Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 7)


This episode stars with kunj and twinkle shares a eyelock kunj breakes the eyelock and twinkle feels shy
K-no need to bring coffee now I am late for office and remember to bring lunch on time
K-and lunch should be hot
K-and ya you have one day see and understand my room and don’t even dare to touch that drawer ..SAMJHI
Tji I understood everything and do whatever you say I JUST WANT MY KUNJ BACK
The words eco in kunj’s ears he gets conscious and ignores it
K-i must leave now

And he leaves twinkle smiles
T-mujhe pura vishwas hai ki mujhe apna kunj wapis milega aur ye sabh chote mote dukh jot um muje dene ki koshish kar rahe ho ye to mera patni dharm hai mai ise zaroor poora karungi bas mujhe apna purana kunj lotado …mai tumhe wapis lake rahungi kunj
she smiles she gets conscious and hits her head
T-mai APKO wapis lake rahungi
She smiles
Kunj comes in and sees everyone stands together and wishes him “CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR MARRIAGE SIR”
Kunj angrily says
K-Thnx and all of you get back to your work
All sit
He goes to his office which is beautifully decorated with his and twinkle’s picture he gets angry and shouts
K- meera

Meera comes there
K-what is all this
M-sir we thought that you are newly married so
K-so..so what the person with whom I am married is at home no need for all this
M-but sir
K-i said remove it
Meera thinks while removing(sir ko kya ho gaya pehle to unhe itne gusse me nahi dekha pehle to wo khud har jagah twinkle mam ki pics rakhte the ab shaadi ke baad kya hua)
She removes the pictures and goes out
Twinkle comes in office to give kunj’s lunch ….everyone wishes her too and she says thnx she goes to a girl who is meera she asks her where is kunj’s office
M-mam kunj sir’s office is on left but today he is too much angry
She tells her about the pictures and how he behaved
Twinkle thinks she says thnx to her and goes to kunj’s room

Kunj is seeing twinkle’s and his photos on phone
Twinkle suddenly gets in kunj shuts the phone and keeps on table
K-don’t you have a single manner can’t you knock the door
T-sorry wo apka lunch
K- you just leave it here I will eat it later
He leaves from there
Twinkle sees his phone and ons it she sees the wallpaper has pic of twinkle and kunj SHE THINKS TO ON IT BUT THERE IS A PASS WORD she thinks for a while and write TWINKLE and it opens she looks in the gallery it is full of kunj and twinkle’s pics she looks at it and smiles and leaves it
T- I had faith that you are still the same kunj whom I love
She goes from there
Kunj sees all this from window and thinks
K-you had yourself lost your kunj now you will have to get him back

precape : kunj is drunk and enters the room twinkle sees him and holds him they both fall on bed kunj is at top of twinkle

thnx again guys for commenting and sorry for not writing regulary but i am trying my best & my grammar is also bad so sorry and all the silent readers please please please do comment …love you all

Credit to: Twinju

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