Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaye Ga promo Ishra

Dilwale Dulhania Le jaye ga promo ishra
Raman is seen failing His class
Raman father is proud
He send him to goa becaue of Raman request
Ishita takes permisiion from her father to goa because she about to get married to someone she hasn’t meet since 15 years
Raman and ishita meet in the train
Raman flirts with ishita
Raman and ishita arguments
It gets them closer
Big twists in this story
DDLJ rocks
Don’t forget to read this story I will post on saturdy march 5 or before if I have time
Do you guys want this story do comment
Dilwale Dulhania le jaye ga

Started Kajol. Shahrukh, Frida Jalal and many more
This story and couple has tought us how to love
I give a big salute to them
After DDLJ I will be posting another movie
Ill lt you know soon
I will post it soon as i am done with Chennai Express
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