Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 22)


omg omg omg aaaaaaa25 comments i cant belive it …i means like really aaaaaaa……..ok ok thnx? all of u who commented ?
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cutie➖i am sorry if u don’t like 4years leap but then i thought that how can i show that twinkle ?become a great buissness woman ?so early…and no plroblem dear i wanted to say that if anyone have to talk anything apart from my ff ?then also u can write ?i have no problem at all and yes u are right at last our siyappa queen ?and saddu sarna ?will have to meet ?so dont quit watching? if u are a true twinj fan?
chandra➖hello dear i am bhavika ?from rajasthan,india ??i am 12 years old …thnx for ur comment ?

keerthana-thnx for commenting ?and only because u liked ?the emojis ?thats why i am writing ?in my mobile ?while i am writing in pc ?which is much easier to write and just because of the reason i am writing in mobile ?i have to write 2 times as first time it got mistakingly deleted ?but leave it anything for u guys ☺
anushka➖lol i dont think i am amazing writer ?btw thnx for commenting?
fiona➖welcome dear??? thnx for commenting ?and for summary ?i will write another article ?named”dilon ki dastan summary”

twinkle and kunj➖i am really sorry ?dear but judai ke agge mohabbat ❤❤hai so till then you have to wait i am really really sorry ?
lama➖welcome back?? …long time ⌚dear i was actually thinking that why u not commented ?till now and best of luck for exms .?..chalo aaj marks ?pe kila fateh kar le ??ha ha ha lol…but just study well and read my ff?
FFOT➖thnx dear for ur comment? i am really happy because nobody had ever given me such a nice compliment even in my house? or school ?thank you so much
SIKKIM(in morning)?
twinkle and sameer are sitting in office ?
s-twinkle tonight ?is the fashion show ??and all the dresses ?and models ?are ready u can meet them✋
t-oh sameer i know that u will do everything nicely and models ?would be also good ?
sameer is lost somewhere else ?…twinkle notices and and claps her hands ?in front of him….sameer gets to senses?
s-ha…ha..twinkle u said something ??

t-where are you sameer❓❓
s-ha nothing actually wo nothing nothing i am fine✔✔
t-sameer u know you cant lie to me then why are u trying ha tell me what happened❓❓
s-twinkle actually there’s a problem
t-problem? what❓❓
chinki and kunj ?are sitting together and doing some work ?
c-finally!!!finished aaaawww
she yawns ?and stretches her hands ?kunj looks at her angrily ?…..chinki sees and keeeps her hands down and is tensed?
c-www..wo …so…sorrrryyy kkk kunj bbhaaiiii???
kunj burst out in laughter ??chinki looks confused??
k-ha ha ha chinki haha ha chin..ha ha ??

chinki gets angry and turns her face other side ?and makes an angry face like a kid?
k-ha ha ha ..?

kunj sees her he gets an idea…he goes out of cabin?
c-haa how mean bhai ko koi fark he nahi padta ki unki phool si komal ?behen unse naraz hai hmm..!!
after a while kunj ?enters in ..he is wearing a joker mask ?on face and balloons in hand??
matargashti plays ?
kunj dances on it chinki makes angry face ?and goes out…all see them ..chinki walk with full attitude ?also smile hidingly .?.kunj gives her balloons ??she burst it?kunj gives her chocolate ? she throws it he gives her bouquet ?she throws that also..he gives her teddy? she gets happy? and takes it ..kunj lifts her in arms ?and takes her to cabin…he makes her sit on chair..they both laugh ??
c-wow bhai agar twinkle yaha hoti to wo kitni khush hoti na??
kunj gets sad?…chinki notices she tries to change the topic
c-acha bhai have u read the emails?✉

k-no actually i was busy
c-ha you were busy in becoming joker ha ha ha?
k-ha ha ha very funny?
c-ok bhai now go and read the emails?
k-jo hukum meri behena !!or koi farmaish

chinki nods in no❌
c-now gooooo
k-YES SIR!!!✔
he salutes her ?chinki hits on his shoulder and they laugh?
t-tell sameer what is problem❓❓
s-actually twinkle RD mishra ?is also participating in today’s fashion show????
t-oh god when will that man ?leave me god ?knows what problem he have with me
s-actually he dont have problem with u he have problem with ur business ?your KT empire ?because before u came to sikkim ??he was the most famous fashion designer ???but since u came u become more famous ?and so he hates you
t-oh please i cant do anything? but u just make sure that everything shud be perfect..i know he will surely plan something?
s-don’t worry everything would be fine ?

t-arey kya everthing would be fine wo mishra hath dhoke? mere peeche pada hai?
s-arey hath dhoke nahi pura nahake?? hi ha ha ha?
twinkle also laugh…?
precape-fashion show???…new twist➰

i am sorry guys for adding a new villan mishra but he would be the reason of twinj to reunite so as we say kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai but here kuch pane ke liye kuch pana padta hai lol any ways thnx guys for such a nice response now i think many of u had changed ur mind in quitting watching tei …and yes guys i am sorry ?for late update actually there are 2⃣reasons1⃣as i told to keerthana ?because of writing ?in mobile.?..and2⃣because my exams ?are there from 2/5/16-14/5/16 so i was busy preparing ?and sorry again because in exams ?i would not be able to update daily but i will try …?

just keep smiling ?keep laughing ?keep watching ?and keep reading ?my stupid ff.?..

Credit to: Twinju (Bhavika)

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  1. Hey thank u so much for posting ur ff with emojis.. I am really happy that u responded to my comment and at the same time plzzzz look at ur convenience also… Even if u post without emojis I will be very happy.. Continue posting next episode asap….

  2. It ws amazing do cont soon plzzzzz n all d best 4 ur xams…..

  3. Vetrrrrrry nic epi

  4. lovely epi twinju …… and al d bst fr xms……

  5. Very nice episode! And thanks for reading the comments. Keep up the great ff and all the best for your exams too 🙂

  6. hey bhavika u wr jst amazing nyc episode enjoyd a lot hahaha xD

  7. All the best bhavika for ur xams and study well. The episode was marvelous Darling.

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