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Direction of love….OS continued


Both Abhigya were in the search of their past as nobody around them were helping them to answer their questions……
Abhigya, whatever had happened has happened and now it is better to move on…. hopefully time can help to answer the questions present.
Abhi was back to his work and saw some old newspapers that were placed in a corner of his room with his picture with an unkown girl. He picked up the paper and read the contents of the paper. He was shocked after reading that. Abhi, I was married? To a professor? How is this even possible when I am a rockstar? On top of that I loved Tanu! I know that I never reveal that to Dadi but how could this happen? Why? Where is this Pragya now?
He went to Dadiโ€™s room and stopped outside the room as she heard Dadi talking to Purab about Pragya. Dadi โ€œ Purab! I know Pragya had tried many ways to get back Abhi in her life! But all didnโ€™t work out and that Tanu just disappeared after getting her share of properties! She didnโ€™t even care about Abhi as the doctors said he slipped into coma after the accident…What kind of a person is she? So heartless! And her lies about her baby! How can she even lie that she was pregnant with Abhiโ€™s child? I know Abhi likes her but I never brought him up to cross his limits! He failed to understand that too….When Pragya found the truth, all her efforts to prove Abhiโ€™s innocence failed miserably! Enough Purab! Both of them were not happy in their married life! As how much they love each other, that much of misery was after them….From now onwards leave them live their life according to their wishes! They would have their own dreams and it all got disturbed by misunderstandings of Aliya. If Abhi had not blindly believed Aliyaโ€™s words the marriage of Abhi and Pragya would not have happened…..
Aliya also went to Australia not even caring about her bhai! Only Abhi had considered her more than her sister….I always know after me Pragya would be the only person who cared for him! But to prove that she had to go through so much of hurdles! Itโ€™s not fair at all! She should a live a better life Purab! Thatโ€™s why Sarlaji and I have decided not to make them meet again…..They shouldnโ€™t get the memories of their painful past!

Abhi after listening to that walked away and was lost in thoughts…..
Abhi, From what Dadi had told….does this means I never believed my own wife? I believed everyone around me but I failed to believe her? Tanu and Aliya cheated me? How can they even do that? Will Pragya be now regretting to be married to her man like me? Or did she moved on in her life? Where is she now? I should say sorry to her for not believing her……
Abhi called Purab……
Purab โ€œHaan Abhi! Whatโ€™s the matter?โ€ Abhi โ€œI need the details of Pragya!โ€ Purab โ€œWhat? Did u remember the past? You remember Pragya di?โ€ Abhi โ€œ No! I just want to apologise to her! I heard whatever Dadi and you were talking just now! And I felt I should say sorry to her! I know sorry is not enough to what I have done…but for now this is what I can do!โ€ Purab โ€œBut Dadi said not to let the both of you meet again!โ€ Abhi โ€œ Purab! Just for one time! You donโ€™t tell to Dadi about this…If I never meet her now then I will only have the guilt within me that even after knowing the truth, I am heartless and donโ€™t even have the heart to apologise to her!โ€ Purab โ€œ Ok I will arrange but I donโ€™t think she remembers you anymore!โ€ Abhi โ€œ You mean I was that bad that she erased me off from her memories?โ€ Purab โ€œ No Abhi! What I meant was she also had a memory loss just like u!โ€ Abhi โ€œ What?โ€ Purab โ€œThatโ€™s why I feel both of you all are made for each other! Even the kind of physical trauma that both of you were facing is the same! Both of u can feel each otherโ€™s pain despite of the distance between the both of you…..โ€ Abhi โ€œNo Purab! I am not worth for her love…I am always wrong and believed the wrong things….just make her meet with me and I want to fulfil Dadiโ€™s wish of let Pragya live a better life….โ€ Purab โ€œOk Abhi! I will arrange for both of you to meet and you are not always wrong! Your ideas may change after meeting her!โ€

Purab called Pragya…..
But her call was unreachable as Sarlaji had made sure everything related to Pragyaโ€™s past was changed including her phone number….Purab, Now how would I make Pragya meet Abhi? I canโ€™t ask Sarlaji for Pragyaโ€™s number as she also started to avoid me….What shall I do now? They are not even in the same house they used to….How to reach them now?
Purab โ€œ Abhi! I am so sorry but Pragya and her family have moved house and also changed their contact details…I guess Dadi is also not aware of where they are living!โ€ Abhi โ€œ You see Purab! I am not even worth for forgiveness! I was that bad right? Trust is the most important thing in a relationship but I never had that at all! And now I am having the punishment for it! Purab โ€œ Donโ€™t just blame yourself! Itโ€™s not only your fault! We also never make the right efforts to make both of you to be together! We made the wrong decisions and it made you even more confused on who to believe and who to trust!!โ€ Abhi โ€œ Whatever you are saying is just to convince me….but I know itโ€™s all my fault! Leave me alone!โ€ Purab โ€œ You donโ€™t give up that easily! I will try to find where is Pragya di as soon as possible!โ€ Purab left the room but Abhi was alone….His loneliness is also painful to him now, making him to think about Pragyaโ€™s loneliness…..Abhi, How did I turned out to be such a fool?

Pragya on the other hand was working as a professor in Delhi and her daily life was mundane….but whenever she hears the โ€˜love love happy loveโ€™ song playing in a shop on her way to college, she feels a strange connection towards the song…She knew that she is not a person that listens to this kind of songs but still she loves the voice!
Months passed and still there was no sign of where Pragya was….
Abhi accepted the fact that he was just not worth enough to meet her and moved on in his life with concerts and album, promo shoots etc. Whenever someone was about to ask him about his past life, Purab was there to avoid them but Abhi felt even more miserable.
For some reasons he had to visit Delhi and will Abhigya meet again?
Abhi checked in a hotel and was waiting to meet someone….There he saw her…Abhi shouted โ€œPragya!โ€ He ran towards her as she was standing still there….Pragya โ€œYes I am Pragya! But who are you?โ€ Abhi โ€œI am Abhi! You may not remember me but I know you! Can I talk to you for a while?โ€ Pragya hearing his voice and looking at him in close proximity… felt her head spinning in confusions and again she had unclear visions of hugging a man at different places. She was about to faint and fall but before that Abhi managed to grab her waist to prevent her from falling.

Pragya with dizziness โ€œ Suniye…..โ€ She was totally unconscious now and she was carried by Abhi to his room….
Abhi splashed drops of water on her face and she slowly regained consciousness….Pragya โ€œYou are…..โ€ Abhi โ€œDonโ€™t strain yourself and wait let me call the doctor!โ€ Pragya tried to recall but the more she tried….the more she felt an unbearable pain in her head….Abhi โ€œPragya! Please donโ€™t strain yourself!โ€ Abhi sat beside her and hugged her to pacify her but she couldnโ€™t bear the pain and was continuously crying in pain. Abhi โ€œPragya! The more you think it will only affect you! Try not to think about anything!โ€ Pragya again lost her consciousness and was laid back to the bed by Abhi…..
Abhi immediately carried her and drove off to the hospital…..
Doctor โ€œIs she related to you?โ€ Abhi โ€œYes! And why is she keep on fainting? Is anything wrong?โ€ Doctor โ€œNot really! Itโ€™s just trauma and good that you bring her here as she is my patient too! She is having retrograde amnesia and it is very common to keep on faint especially when they try to recall something and it does not get recalled! I have told her many times not to think too much and also mention to her family about these…I am surprised now that after so many months she is facing this again….โ€ Abhi โ€œItโ€™s all because of me!โ€ Doctor โ€œWhat do u mean by that?โ€ Abhi โ€œI am her husband and only after she saw me she was keep on thinking!โ€ Doctor โ€œPragya is married? Oh then something very bad had between the two of you and thatโ€™s why her family also never mention about you! But itโ€™s ok…Did she mention anything else before she fainted?โ€ Abhi โ€œYes but it was just Suniye…โ€ Doctor โ€œ Hmm…Is that how she called you before?โ€ Abhi โ€œ I donโ€™t know…โ€ Doctor โ€œ What? You donโ€™t remember how your wife called u before?โ€ Abhi โ€œI donโ€™t even remembered I was married…only recently I got to know that I was married…I am also like her lost the memories of my past after an accident!โ€ Doctor โ€œOk this is even more complicated than I thought! Ok do u know anyone who knows of that remembers how the two of u behaved with each other?โ€ Abhi โ€œYes! Let me make a call to him!โ€ Purab attended the call and he talked to the doctor. Doctor โ€œ She is regaining her memory gradually….Purab told me that she used to call you Suniye…and never called u by name….So if my assumption is correct very soon she will regain her memories about her past!โ€ Abhi โ€œNo! This must not happen!โ€ Doctor โ€œWhy? She is your wife right? She must be with u!โ€ Abhi โ€œ No Doctor! Itโ€™s enough of her going through pain because of living with me…I shouldnโ€™t have met her today and I just want her to live a better life without me…โ€ Doctor โ€œI am not sure about this point of yours but very soon she will regain her memory and now I need to call her family to report to them!โ€ Abhi โ€œ Then I will leave now….โ€ Doctor โ€œWait! At least you can meet them to talk about this right?โ€ Abhi โ€œNo! It will only complicate our lives!โ€ Abhi saw Pragya lying on bed unconsciously….Abhi โ€œI donโ€™t want to be a burden to you anymore…I think itโ€™s enough of the pain that I had given you so far!โ€ He left from there with the hope that she wonโ€™t regain her memories about him…..


Thousand times sorry to those who want to complete me in one update itself but ya I can only think to this extent for now….Again my mind…hmm what can i say? Itโ€™s just not working! Please bear with this for now and I will try my level best to complete it at the next update itself! I canโ€™t guarantee but still I can try! I also wished to complete it in one update itself but ya my brain cells are dead for now….
This time itโ€™s mostly in Abhiโ€™s point of view and the next one I will try to make it as Pragyaโ€™s point of view and hopefully with a conclusion in it! Very sorry again for the incomplete update!

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