Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 6)


Hey guys thnx for commenting …love u a lot
This episode starts with twinkle is massaging kunj’s legs while he is slept and twinkle feels sleepy after a while twinkle sleeps in the same position
Kunj wakes up and sees twinkle he stares at him hamari adhuri kahani plays he remembers all the times spent with twinkle … then he remembers the moment when twinkle blamed her then he gets conscious he doesn’t move but picks up a glass of water from the side table and throws water on her face twinkle gets up and finds herself on kunj’s legs she quickly gets up and stood nearby kunj angrily looks at her he softly says
K-its morning may I bring coffee for you
Then he angrily shouts
K-go and bring coffee for me

Twinkle goes to bathroom to get ready
She comes out of bathroom and goes to bring coffee but kunj stops her
K-wait what I had told you yesterday
Twinkle thinks then she remembered and touches kunj’s feet
K-ok ok on the first day itself you had done so many mistakes
t- I am sorry kunj next time I will take care now I will bring coffee for YOU
K-for whom
Twinkle realizes what she had said
T-sorry mai abhi apke liye coffee lati hu
k-next time take care this sorry will not work always
twinkle goes and brings coffee she sees that kunj is not in room then she sees that the bathroom is closed
T-maybe he is in bathroom I should keep coffee here
Twinkle goes to the balcony after a while kunj comes out of bathroom and drinks coffee he suddenly splits out the coffee and shouts
K-twinkle twinkle
Twinkle comes running
T-ww..ww..what happened kunj ji do you want something
Kunj throws coffee on twinkle’s dress

K-do you call this coffee will I drink this cold coffee in winter
t-ss..sorry actually …ii..i had brought it hot but you were in bathroom so I kept it and it became …cc..cold ..ii.. will bring another coffee
and she moves but kunj pulls her towards him and the both strike each other and are very close they both share a beautiful eye lock mere rubaru plays
precape : kunj goes to office where all wishes her congrats for his marriage
thank you guys for your support I was ill but your comments forced me to write please please do write more comments and some of you said that I should write in english so all the next episodes would be in English …thanks guys love you

Credit to: Twinju

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  1. Very nice episode Twinju….I loved it…??????

  2. Awww y is Kunj so harsh on Twinkle.. I don’t like it

  3. Muskan{News reporter}

    Nice one dear…bt hope kunj changes soon.

  4. Very nice epi ……..i just luv it

  5. i liked it . it was awesome

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