Dilwale dulhania ley jayeenge – Part 1


hi guyz i am yashwanthra i have read many ff and they are simply mindblowing and now i decided to write ff on my fav couple oops all fav couple SWASAN ( swara & sanskar).

so here it goes……
On july morning, a cute, handsome and hot boy/guy is shown watering the plants and enjoying the nature…….u r right he is our hero Sanskar..?? another boy comes running calling bhaiya and guess it is laksh . both the bros where steaming hot in morning embrace.
next ap comes and tells the boys to get ready to college and all three leave.
Heroine entry i mean intro

a cute villa is shown where a lady in her mid 40s shouts ” swaro and rago wake up it is already 6:45. and two girls are seen hiding themselves under blankets…….they are Swara and Ragini. they get up, see the time and rush towards bathroom. they get ready and come down to eat breakfast. meanwhile sanky and lucky finish their bf , take blessings 4m ap and dp and proceed towards their college. swaro and rago too left their home. it was their first day in college but all were not in same college.
sanskar and ragini r studying b.e and swara and laksh study mbbs.
scene: college
both the college are opp to each other. there goes a road which seperates both the colleges. both the colleges are rivals and compete in all events and competitions. sanky and lucky arrive in their bikes whereas swaro and rago in their vehicles.
then sanky drops lucky and rago drops swaro.
then asusual ragging, but there is a twist, this time both the girls save the boys from seniors.
lucky was said to kiss swara by seniors but swara got to know it and informed the princi. thn laksh and swara become frnds.
engineering college:
seniors get hold of sanky and rago at same time and ask them to dance romantically. sanky is shocked whereas rago goes and slaps the senior. takes sanky from and runs towards their classrooms.later sanky thinks to thank her but is shy so he writes it in a letter and throws on rago.but rago being short temper mistook sanky and complained to princi. so sanky was given punishment of running the ground 30 times which made sanky angry. at lunch break rago and sanky met and gave a rivalry look. so guys enemity started between rago and sanky.
medical college:
lucky and swaro became frnds. but same like sanky lucky is also shy but swara is just opposite to him – care free, talkative but pure in heart. during lunch break, swara and laksh met and swara was talking continously but lucky was listening to her. it was a nice bond between them.
after college.
sanky and rago started to fight because rago hit sanky’s bike. swara and lucky came talking and were shocked to see their sibilings fighting. both ran towards them. and sanky and rago were super shocked to see swara and laksh together. all four stood numb for a while and went in their ways. by the time the ddlj moment i mean luv at first sight. sanky was mesmerised seeing swara and rago was attacked by laksh.
at home:
swara and laksh were busy talkin with each other but sanky and rago were in their dream world. the sibilings narrated about their first day in college and slept peacefully.

precap: sanky and rago team up.

p.s. guys i just changed the character of the boys and girls.
swara: cute, adorable, care free, talkative and generous
ragini: beautiful, short temper, loves her sis a lot ( even swara too )
sanky: hot, handsome, shy, short tempered, reserved nature
lucky: handsome, little shy, funny and sportive.
both bros too loved each other
ap and dp: parents of sanskar malhotra and laksh malhotra
shekar and sumi: parents of swara kapoor and ragini kapoor.

Hello everyone …. already I gave my intro above but anyway for ur information I am a tamilian so my Hindi will be OK. And pls…pls….pls do comment and all types of comments( tomatoes, eggs) are accepted. Thanq.

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    awesome and funny too

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    hahaha, awesome concept dear, the boys shy types, but the girls bold types
    it will be EPIC !

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