Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 23)

a mother is one who can take place of all others but no other can take her place
hello friends ?hope u all enjoyed mothers day with you on this auspicious occasion let us all salute ?all the mothers ?of world who gave birth to us and all the great people??
now coming to the episode ?
its night?
twinkle and sameer are preparing for the fashion show ?on backstage?
t-sameer be quick only 3 hours ?left and where are the dressess?
s-yes twinkle the dresses ?are in that room u can see?
t-ok sure
she looks dressess ??and is happy☺
t-ok sammeer we can start dressing ?come on all get ready quick ????

just then police enters??
s-ye mishra yaha kya kar raha hai ?(what is this mishra doing here)bin bulaya mehmaan(i am sorry its an idiom in hindi and i dont now how to translate)
inspector-mrs twinkle mr mishra had reported an fir that u have stolen his designs?
s-(murmurs)ulta chor kotwal ko dante?
s-nothing …i was saying maybe u have some misunderstanding?
m-there is no ❌mis understanding this twinkle had stolen my designs ?and dresses ?
t-inspector sameer is saying right ✔why i will stole his designs? i had my designs ?u can see them here they are
inspector sees designs?

i-sarika take her
t-but what happened sir this are my designs?
i-these are mr.mishra ‘s designs ?see
he shows a file ?with all the designs?
i-now u see u have to come to jail
t-but sir these are my designs?
s-yes sir she is right✔
i-u will not decide what is right ✔& what is wrong❌..mrs twinkle u have to come with us
t-but what about the show ??this was my dream??
i-u r not in the show now❌❌
t-but sir?
a lady inspector ?takes her they leave
in amritsar ?

kunj sees the email? …he opens a mail? and is hell shocked ?
k-chinki chinki come quickly?
chinki comes running?
c-what happened bhai❓❓
kunj points? to the screen? …chinki sees and is shocked ?but then smiles?
c-bhai i am so happy ☺we got twinkle go bhai go bring my bhabhi back
kunj hugs her…it is revealed that this email was of twinkle company?
k-chinki now i will bring twinkle back ?…ye dilwala ?apni dulhaniya ?ko lekar hi ayega par pehle maa ke paas
he goes to taneja mansion?
l-what are u doing here ha go go from here?
k-maa i got twinkle?
k-yes maa(he tells everything)

leela cries?
l-soorry? kunj puttar i hide everything from u many times i thought to tell u but stopped thinking about twinkle but kunj now i want u and twinkle to unite ??go kunj bring my daughter back to me
k-dont worry maa today is mothers day today i will go to bring back your daughter…get ready my juliet ur romeo is coming ????
he leaves
mishra house?
mishra is talking to a man
man-amazing RD aaj to tumne twinkle ke hosh thikane laa diye?
RD-ha agar tum waha hote to dekhte ki kaise twinkle ke hosh ud gaye ?the issey kehte hai ek teer ?se do nishane twinkle bhi jail gayi or mai show bhi jeet gaya?
man-ha sahi kaha twinkle to jail? me chakki pees rahi hogi
they both laugh???

precape-kunj in sikkim?
thnx guys and again happy mothers day❤❤❤??
thnx keerthana,zayb_zikra,mannat,panchi,jaya,ritu,baby,sam,anushka thank u for commenting ?and wishing me for exams?
and i am sorry i was not able to update ?because of exams ?but because of ur wishes? my exams ??are going well and today was holiday so i updated?

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  1. Nice summary they will unite

  2. Glad to know your exams are going well 🙂 And it’s nice of you to upload episodes even in the midst of exams! And once again, an amazing episode!

  3. Verry nic twinju
    Gud going

  4. So swt of u to upload episodes in d midst of d xm …….. and d epi was awesome …… loved it ……

  5. amazing storyline twinju

  6. Glad dat ur xams r goin amazing n do well in all d xams n btw epi ws jus amazing osmmmmmmmm loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon plzzzzz

  7. osm episode dear bhavika

  8. Woooow Bhavika Awesome Episode……I like the way u use emojis in ur ff…..loved it

    all were awesome

    now come to present

    episode was superb……… loved it very much 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Marvelous episode Bhavika

  11. Twinju(bhavika)

    thanks all for ur lovely comments

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