Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 24)

hello guys✋ welcome back? to twinj land ?and thnx for your precious comments ?sam,anushka,fiona,jaya,mannat,panchi,ritzi,baby,lama and all my dear silent readers ?

and about my exams ?thnx guys its all just because of u guys ??that i scored above 95%? in all the exams and now very happily enjoying vacations⛺

and ya fiona sorry i didn’t kept my words as i had told that i will write ✒a summary but for the exams? i was unable sorry that u have to read all my episodes but hope u liked them

and guys i am really really sorry that this episode will have more kunj ?scenes but it was important ?sorry?

so now enough bakwas ?lets get to work

in amritsar?
kunj is going to airport ✈in between market ??comes he gets down and remembers something suddenly song plays ?and kunj starts to dance?

bhagan lagyo re bairage mann?
are nachan lagyo re berage mann?

(women are sitting ?and spinning charkha kunj goes ?there)

aaj unse milna hai hame ?
aaj unse milna hai hame?

(he gets up with women?)

chal unke liye kuch lete chale aur unko duaee dete chale?

(women gives him a “dora” and blessings?)

thodi gunjiya vunjiya ?lete chale
thodi barfi warfi ?lete chale

(he takes gunjiya? and barfi?)

aaj unse milna hai hame ?
aaj unse milna hai hame?
Mahalon ?ki raani ?hai
Sunder ?sayaani hai
Wo khaandani hai jaane dil?

(he remembers before marriage ?how kunj gave her flowers ?from balcony)

kya kya khareede ham ???
kya na khareeede ham ❌❌
kya de nishani ye hai mushkil(❌2)

(all women give different things ?????kunj gets confused?)

and he dances ?on whole song ?like salman khan ?in that movie?(prem ?ratan ?dhan ?payo) then he leaves?

at airport✈
kunj thinks-mai aa raha hu senorita?
in sikkim? (jail)?
twinkle is sitting in jail ?suddenly three women ???enters
twinkle gets aside? ..they goes near her?

w1-arey radha dekh to kaun hai?
w2-arey chamak challo ?tu yaha kya kar rahi hai❓
w3-lagta hai seedha k***e ???se ayi hai

twinkle cries?

w1-look look she is feeling afraid?
w3-aaaww dont cry ?

twinkle cries more ?

w1-(shouts)? told u na dont cry?

still she cry??

w2-lagta hai ye aise nahi manegi?

she snatches her hair ?

twinkle cries in pain ?

t-aa plzz leave aaa…????

w3 slaps her ?

w1-i told u not to cry ??

and they behave very badly ??with her she gets unconsious?

mishra house?
mishra is talking ?to the same man(lets name him ashok)
m-u no what today twinkle ?will know her true worth ?
a- how❓❓?

he tells everything that he sent those women? in jail ?to hurt twinkle??

they both laugh evily??

on the other hand kunj reaches sikkim??
hope u all liked it plzz do comment ?

and ya as the latest news ?tashan e ishq will soon have leap of 1 year when twiraj ?will unite..uv will become good?..kunj will left twinkle ?so plzz tell how many are waiting for it

just keep smiling ?keep laughing ?keep watching ?and keep reading ?my stupid ff?
bye bye

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  1. Awesome Bhavika n yes congrats for your exam result. Have happy life a head n yes the epi was fabulous

  2. nice one girl! but do u all think tht twinj will never unite again!

  3. Awesome one ……. and congrats fr your result ……. wtng fr d nxt epi……

  4. Firstly a big nd d heartiest congratulations fr such a good marks.
    Coming to ur it was short bt awesome ..I was waiting fr it..KYA KAROON ITNE ACHE FFs PADHNE KE BAAD AADAT HOGAYI HAI. Plzzz try to update regularly plzzz its a request.

  5. First of ol.. Congrats ? dear.. N plsss upload daily. N plss thoda long update kro. Congratulations again

  6. congrats for result&which class r u studing and next epi is silver juble advance congrats….

  7. It is very bad news of leap cant tolarable and twiraj unite just hate it

  8. Amazing episode! Loved it. Looking forward to more 🙂

  9. Shreya aka cutie

    Nice to see u back bhavika.. But I don’t think so that twiraj will unite because after that trip will go down as twinj fans will wait till twinj unite, it must b like UV to support twinkle in her hard time and will hep twinj in uniting, bcoz Kunj is not the real killer of leela…
    Well for ur ff I would just say.. Lovable.

  10. Congrats for ur result…. Feeling happy for u….

  11. Nice episode

  12. Osm epi dear loved it

  13. Awesome but longer next time

  14. Osm Bhavika

  15. it was too good
    keep it up

  16. and don’t say sorry as in my school also there are many exams forthnightly, UT , TT ,CT, SMAT , NTSE and due to this students of my school gave it a name
    R.E.D. – roj exam do lol lol 🙂 🙂

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