her memories….” Sarla ma ” What? This can’t happen!” Doctor ” I can’t stop that from happening…” Sarla ma ” How is she now?” Doctor ” She seems to be weak and have to stay here for a couple of days…You no need to worry about accompanying her as I have appointed a nurse to take care of her full time” Sarla ma ” Thanks for that but still we will stay here to take care of her!” Doctor ” Sarlaji u have to understand the situation if u stay with her more then she will keep on ask about her past as now she is getting those memories! It would be better if u stay with her during her meals!” Sarla ma ” What is this? She can’t even have her Ma beside her at all times now!” Doctor ” It’s not like that Sarlaji…It’s just for a while so that she do no need to strain her mind again…” Sarla ma ” Ok can I go and see her now?” Doctor ” Sure! She is sleeping now!” Sarla ma and others went to the ward to see her….Sarla ma, It’s all because of me! If i never made u married to Abhi…all these sufferings that u are facing would not have happened….I am sorry….With tears in her eyes, she left from there….

Doctor ” Abhi! I need ur help!” She explained the situation of Pragya and he agreed to help her….

Now Abhi was visiting the Pragya whenever Sarla ma and others were not visiting….

Abhi ” Eat Pragya! How long will u be asking the same thing?” Pragya ” But u are not giving me the answer I want! Until then I will not eat this food!” Abhi ” I am telling u….I saw u before and know ur name also but cannot remember what relation we shared before….” Pragya ” Do u think we were lovers?” Abhi feed her as she asked that question….Abhi ” May be we were just friends….like best friends!” Pragya ” Then why do I always have visions of u hugging me?” Abhi ” Nothing wrong in hugging a best friend right?” Pragya ” But….I know I don’t really have friends at all….and I don’t really have guy friends too! The only friend that I had was Bulbul….and she is also not here now…don’t know when she will come back too!” Abhi tried to hide his tears as he knows that Bulbul is dead…Abhi ” Then u can consider me as my friend and u know that’s why I am coming to meet u!” Pragya ” Really? U want to be my friend now?” Abhi ” Why not? But just friends! Nothing more than that!” Pragya ” I am more than happy to be your friend!” With that she hugged him and Abhi was taken aback….Abhi ” Why are u hugging me now?” Pragya ” You are the one who said na…Nothing wrong to hug your best friend!” Abhi ” Ok!” He left from there after feeding her and Pragya also didn’t mention to Sarla ma about his visits….She was scared whether Sarla ma would stop him from visting her…She really liked Abhi’s presence and the way he cared for her….

Abhi, We were husband and wife Pragya! And its more than being lovers….I will not reveal that to u….but how can I control my feelings when u hugged me just now? I felt that I want that hug for all my life….but no! It will be just my feelings that will remain as my feelings that will not be expressed…..

Days passed…..It was the day of discharge of Pragya….She didn’t feel like going back to home….Pragya, How can I tell Ma that I will miss Abhi….For the first time in my life, I am feeling so much of attachement towards a person….He is so caring and I wish he can care for me all my life….Will it happen? But he said that day there should be nothing more than friendship! What can I do now? We were just friends previously? If its like that then why do I feel shy whenever he looks at me with his cute smile? Why do I feel every hug of ours is the way to express our belonging to each other? I am not even telling him that I am leaving from hospital now…I don’t even know his phone number to call him and inform him… I don’t know how can he comes at the right time whenever Ma is not around….but it felt good….it felt as if he just wants to meet me alone…nobody around us to disturb our moments of interaction….Will I get this back?

Sarla ma ” What are u thinking about? Get inside the auto!” Pragya ” Ma! I have to tell u something….” Sarla ma ” What?” Pragya ” I think I love someone….” Sarla ma ” What? When did this happen?” Pragya ” Ma! I don’t know when it happened but I am keep on thinking about him…I feel without him I am incomplete…but he himself don’t know that I love him….” Sarla ma ” Who is he?” Pragya ” His name is Abhi!” Sarla ma ” Abhi??? When did he come and meet u? Come to home now and we will talk about this there!” Pragya was confused now as Sarla ma looked more worried….

At home….

Sarla ma ” Pragya! You can’t love him…if u want to live a life peacefully…then forget about him!” Pragya ” But ma…I feel peaceful whenever he is around me…whenever he came to see me for the past few days it was like I am feeling the same kind of peace that when u are around me….” Sarla ma ” So he even came to hospital? But u never tell me about this! How can u forget that he always failed to trust u?” Pragya ” Ma! What do u mean he failed to trust me? I know him only for a short period of time…” Sarla ma ” Then u still don’t remember ur past?” Pragya ” No Ma! I am keep on getting the visions of hugging him!” Sarla ma realized that she had thought mistakenly….Pragya ” Ma! At least now can u tell me what happened to me before? Was Abhi with me too at that time? If so then who was he to me? Please Ma! Just tell me the truth if not I will always be in confusions….”

Sarla ma looked at Pragya and told everything that happened in her past….Sarla ma ” Now u tell…Do u think he is deserved to be loved?” Pragya ” Yes!” Sarla ma ” What are u telling? He always never believed u! Always believed the wrong things and then blaming u that u are wrong!” Pragya ” But he was always with me! Even though he blamed me wrong he was always there for me….his love was for me….that can’t be denied by anyone!” Sarla ma ” Why can’t u see that all the time u lived with him there was only troubles and pain?” Pragya ” But Ma! I don’t remember any of it now….and he too don’t remember that….I only remember the times that we hugged each other….which expressed of love for each other….If that is so then why should I leave him? It’s u and people around us now trying to separate us….but even the kind of pain that we face is the same…Do u know why Ma? It’s because of our love for each other is the same….” Sarla ma ” U really want to be with him?”

Pragya ” I want to be with him when I know that I have some relation with him…when now I know he is my husband then I will be only with him Ma!” Sarla ma hugged Pragya and said ” Sorry for not telling u all these before! I thought u would get worried hearing whatever happened in ur life…but u have so much belief in ur love to show that past really doesn’t matters….”

Pragya ” I can understand Ma! But now I have to catch him…let me call the Doctor! I think she may know his number!”

Pragya ” Hello! Pragya here! Can I have Abhi’s number?” Doctor ” Hmm…He asked me not give his number to u…” Pragya ” I know I am his wife so can u please give me his number now!” Doctor ” You remembered the past?” Pragya ” No! And I don’t care about that now too!” Doctor ” Oh that’s great! Wait I pass u his number!”

Pragya called him and he answered….
Abhi ” How did u get my number?” Pragya ” I am your Fuggi! So I can get your number easily!” Abhi ” Fuggi? What’s that?” Pragya ” I know that u are in the hotel and I am also here waiting for u outside your room!” Abhi ” What? Outside my room?” He went to open the door and Pragya just barged in…

Abhi ” We are just friends and u can’t just come like that even without informing me!” Pragya ” Are u sure that we are just friends?” Abhi with a confused look ” Ya….then what else is between us…It’s just friendship!” Pragya ” Then why is my photo in your hand now?” Abhi ” Oh…this…I just got it…and that’s it…” Pragya ” Ok then I also got something for u….” Abhi was puzzled….Pragya ” I got my life that wants to be shared with my husband….Will u accept me as always your wife?” Abhi ” Do u remember the past?” Pragya ” Why everyone is asking the same question! Do u remember the past?” Abhi ” No!” Pragya “Then how can u expect ur love to remember that too?” Abhi “My love? U mean u?” Pragya ” Yes! It’s me then who else would it be?” Abhi ” but…everyone around us wants u to lead a better life…especially without me…” Pragya “Only with u I can lead a better life! We can convince others just like the way I convinced my Ma…” Abhi ” U convinced her?” Pragya explained everything that had happened and Abhi looked at Pragya with tears in his eyes…

Pragya ” Why are u crying now?” Abhi ” Do u think I love u that much?” Pragya ” I truly believe that if not u would not have visited me to the hospital….” Abhi ” What if something bad happens again…and I fail to trust u again…” Pragya covered his mouth with her hand and said ” I trust that whatever happened was our past…and whatever that now we are going to face together is because of our love… So don’t ever say that what if it happens again…I have the trust in u that u will never make it happen again!” Abhi hearing that hugged her just like the many hugs that they had before…(Allah waariya plays)

Abhi ” I think we had more hugs than kisses and that’s why u remember my hugs a lot…so from now onwards there is only kisses Fuggi!” Pragya blushed hearing that and said “Fuggi! U like that name? I am ok with kisses but give me some time…” Abhi ” Yes I love that name! I don’t know in what mindset I came with that name! But I am just loving it! And about time…I have no problem…anyways we will be together from now onwards so I can wait!” Pragya ” Not bad! I thought u will be stubborn for a kiss! But u are very understanding!” Abhi ” U will see how much understanding I am from now onwards!” Pragya with a wide smile ” Let’s see that!”

Abhigya left Delhi and reached Mumbai…They managed to convince Dadi and they lived happily ever after….with a lot of understandings, happiness, fun and most importantly with their never ending love for each other….

-The end-

Sorry Riya…No time to make it as a Short story so I just ended in this way…and sorry again as I have to pause my ff too…exams are around the corner so I am totally busy in that…Mine is a trimester based course so I have major exams 3 times a year.. And that’s why I have to tell u all frequently that I have exams again! Hope u all understand and I will come back for the ff on 17 or 18 August….I know its very long but what to do? My last day of exam is on 17 aug…if any random thoughts pop up then u all can see random OS…a way to relieve my stress too…but other than that for ff, i need more peace of mind to think which is not possible for now… Thank u for the support so far! And hope u all like this update too!

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