Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 25)

hello guys welcome back to twinj land thanks for your lovely comments
thnx mitali,ritzi,panchi,sayeeda,amii,zarmeen,kinjal,jaya,shreya,keerthana,anushka,sam,zikra,lama

SHREYA—i think there is a confusion by saying UNITE i dont meant that unite i wanted to say just friendship one unite btw thnx for commenting

SAYEEDA,AMII,SAM—sorry guys now i will try to post longer episode

mitali,panchi,sayeeda,amii,zarmeen,keerthana thnx for congregating me

and zarmeen i am studying in 7th class and i think i am younger than all of you as i am 12 so now can i call u di if u dont mind

sayeeda,amii,zarmeen,kinjal and shreya..i think u r new readers so welcome and thnx for reading hope you will like my ff and keep commenting

now enough bakwass lets get back to work

the inspector comes and sees that twinkle is unconscious so he calls lady inspector who tries to wake her but she didn’t respond

inspector-i think we have to take her to hospital

k-dekho twinkle aaa gaya mai tujhe lene

he comes out of airport and take taxi…
taxi moves (tu hai ke nahi plays)

doctor says to inspector that twinkle got unconscious because of tiredness and tension she will get fine till night

doc leaves inspector says a havaldar to stay in front of twinkle’s room

In HoTel (night)
kunj comes in room
k-twinkle i arrived here but now how i will find you its ok i will think in morning
twinkle wakes up but is still lost in something she goes out and sees that the havaldar is sleeping ..she gets out of hospital and walking on road lifeless on the other hand kunj cant sleep as he is continually thinking about her(do pal ki ye dilon ki dastan plays)
after sometime a car comes in speed and hit twinkle badly kunj shouts TWINKLE!! and gets up

next scene (in morning)in front of operation theater
inspector is scolding havaldar (please tell what havaldar is called in english)as he dont took care just then doc comes out
doc-too much blood had flown out
ins-so take blood from blood bank
doc-no it is not possible
doc-she has a very rare blood group.AB- we have to quickly arrange blood before 24 hours

in hotel
k-twinkle yaar how will i find u
he picks up paper
k-what rubbish facilities 2 days before newspaper
he calls the room service ..a boy comes
boy-good morning sir how may i help you
kunj-take this and bring new newspaper
the boy is about to pick it just then kunj sees something
he takes the newspaper
k-you go
he leaves
kunj eyes filled with tear
in newspaper there is news of twinkle being in jail

precap:kunj and twinkle confrontation

thnx guys i hope this time it is long

and keerthana dear i am really sorry this time i cant put emojis but next time pakka ok pinky promise

till then…
keep smiling keep laughing. keep watching and keep reading my stupid ff

Credit to: Twinju (Bhavika)


  1. jasmin

    N plzz read my ff also
    twin-a never ending love story(how tashan changes to ishq)
    n yeah loved todays epi….
    sory again posting a comment….
    love u loads…

  2. Ritzi

    heeeyyyy bhavika can u pls give a short summary tht how twinj got sperated…. but it was awesome epi dear

    • fiona

      someone leak twinkle picture with a man in bed (same as manohar and purvi pic in tei)
      then it leaks and shown on tv and kunj ne twinkle ko ghar se bahar nikal deya
      hope u read it

  3. zarmeen

    ohhhh u r just 7th and writing a very good ff i loved ur ff ya iam new reader and today i read ur all epi from first it was very goood dear……

  4. zarmeen

    ohhhh u r just 7th and writing a very good ff i loved ur ff ya iam new reader and today i read ur all epi from first it was very goood dear……and i dont mind u call us di ….

  5. panchi

    Hey,bhavika firstly congrats for silver jubliee of ur ff ………. now cmng 2 d epi it is nyc …….. eagerly wtng fr d nxt epi for twinkle and kunj confrontation …… pls post it soon …….

  6. romaisah

    Hello bhavika although u’re 12 u’re an awesome writer!!! I can’t wait for twinkle n kunj Confrontation 🙂 i luv u n ur ff plzz post ur next epi as soon as possible 🙂

  7. zarmeen

    twinj and read my ff allso twinj made for each other
    but it will not be perfect like u really twinju ….

  8. Sayeeda

    Emotional one …waiting fr their confrontation. I really liked it and plz don’t let forgive twinki forgive kunj so easily I know that twinkle is not upset with kunj ;it’s just a suggestion to my chotu sis hope u don’t mind it .
    And of course u can call me di coz I m much elder than u .

  9. Amii

    Oh so u r in 7th… N so much creative dear.. I love uhh yrrr.. . N waiting for ur next ff.. ?? n m regular reader dear. But I don’t have so much time for comment. So u can call me a silent reader also. ? but pehle. Ab to m active. Actually m a medical student yrr to zyada time nhi milta for comment sryy ?? n luv uh soo much ma dear swt lil sis.. ?

  10. fiona

    awesome epi bhavika
    and u are in 7 th grade
    i am impressed how much beautiful are u writing

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.