Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 26)


hello guys✋ welcome back to twinj land ?
thnx all?
jasmin-thnx for commenting ?and i read your ff’s episode 3 but i am reading 7 ffs so not getting time ⌚if you can write a summary? then i can read it ..hope i not hurt you??

pia and lama-thnx for commenting ?and telling for constable? i actually knew it but u know sometimes we know the word but cant tell?

ritzi-hey di actually as it was in tei with case of manohar ?same here twinkle’s pics?? with a man ?on bed ?were leaked on tv ?and kunj ?saw so he got angry ?and made twinkle get out of house ?and now (4 years later)kunj know the real culprit?(how he came to know that will tell later)and so now he is finding her? …..thnx for commenting?

zarmeen-hey di today i read all your episodes ?all were fab but got confused? because of grammer ?but u keep up ?
and ya in one comment ?of your ff i saw that u r talking about kunj’s no.? i too have it and he is on whatsapp ?with me i had also called him ?and ya he is 100% kunj?

sweetie-hi sweetie di thnx 4 seeing my comment on ur ff u r a fab writer ✒keep up
i dont remembered clearly but i think u told that ur real name is maria ?(sorry if i am wrong)then tell me r u from france?

panchi -thnx di for congratulating me?

romaisah-i think u r new reader if yes than welcome ?&thnx 4 comment?

sayeeda-thank u soo much di u know what meri didi ?kuch kahe or mai na manu IMPOSSIBLE ?so pakka ??

amii-ya di i can understand my cousin ?is also medical student ?in delhi he also dont get much time ⏰so i can understand & thnx 4 commenting?

zikra,jaya,anushka,fiona,sam,mannat lama, riya thnx all and zikra are you the same “zayb_zikra”❓❓

recap-we saw that twinkle gets in hospital?…she got an accident?✨…kunj sees newspaper?..
episode starts with kunj saw the newspaper ?so he gets out of hotel ?and takes taxi ?he reaches police station? & get to know that twinkle is in hospital ?he goes to the hospital?

Kunj sees inspector ?
K-where is twinkle ?
Ins-twinkle is in OT ?but who r u ❓
K-i am his husband?
sameer who is sitting there listen ?and gets up?
S-what u r kunj❓?
K-yes but who r u ?
Sameer tells him whole story about buissness? ,mishra?,fashion show?,jail?,accident ?and all

just then doc comes?

doc-inspector do you got blood?
ins-no we had asked many places but they dont have AB- blood ?group

k-what !!which blood group??
K-I have AB- blood group?
doc-are u ready for donating??
K-twinkle ke liye mai dil ?bhi de sakta hu to ye khoon ?kya hau(i can even donate heart ?for twinkle then what is this blood?)
D-ok so come this way?
S-thnx kunj thank u so much??
K-she is my wife ?and it is my duty to save her?

he goes with the doctor in twinkle’s room? …he goes to her and crassess her hair? and softly kissed on her head ?
K-twinkle i told u that one day i will find ?u and see i am here?
Doc-mr Kunj come now u can donate?
K-ya sure?

he goes and lays on bed near twinkle ?..doc takes blood ?while kunj stares at twinkle ?sajna ve plays ???

Doc-ok mr.kunj we had transported blood ?now you can get up?

he gets up ?and goes ?to twinkle?

k-doc when will she get fine?
doc-in 2-3 hours? she will get conscious ?then u can take her to home ?but you need to take care?

K-2-3 hours⌚

he thinks something? And leaves ?…after 1 hr.? he comes back with lots of things????…he takes permission fr om doctor and decorates her room ??????
after 1 hour?
Kunj is sitting on a stool near her bed ..holding her hand✋ …slowly she opens her eyes?
T-kk kk kunj ?(tears roll down her face?)
K-yes twinkle i am your kunj i am back twinkle your Kunj came to take you??

twinkle takes her hand ?off his hand and turns her face other ?side,where sameer is standing?

K-twinkle..twinkle what ?happened..twinkle look at me?
T-sameer say to this man that i have no relation with him?
K-but twinkle i am your husband?
T-(shouts)NO!! ?you are none to me your relation broke with me the day when u said get out to me?
K-but twinkle now i realised my mistake I know that u had done nothing??
T-no I don’t trust you you just care for yourself?..first you married me?..then tortured me?..then said I love you ??and again left me?..and now after 4years you came back to me?..you do not deserve me? ..I don’t want to stay with you go go from here?

K-but twinkle..?
T(shouts)-just go!!?

kunj comes out of her room and in room twinkle cries? (do pal ki thi ye dilon ki dastan plays??)

K-twinkle ab mai tujhe manake rahunga ?meri twinkle wapis lake rahunga?..abb tu dekhegi is dilwale ka naya roop..??

S-twinkle why r u doing this I know you love him?
T-yes sameer i love him ?and i will always love him? ..but in these 4 years my soul is full with anger?..i want to show him how I felt..?
S-But twinkle kab tak ??
T-jab tak wo Kunj mujhe mile jisse mai pyaar karti hu?

my dear sisters?? here are two questions plzz answer?
i)what is your age❓
ii)what is your real name❓
iii)from where are you❓?????

i am 12 ,my real name is Bhavika Choudhary ,i am from Rajasthan,India?

keep smiling☺,keep laughing?,keep watching ?and keep reading ?my stupid ff.?

Credit to: Twinju (Bhavika)

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  1. twinj ohhh he is in whats app allso how do u know its real or real and pls send number allso ..and asusal the ff was very good amazing….

  2. m 17
    my real name is krystal
    m from bihar
    btw r uh on fb if yes baby plsss give me ur id n ya the epi wass jst awwsuum yaar bt dear plss post longer take care

  3. twinj ohhh he is in whats app allso how do u know its real or real and pls send number allso ..and asusal the ff was very good amazing dear♡♡♡♡♡

  4. ur ff is asual amazing twinj and u talk to kunj in whatsapp how do u know he is real or reel pls send his whatsapp number dear….

    1. Ya me too plzzzzzzzzz

  5. Awesome Bhavika….make ur episodes longer….and pls continue this tashan …..was dying to read the episode… But it was really short…

  6. Finally they met each other……??????? unite them soon…nice epi…..

  7. Wow bhavika love ur ff and love the way u used emojis in ur ff hahahexpresses ur feelings so well 😛
    Btw I m 17, my name is Joyee and I m from singapore 🙂

  8. awesome loved it i am sameeksha age 14 from delhi india

  9. Oh ho twinkle ka anger . Lets see how kunj kaise apni biwi ko manata hai . Bhavika love u and ur ff . Keep smiling and keep writing .

  10. Bhavika how do u have kunj’s no. ???? Can u pls give it to me….are u there on Facebook….

  11. Hey, it was awesome.. Eager to see what kunj does for manaoing twinkle. And, my real name is Debosmita. I’m 15+ years and I’m originally from Kolkata but I stay in Bangalore.

  12. Hey lovely episode! I truly enjoyed it! I’m Jaya, 24 years old, from Singapore. Btw, how do you have kunj’s no? Can you please share. Thanks a million!

  13. Hey twinju… how r u?? Im fine… well yes my name is maria… but im not from france im from india… mumbai… ???

    Ur episode is awesome… loved it alot ?

    1. Nd yeah im 16… ?

  14. Bhavika…ur epi was awsome….i just loved it…nd coming to my ff i just wrote intro and gave 1st epi today itself…imean rite now i subbmitted my 1st epi…i think u r ,missunderstood as there r 2 more ff named a never ending love stpry…so…byw loved todays epi…

  15. Twinju(Bhavika)

    thnx guys for commenting SORRY, I AM NOT ON FB i got kunj’s no. from TU in one of the older ffs someone wrote kunj’s no and said that she got it from truecaller so i saved it and i had called him several times and his voice is totaly same and i even asked him to promise me if he is sidhant he said that he is sidhant from TEI and even on whatsapp he is putting his latest pics which also come on other websites but late so i knew and who will get the exact pics b4 it is uploaded on internet & his no. is 9026101799

    1. Tq tq tq tysm Ik k tq is really small word bt really tq tons…..heheheh m on cloud infinity ….,

      1. Even I msg him on WhatsApp n hi is on IMO toooo yeyyyyyy

  16. Hi
    Your episode is too good
    My real name is Mahima
    I’m 19
    & I live on Baroda ,Gujarat

  17. Bhavika thank u so much for accepting my request…Ur episode was too good I really loved it …waiting fr next one.
    Well my real name is Sayeeda only .
    I belong to Lucknow n my age is 20 yrs.

  18. My name is saminah .i am 19 years old,from Malaysia

  19. Hey, m commenting 4 z 1st time!!! Ur ff iZ amazing…..I follow all z episodes! m just asking if u cld give mi Sid’s num!!! Plzzz

  20. nice epi bhavika
    loved it
    my name is apoorwa
    i am 13 years old
    i am from haryana

  21. Hey bhavika the episode was phadoo? as always n I m answering ur questions in ur style….
    My name is ?Shatakshi Singh
    I m 1⃣5⃣ years old
    N live in Mumbai ?…..???

  22. Awesome episode yaar….loved it & yeah my Name is Lama Khan…..I m 14 years old…..I m from Moradabad

  23. Hey yaar it ws jus amazing epi dear loved it n ya m zayb_zikra actually I changed my email …..btw it ws jus osmmmmmmmm loved it do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz

    1. N ya m 14 years old

  24. Awesome epi bhavika…….loved it …… my name z komal and i m 19 yrs old and m frm odisha bt my real hometown is rajasthan …….

  25. The episode was awesome…… Amazing fantastic……
    My name is Mitali Nikumbh.
    I’m 14yrs old.
    I’m from Pune, Maharashtra.

  26. it’s too amazing ?✌???
    well i’m srija
    16 yrs & kolkata

  27. my real name is ariya,16yrs&from chennai in india….

    guyss who who r interested&willing to chat in whatss app we can create a frnds grup those who r interested pls send u r mobie numbers because i want chat with u guyss in whatsapp because there so many frnds those who dont use fb so we can chat in whatsapp pls rply answer soonnnnn frnds♥♥♥♥♥♥

  28. Awesome epi ? finally they met ?

  29. My real name is Vindhya
    I am 13
    And I am from Guyana (South America )
    Love your ff ????

  30. Hey bhavika this is Anushka from Delhi. I m forteen. Today’s episode was fab

  31. Hey bhavika. This is Amira from Jaipur. Rajasthan..

    N @twinju(bhavika).. This is not sidhant Gupta’s num. Coz this nun is from up east. N dear for ur information. He is not from up. He is from Jammu. N currently he lived in Mumbai. So this is fake.. Don’t trust dear..

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