Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 29)

hello guys thanks for forgiving me today lil things to tell
1.as u all are my sweet sis and bros many of you told me that the no.is fraud and keira dii u r saying he is real i am confused more and more please tell me what to do i feel like crying 🙁 for now i had bloked him and deleted his number but still i am confused..and someone told he is on IMO plzz can u check it for me as i dont have IMO plzzplzzzpllzzzz and how do u know this number is from UP


3.will u be my friends on telly updates members my profile is with the name Bhavika
so lets start the episode
this episode starts with next morning kunj is sitting neel down in front of twinkle’s flat just then then twinkle comes out of the room unknowingly and is moving front but falls down because of kunj twinkle is above kunj (sab tera plays) they share a beautiful eye lock after a while twinkle confrots herself both stands up
K-kuch zyada exited nahi ho rahi …chalo fir hum kyo mana kare (and he stretches his arms like SRK ) {aren’t you too much exited…its ok then why will i say no }
T-oh come on she rolls her eyes
K-thats what i am saying come (still having hands stretched)
kunj keeps his finger on lips and makes a puppy face (imagine how he would look)
T-what are u doing here ? in MY house??
kunj doesn’t move his finger
kunj points at the finger with his eyes
t-ok speak
he removes finger
K-i want a room here
T-here? in MY building
kunj nods like a child
t-but this is specially for me and my employees and BTW why do u want to live here
K-meri mehbooba ko uske mehboob se jo milana hai
T-oh plzz what do u think by living here u will impress me
K-TRY KARNE ME KYA HARZ HAI tumne to suna hi hoga try try but dont cry (what goes in trying you would have heard try try but dont cry)
T-u can’t do that
K-so where is my home
twinkle points to a room which is just infront of twinkle”s home….she takes phone and calls sameer
T-give the two bedroom house infront of mine to kunj
S-SURE BUT why two bedrooms
t-for kunj and twinkle
s-oh so that chimpanzee chinki will also live in our building
S-ok ok sorry i will do that
just then kunj leaves ..twinkle puts hand on cell
T-where are u going now
K-to bring my luggage and chinki
he leaves ..twinkle back on call
T-and ya remember don’t clean the room and if its cleaned then mess it up and put one tonne sand (in anger)
S-ok ok dii relax
after 2 hours kunj comes there with his luggage a waiter comes and gives him keys…he opens door and is hell shocked by seeing the condition of house
K-what is this
waiter-sir mam said dont clean this and she gave some gifts for you
he give gifts and leaves
there are three gifts he opens
kunj makes weird faces
K-chal guru hoga shuru
then he puts his handkercheif on mouth and gets in and starts cleaning

he removes cloth from furniture and dust gets everywhere after 2 minutes he gets fed he plays a song
Abhi toh haath mein jaam hai
Tohba o kitna kaam hai
Kabhi mili fursat toh
Bhai dekha jayega
Duniya ke baarey mein
Socha jayega
Abhi toh haath mein jaam hai

he dances while cleaning the room

Jeene se pahele kaun marhey
Fikarey subah ki kaun karkey
Ghum ki raat se kaun dharey
Abhi suhani shyam hai
Tohba kitna kaam hai
Kabhi mili fursat toh bhai
Dekha jayega
Duniya ke baarey mein
Socha jayega
Abhi toh haath
Mein jaam hai

Thaka hua tha main jara
Utha ke botal goot barha
Utha ke botal goot barha
Toh ab jara aaram hai
Tohba kitna kaam hai
Kabhi mili fursat toh
Bhai dekha jayega
Duniya ke baarey mein
Socha jayega
Abhi toh haath mein jaam hai

like this the day ends and also the episode
SARA-thank u dii and thanks for commenting
MANNAT-thanks dii
AMII-thank u for forgiving me sorry dii ab toh maine use block hi kar diya aur dekhlo di maine to long karke hi likha hai and i am trying
DOLLY -thanks but kya karoo di koi kehraha hai bunny ka no. hai koi keh raha hai nahi hai
LOVELEEN-thanks dii bohut tym lagaya tha songs sochne me ..or maine ab no. delete kar diya and thank u for ur concern
RIA-thanks dii
SHATAKSHI-ya dii now i had deleted his no. and thanks for comment
SRIJA-thanks dii thanks for missing me
PANCHI-thank u
aarti-sorry sorry sorry bacche ki loge jaan kya now i deleted his no.
sayeeda-choli age che aicha nai hoga thankoo
rashiverma2199-thank u
KEIRA-dii now i had deleted his no.
JIAH-ya dii i deleted
sana-thanks for commenting
forever fan of twinj-thanks dii have u called him ??
KRYSTAL_KRYSIEE-THANKS FOR COMMENTING AND i was away but not in sikkim LOL ok dii i will read it btw is it twinj ff coz i only read twinj ffs
taleya – thnx dii i feel realy lucky that i am the first on whose ff u commented
LAMA-thnx dii

sorry i am not writing with emojis


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  1. Siddhi

    Really good episode bhavika love u

  2. Yeah swthrt.. But I want more.. U knw.. Ur writing is too good that’s y. Muuaaahh.. Btw nice episode..

  3. You don’t have to fear its sid only pakkaa yeh sid hai jaise hi maine yeh number Apne mobile par prateek me Nam se save kiya massage aaya sid is on IMO means the number is of sid nahi toh prateek likh kr aata yha jiska number hai uska name aata ……when I saw his new on IMO I was not Able to control myself to chat with him but if my mother will come to know then she will eat me ….so I I …..I…just …just kept my phone ……soo sad …plzz reply

  4. An awesome episode dear..

  5. Epi ws really amazing….
    Loved it so much…..????
    Do cont asap…..
    Twinj emotional moments…..????

  6. Fan

    Nice epi..

  7. Mannat

    Awesome episode pls writing … such episode …. pls do cont asap

  8. Ria

    The episode was amazing.. roothna mañana session going on.. by the way if you get time do read my ff.. it’s called “I Love You” – A Twinj journey.. although many chapters have been completed but, I guess you’ll be able to understand as my story doesn’t have villains till now.

  9. Such a lovely episode

  10. Shatakshi

    Hey Bhavika
    That was really good…n the song was Awesome
    Loved it????

  11. Hey Bhavika
    Episode was Fabulous…
    Nd that song was Amazing…
    Love u lots ????

  12. Sayeeda

    Soooooo sorry for commenting late .
    Ur episode was just muuuaahhh
    Too good …
    Love ur ff a lot ….love u

  13. Dreamer...arundhati

    Bhavika dear it was too good.
    loved it.
    I wanted to suggest u thar if u can post a summary of this ff with ur next epi.
    U know bcoz many of my frnds and new tu frnds wanted it bcoz the startwd to read it now.
    so if u can plz but its only a suggestion
    anyway excellent epi
    ctd soon

  14. nice one dear waiting for next.

  15. omg osm bhavika i hp twinj sun unite

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