dilwale….3 shots (part 2)


Hi guyz..
sorry every1..
u all guessed it wrong..
n yeah i m reaaly very sorry for posting a film as a story..
but thought to write it in my words..
the whole story is a copy of dilwale 2015…
really sorry…
n yeah i will give 3 hints for every shot n in next part i will reavell my identity..
n one more thing guz no 1 remembers me…
so it starts(my more chapad chapad will be at last haa)
“Have u eat anything…come take dinner”said kunj with a smile”no bhai…i will not eat till i dont repair this car”said uv looking at the car….”oh so u will not eat anything till morning”said kunj n uv nodded…just then arnav enters with some stuffs in his hand”uv take this…ur chicken sandwich n coffee”said arnav to which uv gave him a death glare..kunj looked at uv n took the burger”he is on hunger strike”said kunj and went from there wer on our two boys looked at him going”its ok..he took burger only..take this coffee”said arnav handlung him the cup of coffee”u care for me so much”said uv”aree uv i m ur brother..i really care for u yaar”saying this arnav n uv hugged eo…arnav broke the hug n said”bro plzz drink the coffee ha”n went from there..uv drank the whole coffee in one sip..he sat on ground..rested his head on cars bonet…n thought of himself n mahi dancing on sab tera..

its morningl..some1 splashes water on uvs face…its reavelled to be sid…”this time also its theft”said uv innocently”ya”to which he got this reply”come here”said abhi n took him to the front seat”now the music player is stolen”said uv looking at the empty place”ya”this time it was abhi who gave him reply”i slept again”said uv again”no no no uv..u din slept..the theif was so cunning that he took the things wen u dint notice”it was kunj who replied…n after some time all burst out into laughter

its nite..uv is shown taking a scooty..he comes to a bunglow like place..he rings the bell n mahi opens it”hi”said mahi”hey”came a reply to her from uv”ur scooty”he added”ty”said mahi”i think i should go”said uv…saying this he started to take his steps down from the stairs n at just to stairs up he stoped n started looking here n there..mahi who was about to close the door saw him an asked”wer r u going””actually my friends r coming to take me as its my friends birthday”is the replyshe got”oh till that time u can have coffee with me if u dont mind”said mahi”ofcourse i would love to”replied uv…they sat at the bench at the bunglows garden”i really feel mercy on u …i mean how can a brother”she said”look mahi…my brother is really nice…actually i lied to u..wen i saw u i thought to meet u…wen i met u i thought to noe ur namme…wen i came to know ur name…i thought to make u my friend…but wats my fault u were also showing shmpathy on me yaar..wat should i do”said uv”uv u r just mad”said mahi…
i m sorry for short updae but i gave two parts a day so..
n yeah all of u wer wrong..
so here r more hints
•i m the smallest in the tei family it means i m small from bhavika di too
•i din uploaded my ff from i think 21 to 22 days
•my ff just started…it has not yet reached its bronze jubli..
n guyz i m sorry for inconvinience as i changed my title..’dilwale….3 shots’ to ‘dilwale….some shots’
hope u all will comment..
n yeah i again made this dp..plzz do tell howz this..
love u all

Credit to: unknown

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Hey are u rakshita ….
    I’m so curious to know…..

  2. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    I tooq

  3. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    cute.loved uvs character

  4. May b shreya I guess
    Anyway osmmm part…..

  5. Dreamer...arundhati

    But really I can’t guess
    Plz tell soon

  6. osm hey w8 dat karan n twinj n short dress wala ff ya fir dat southindian twinkle n kunj luvd hr n twinkle as pg inme se kisi ki rtr ho tum i m dam sure now jst 2 srch ur name bolo yr m i crct w8 let me tell u

  7. are u ashwariya twinjfan

  8. hey u r d rtr of dushman kaa pyaar directionert91 yah fr sure

  9. or u r rhimjhim frm aayat

  10. sonali or afa

  11. krystal or crazy

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