dilwale….3 shots(part 1)

Hii every1…
i m here with an os..
i will not reveal my identity..
u all need to guess me..
i will give u all the hints later on at the end..
so here it starts…
Its a beautiful morning..birds r chirping..a boy is shown coming out of a big bunglow…he goes to his gareage…there stands his two friends..abhi n siddharth…he asks them where is he…they tells he went to test the car…
then scene shifts to an isolated place where a boy is shown sitting in car n doing stunts…his eyes r shown…then his nose…then his lips…n finally his face is reavelled….he is our 2nd handsome hunk uv…beside him is sitting arnav…his best buddy…he is driving the car…or i think testing it or rather should i say that ge was just flying the car…he stops near an edge..n his cars tyres small part is outside the edge as he took a turn….”bhai plzz drive slowly yaar..”said arnav”chill man!i have repaired this car with lots of difficulty..i will not let a scratch appear on it”said uv..n saing this he drove very fast n within 5 mins he reached road…there a girl was standing with her scooty…looks like her scooty had break down..she was asking for lift…uv saw her n was mesmerise by her beauty…arnav saw this n told him”look don give her lift..”which made uv boggled”but y”asked a complete confused uv”see wat kunj bhai says that girls another name is problem so plzz”..said arnav…to whuch uv sighed…he saw the girl was asking him to stop the car…through hand indications..but itwas arnavs strict instructions not to stop the car…so he drove from ther but stoped somewhere…”wat happened”asked a boggled arnav”nothing i think tyre got puntured”replied uv looking tensed”arnav plzz go n see”he added”yeah”replied arnav opening the door n motioning towards the tyre..he closed the door but wen he closed the door uv put reverse gear n went back to the girl who was still dtanding there…n all the while arnav was shkouting tp stop but he was the best driver…

uv asked the girl wer she wanna go…”please drop me to the municipal corporations office”said girl in a sweet voice which immpressed uv more..”sit”replied uv immediatly so that she dont catch him staring at her..he drove fast as the office was gonna get close in next 20 mins..
n wen they wer near it there was a traffic jam..”oh god traffic jam..now office will surely be closed..n till next month it will not open..wat to do”said the girl in a complete tensed voice…”don worry u will be tere witin 5 mins”said uv consolling her”n drove faster from another route…n within 5 mins they reached there…”thanku very much”said the girl”btw i m mahi”she added”oh ur very welcom..i m yuvraj..but my loved ones call me uv”said uv”ok bye”said mahi”bye”replied uv…

then suddenly uv gets arnavs call…”wer r u uv”asked arnav beibg full angry”aree arnav u noe na that girl i came to drop…poor girl..she was standing there for so much of time…i gave her lift”said uv”accha ok fine…tell me car is ok na..”asked arnav”ya car is…”he was saying this n he turned n saw that the car is highly damaged from front side..

it is shown the same boy with abhi n sid standing n staring at the car…n uv n arnav r standing in front of them bowing there heads down…”sorry bhai”said uv”how this happened”asked the boy in a sterned voice…arnav looked at uv who was bowing his head down n said”kunj bhai this happened because of tyre””tyre”asked a boggled kunj”yes bhai tyre…see wat happened we wer coming..he saw a girl…she was asking lift…i said no..then he told tyre got puntured…i came out of car…n as i closed door he went..”said arnav”is it true uv”asked kunj”bhai shhe was standing alone n how i cant help any1…u noe na”said uv”yes yes..n if its the thing of girls…u cant backoff rite”said kunj sarcastingly..

its nite time…uv was repairing a car…wen mahi came there with her scooty…”excuse me”she said”yeah”said uv turning..both comes face to face to each other n says u here..”actually my scooty broke down”said mahi”oh”said uv lost in her”did ur work completed”he added”yes tyvm”she said”u work in this gareage”she added”no no mahi..this gareage is mine only but…wen i gave u lift no this car was highly damaged…n my brother scolded me very much..n that too in front of every1″said uv making himself n mahi comfortable on a seat…”n not that he also slaaped me many times n beated me for just this silly reason”added uv n saw tgat kunj was standing backside of mahi..”how cruel ur brother is..”said mahi but before she can continue”oh shut up..see bhai wat this cheap women is saying”said uv..he turned to mahi n said her in sign language that plzz sorry..he then turned to kunj n said in sign language..first he shows finger to himself”I”said kunj..n uv signs a heart shape n points finger at him…which means i love u…”beat him uv..i will see how he will stop u”said mahi”n u..how brother u r..who beats hiis younger brother like this”she added”look mahi i will beat him but not infront of u so plzz go na”said uv”ok ok but if u have any problem then call me”said mahi”u have my no. Na”she added”he will not need it…i will ask forgiveness from him”said kunj n she goes from therel..
i noe u all r thinking who i m..
so here r the hints..
•i m a ff writer
•i m chati si bacchi
•i have not pasted my ff till now
•i love every1…
N guys todays dp i have created by my own so plzz tell hows it

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  1. Bhavika don’t know its a guess but plzz forgive me

  2. Ria

    I guess I need some more hints to guess you. But, the episode was amazing.

  3. Awesomeness ki height…I guess u r krystal
    Bt ur os is same as Dilwale Movie

  4. Ik Ik Ik dis is mah shamz diiiiiiiii…….
    I hope I guessed it rite btw if nt m sry…..in advance????
    N loved it so much yaar……osmmmmmmmm……..
    N ya Ik ki ur shamz di bcz she didn’t posted her ff till nw oh gosh hw long have to wait…….
    N if m wrong then ur my didu…….
    These r my two guess Idk which one is correct……….
    Bcz m too a choti si bachi u kno hehehhe….?????
    Btw dp is kirrak huh…….
    Luv u my jaan…….
    Keep smiling n writing….
    We will keep loving…….

    1. Or may b crazy di b ho sakta hai…..

  5. Oh dilwale version. Seems good.. ?

  6. Shatakshi

    Hey I really have no idea…
    Some more hints plzzz…
    I might be Shreya….really I don’t know
    But it was I like DILWALE RETOLD
    Kunj – SRK
    Twinkle – kajol
    Uv- VD
    Mahi – Kriti..
    It was too good…but u can add up ur ideas in it too…becoz its completely the film story… Hope u r understanding

    1. Shatakshi

      Krysi bhi ho sakti h

      1. Shatakshi

        Yaa ridhima???… Ohh God I m hell curious to know

  7. I think u r d writer of twinj tale story it was just a guess haa
    N yaaa epi was good but it is same as dilwale i hope u will not write same plot bcoz dis thing v know n yaa u can change d reSon behind twinj seperation also
    I m just giving u idea n pls dont feel hurt

  8. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    I guess ur os is similar to movie dilwale…but the way u hv written is awesome. ..n I cnt guess u sry…kya haina ki mera e chota sa…dimak nahi chaltana…srry:-P

  9. Sayeeda

    Either it’s Shreya or Bhavika….sorry if I guessed it wrong….
    Nice one.. amazing..

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    reminds me of dilwale but its nice

  11. Tara maybe…

  12. Rashiverma2199

    So awesome….just loved it….

  13. Dreamer...arundhati

    Osum…can’t guess yaar

  14. wow yr osm bt cant guess mayb sameera

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