Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 27)


hello guys welcome back to twinj land

i am really sorry that this time i can’t put emojis sorry guys

RECAP-we saw twinj confrontation..kunj donating blood..and twinkle saying kunj to get away
twinkle is now at hospital just inspector arrives…..
ins-we r really sorry mrs.twinkle now we fond that Mishra is the real culprit so now you are free we are sorry for anyproblem that u faced
t-no problem but i didn’t won the competition…ha..its ok leave next time i will surely win
ins-yes mrs.sarna
twinkle in high pitch-NO I AM NOT MRS. SARNA ..I AM TWINKLE TANEJA
ins-but mam mr.kunj..

t-that man is no one to me you can leave
and they leave tears roll from her eyes( naino ki mat maniyo ji plays)
twinkle gets discharge while she is going home in her car traffic is there so she stops car later when she starts the car kunj come in front…twinkle gets out in full anger(she is wearing the black dress which uv gave her in TEI when kunj needed blood & kunj is wearing his black suit which he wore in twinj’s date after marriage when manohar gets in comma)and starts to talk ..she talked too much but kunj just stared her (muskurane ki wajah plays) she snaped her fingers in front of him and then he get to senses
kunj forwards her hand ..twinkle turns otherside..
K-20 minutes in evening
K-for YOUR kunj
twinkle gets teary eyed
T-u can’t do anything in 20 mins
K-just 20 minutes
twinkle nods
K-8 pm
at night

TWINKLE REACHES kunj is standing then he bows down an forwards his hand..twinkle hold …kunj blows whistle and a horse carriage with white horse came..he makes her sit on it…the carriage starts..(pyar hua iqrar hua plays{plzz read while listeninig})..they reaches a hotel..
.kunj oders something it comes on just the moment..they eat ..

then they get up and dance on road…while dancing they reach an icecream shop…

kunj takes out many icecreams twinkle picks one ..they eat while moving..then they reach at a park there children had made twinkle’s pic from various pics and join it
(like in Rab ne bana di jori)then they go out then twinkle saw that on the whole way red carpet is there..they walk and at side children throw flower petals on them..then a boy comes and gives her a teddy..she takes..then a girl comes and gives heart baloona..she take..then a girl comes and give bouquet..she takes..like this they move..
then kunj calls carriage..it comes..they sit and move..they reaches on a hill ..they get down ..walk for a while &
takes a cable car they sit and it start…
in the cable car when twinkle look down she saw that whole towns lights are on ..just then kunj calls someone and the lights get on ehich forms an I LOVE YOU just then paper lanters flew up and till then they reach on ground.

..then he makes twinkle sit on carriage which drops her to her home.
K POV-tum bhi mujhse pyar karti ho ..bahut pyar,lekin kahogi nahi..tadapogi mere bina par jataogi nahi..merepas aana chahti ho ,seene se lagake rona chahti ho,dil me rehna chahti ho ..lekin rahogi nahi..lekin mai tumhari tarah nahi hu..mai reh hi nahi sakta ye kahe bina ki mujhe tumse ishq hai(you also love me very much,but you won’t say that..you’ll wriggle without me but you won’t show that ..you want to come to me..you want to hug me and cry,you want to stay in my heart but you will not stay..but i am not like you ..i cant live without saying that i love you..

T POV-kunj ..mai tumhare bina din raat tadapti hoo..tumhare paas ana chahti hoo..tumhe seene se lagakar rona bhi chahti hu par nahi kAR sakti mai..nahi jata sakti ..tumhe bar bar kho chuki hu mai ..tumhari jab bhi mujhe aadat ho jaati hai tab tum mujhse door chale jate ho…mujhe chod do kunj warna mujhe tumse ishq ho jayega PHIR SE…(KUNJ WITHOUT YOU I WRIGGLE EVERY DAY AND NIGHT…I WANT TO COME TO YOU..WANT TO HUG YOU AND CRY..BUT I CANT DO..I CANT SAY THAT..I HAVE LOSED YOU MANY TIMES…WHENEVER I GOT your HABIT..I LOSED YOU…LEAVE ME KUNJ OR ELSE I WILL FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU…ONCE AGAIN}and she cries

episode ends on their faces

precape-kunj and twinkle masti in twinkle’s office


a very big thank to everyone who reads and comments on my ff-i really appericiate it,and i am looking forward to write thenext episode soon…

a whole heartedy thanks to
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so i got many friends even from outside india but all are elder to me but its ok friendship..love..and enemity does not care of age..

sorry for short episode as this one was about their date


Credit to: Bhavika

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