Hey guys ..I am new here , I have a thought to write on swalak …..
So here I present “DILWALE ”
So here is the character sketch ,

Swara kapoor : second daughter of the most richest and successful business person , Mr aditya kapoor .a very chubby , bubbly , cute and fun girl..lost her mother when she was just 6years from that time … her sister took care of her like her own daughter
She is been pampered a lot by her sister ….ragini kapoor .swara is studying 10th ..her age is 16
Ragini kapoor : first daughter of Mr aditya kapoor ….a very professional , discipline , caring and attitudeous person .. she loves her sister like hell .
Her age is 21 ..second year robotics
Aditya kapoor : the most richest and successful businesses man and is a very big gangster which only ragini knows ….Swara doesn’t know that her father is an gangster ….he loves his daughters a lot more than anyone …and him .
He is the biggest enemy of durga prasad maheshwari …..everyone in the city knows about their rivalry
Now maheshwari family ,
Sanskar maheshwari : first son of dp …..he is very polite , professional , attitudeous , sincere person. Loves his bro a lot can do anything for him .
He is a mother boy …loves his mother a lot ……..because he thinks dad is doing wrong …business …his age is 22 …third year
Laksh maheshwari : the second son of dp … a very attitudeus person ………he is a professional , sincere , arrogant , doesn’t have man kind …just like his father …….he knows his father is an gangster …still he takes his father as his role model . He is studying 12th .doesn’t like his mother .
He loves his bro more than anything ….loves his father a lot .
Dp : same as aditya
Ap : a very kind , love, caring and very good mom …loves his both sons …but Laksh always insults her with his father …only sanskar supports her .
This is my story track ..hope u all will support …
I have got inspired by reading all dolly ff …she is such an amazing writer ……..

Dolly yaar plz update meri aashique season 2 ….

Hope u all comment in this ff
With love …neha

Credit to: Neha

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  1. Nice 🙂

  2. Nice intro..hope its mainly revolve around main leads SWALAK..waiting fr nxt update asap

  3. Interesting

  4. guys plz give me a list of swalak ffs plz

  5. awesome i loved introduction of ur ff and waiting for next update

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