Dilwale dulhania ley jayeenge – Part 2


Hi guys ..thanq for ur lovely comments. So let’s start it.
At morning:
Swara woke up and ragini was murmuring something in her sleep( u guessed it right about her prince charming) .swara went near her to listen her murmurs.
Ragini: oh my prince charming.. kahan ho tum..jaldi aao and mujhe yahan se leker jao aur meri chindi chameli behen se leker jao …pls mujhe use azaad karo pls… my sweetie pie.
This was it for swara. She poured water on ragini and she woke up with thud. They started their fighting and as usual got scoldings from sharmistha and went to college.

Same with sanskar also
He started dreaming about swara in his sleep.
Sanskar: my baby….doll….princess..u look so cute…i just wanna kiss you. And he leaned against her to kiss……… and suddenly he stopped hearing ap voice
Ap: hey bhagwan hey kya ho raha hai ………mere bache ki halat kharad ho gayi hai
Sanskar woke up and saw laksh in a pathetic condition pleading him and in verge of crying. He immediately pushed him down the bed. Laksh started to cry andwent to take bath. Sanskar also ran to washroom due to embarrassment.
Ragini dropped swara in her college and went to canteen to drink coffee and she noticed a crumbled piece of paper. (guys the paper which sanskar thrown on her) she read it and understood that he was trying to say thanq. She felt guilty for hurting him and ran to ask forgiveness from him.
She was continuously running and bumped with sanskar and fell down(not romantic one just simply) and when sanskar tried to get up. Ragini pulled him back and started blabbering
Ragini: pls i m so sorry….pls forgive…i mistook you….pls i am idiot, stupid whatever u think of…pls don’t complain to prince..pls i am sorry….
Snaskar was shocked and ran away but she was continuously blabbering. Some students were noticing her weirdly. She got up and ran from there.

In canteen
For the first time, ragini was not angry for being insulted. Sanskar came towards her thought a volcano is going to burst. But instead ragini smiled at him and he felt relieved. She both asked sorry to eo infinite times and became frnds. They celebrated their frndship with pizza and coffee( i know it is weird combination but anyways no probs) they bid bye to eo and went to their classrooms.
Then principal called all students to conference hall and informed that..
Principal: hello students. Next week there is going to be culturals in our college and mdecial college is also participating in it (he said it in cold voice to indicate the rivalry). All students mainly freshers but participate in it and now i will announce the pairs.
(the whole college know about ragini and sanky’s fight and no one knows about their new frndship) he announced all pairs and last was RAGINI- SANSKAR. All students stayed quiet expecting a cyclone(fight) but when rago and sanky smiled and said yes sir all students dropped their jaws to floor such that a mosquito army can go inside their mouths.

In medical college.
The same announce was made in the college and all students were excited for it. Unfortunately swara was with sahil(bad boy type) and laksh with anjali (sahild’s gf)
But anjali requested the management and chaged the pairs now swara was with laksh.
Evening both swara and laksh were super duper shocked to see their sibilings laughing and talking with each other. They got mini heart attack.
Swara was talking with ragini and ddlj moment sanskar was watching swara’s cute face and her laugh.
Even laksh felt something seeing ragini( lights glowing and bells ringing). Ragini noticed sanskar watching swara and felt something wrong but thought to ask sanskar aout it later. But swara didn’t notice sanskar at all( bechara sanskar).

At night
Ragini and sanskar were conversing in phone.
Ragini: so tomorrow confirm na
Sanskar: yup
Ragini: pakka
Sanskar: arey meri ma…..pakka
Ragini and sanskar: k bye gn.

So that’s it for today guys.
Percap: Sunday @10am
Someone knocked the door and swara in her night dress(half sleep) opened the door and was shocked to c the person. She ran shouting ragini to their room and the person at door was shocked too.

So guys since it is my first attempt i would likely end it in 10 parts. And sure will come up with a ff again…
And pls do comment….

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