Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 8)

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Twinkle is waiting for kunj she is worried and is moving in the room she looks at the clock (its 11:32)
T-kunj where are you
She tries to call kunj but his phone is switched off just then kunj enters the room and shuts the door while twinkle turns and saw kunj she runs towards him
T-kunj where were you I was so worried
She smells him
T-kunj you are drunk

Kunj throws the bottle of wine on floor and it breaks then he shouts
K-yes..yes I am drunk so what can’t I drink what I like
T-but k..k..kunj
K-what but you just mind your own business…..oops! your business is to do what I say…so dance
K-yes dance
He sits on bed and plays music but twinkle didn’t dance kunj gets angry and gets up
K-the more time you take to dance more your efforts increase
Still twinkle don’t dance
K-I had given you warning so here is increase in your punishment now you have to dance on the glass
Twinkle don’t dance
Kunj gets angry he throws the nearby glass on floor that too breaks and he shouts
Twinkle dances on the song and kunj sees her after some time kunj says
K-enough very good this time you had proved yourself…good now go and sleep
Twinkle tries to walk but her foot is bleeding she brings the first aid box just then kunj goes to her
K-don’t even dare to touch that tonight you should sleep with the wounds so that you know how much pain you have given me
T-but kunj it is paining

K-then let it pain you should also feel the pain from which I had suffered and this pain is nothing in front of my pain JUST BECAUSE OF YOU I HAD LOST ALL MY RESPECT JUST BECAUSE OF YOU TWINKLE
The words eco
T-but kunj it was not my fault at all
K-what do you mean it was not your fault on that day you blamed me so confidently why twinkle why I had not done anything bad to you I always trusted you but on that day I realized that trusting you was worse than trusting an enemy
T-but kk…kk..kunj you had called me in that hotel
K-I had called you in hotel but I didn’t went there I had sent yuvi to tell you that I am not coming
T-then who was there with me
K-oh…just on that basis that I had called you you blamed me ..oh ya you are ms twinkle taneja you don’t need any proof at all but now you are MRS. TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA
T-K..KUNJ I AM really sorry
K-twinkle you had lost your respect now I will not take any test the day you tell me who did that with you with proof you will get your KUNJ back
He gives her the first aid box ..twinkle stops him and says
T-kunj I will bring the culprit you in 2 weeks it is promise of MRS.TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA
K- better you do so

And he leaves twinkle smiles she tries to put ointment on her foot but it is paining and swelling she cries kunj goes to her and says
K-you didn’t get YOUR kunj back but I am your husband and it’s my duty to take care of you
He takes the first aid box and put ointment twinkle stares at him Teri meri plays
Kunj puts ointment and says
K-now go and sleep
They both goes and sleep twinkle look at kunj and thinks
T-kunj only 2 weeks and I will get my kunj
She smiles and sleeps

Precape : twinkle goes to the grand inn hotel and meet the manager

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