Dilwale dulhania ley jayeenge – Part 3


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Next morning
It was a Sunday so sharmistha went out and both our princess (swara and ragini) were sleeping. Suddenly someone knocked the doory. Both sisters were irritated and ragini kicked swara from bed.
She woke up and went to open the door cursing ragini and the person at door.
She was in her night dress with messy hair. She opened d door and was shouted seeing the door and ran shouting ragini.
I gave it in precap i thought no one would guess but one reader guessed it. ……..suspense chala gaya.

The person at door was sanskar and laksh with a bouquet ( so formal boys u see)
Here swara was beating ragini:
Swara: arey kumbkaran ki maa jaldi utho naa…..laksh aur unke bhai aayi hai
Laksh ki naam sunthe hi ragini ki neendh khul gayi. And she too didn’t expect laksh’s arrival.
Both got fresh up and meanwhile ragini shouted sanlak to come inside and the boys were sitting in hall with innocent faces(so cute).
Ragini was blushing while swara had mixed emotions.

Ragini was talking to them while swara ran to kitchen to bring snacks.
Sharmistha came and greeted the boys happily. All were talking and later ragini’s and sanskar’s frnds came. And they started to discuss about their program.

In swara’s room

The condition of room was horrible with laksh sitting innocently and in verge of crying carrying tons and tons of books while swara was walking i mean marching the room with big bar of chocolate( she used to eat chocolate while thinking..just like me) and suddenly she started jumping and shouted
Swara: laksh i got an indea…hurah we goona rock this cultural..omg i am gonna win this competition.. i will get prize…..i will become popular and i will get many frnds and proposals too……

Sanskar was passing by and he heard swara shouting and was mesmerised seeing swara and rags noticed it and confirmed her doubt.
Swara and laksh were practising dance on cham cham….
While ragini and sanskar were doing a skit on women empowerment with their frnds.
Later in the evening, ragini confronted sanskar about it.
Ragini: sanskar

S: hmm
Ragini(little louder): SANSKAR…..
Sanskar: yes ragini…..(bechara)
R: what’s going on between u and swara
S(gulping); vo……vo…….kuch nahi. Ragini kyon puch rahi ho
R: i have seen u many times staring swara
R: do u love her….?////
S: (shivering & shaking coz he thought one tsunami will come now but being a frnd he didn’t hide anything from her): yes ragni….i…luv…her.
He closed his eyes in fear and was shocked to c ragini hugging him(frndly hug only)
Ragini: thanq sanskar wow u and swara perfect match…omg i can’t believe that my bestie is going to marry my sis.
Sanska: ragini don’t shout pls swara will hear
Ragini: acha baba ok when r u going to say

S: i idn’t even talk with her and ur speaking about proposing her…..in ur dreams ragini.
R: don’t worry when ur frnd/love guru ragini is there.
I am going to include a major twist in story
Sanskar know that ragini loves laksh and he informed laksh about it. At first laksh denied later he too saw and fell for ragini. So sanslak thought of proposing swaragini at same time.
Later ragini sent swara to store room to bring some stuffs and laksh pushed sanky also inside.
It was dark so swara did not see sanskar and was searching something inside
Suddenly she stumbled in her chair and was falling but our hero caught her by waist and they has a cute eyelock. And now start’s the ddlj tune…….

Both came to senses and swara got down from him and in the process dust fell in her eyes and sanky took it by blowing air in her eyes. Swara was mesmerised to see him and was staring at him lovingly(same luv at first sight) coz she noticed him only this morning.
There was a knock at the door disturbing their romance. And both went from there.
Swara was continuously blushing and laksh was pulling her legs.
Later sanlak bid bye to ragin and swara was busy in kitchen.
Sanskar was searching her and ragini noticed this.

R: aye meri romeo tumari Juliet andar kaam kar rahi hai abhi nahi aa sakti toh ab tum jao.
Sanskar was adamant to c her. Later swara came out and swa him and they had a eyelock. Sanky immediately gave 1000watt smile and went from there.

At night
Ragini called sanskar but laksh took the phone. At first there was silence and later laksh started the convo. They were talking throughout the night and discussing about their siblings love.
After talking both were blushing and slept.
And sanlak were planning their proposals whereas the sisters were sleeping peacefully thinking about their rajkumars.

Sorry for delay guys……and i am having my exams from Wednesday so tomorrow i will complete this ff and soon ur yash..will be back with a new ff. Sorry…..

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