Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 20)


Hello guys how are you thnx for commenting ??and guys please tell me how much long i should write i have thought of 45-50 episodes please guys help me by telling the no.of episodes i should write ?
now coming to the episode
Twinkle is really tensed ?while the men are teasing her just then chinki comes in car ?…she looks twinkle ?..men run?? seeing the car..?.chinki comes out of car? and goes to her
C-twinkle what are u doing here if i would not come don’t know what will have happened today
C-yes come i will take u to kunj?
They both sit in car ?chinki drives?
C-tell me twinkle how u came here
TWINKLE- i don’t want to live here
CHINKI- what!!!
Twinkle tells her the whole story
CHINKI- so twinkle what u will do now
TWINKLE- chinki i want do go away from here
CHINKI- but where??
Twinkle speaks(muted)
Chinki -ok but
TWINKLE- just give me a paper?
Chinki gives paper and pen?
Twinkle writs something ?and gives it to chinki
TWINKLE- chinki u are my best ?friend and i believe u don’t tell anything to anyone just give this letter ✉to kunj ?after i go
Chinki nods in yes they both hug?
TWINKLE- chinki please drop me to airport i will call to mumma and arrange everything
They both goes to airport twinkle calls leela and tells her everything leela agrees with her decision?
Twinkle goes on flight✈ and leaves chinki goes from there twinkle cries ?in flight and remembers time ?spent with kunj (har kisi ko nahi milta yaha pyar plays)
Kunj wakes up but didn’t open eyes someone knocks on door?
KUNJ- twinkle see who is on door ?
No reply
KUNJ- twinkle!
Kunj-twinkle where are u open door ?na everything u have to do
He gets up and realizes that twinkle is not there ..he goes to door ?and open it usha comes in and see the room which is messed up and twinkle’s photo broken ?and get lost in thoughts…..kunj notices
Usha-ya actually chinki had come to meet u
Kunj gets angry?
KUNJ- i know twinkle had sent her i don’t want to listen her??
USHA- but kunj she said it is really important at least u shoud listen to her?
K-but ma
USHA- kunj for me
He goes down and sees her
K-what u want
CHINKI- actually twinkle had given this
She shows letter✉
Kunj ignores
K-tell twinkle that i don’t want to read this
CHINKI- but i cant tell to her
C-because she had left amritsar?
K-what!!!where she gone
C-don’t know but ya before going she gave this to me an………
Kunj snatches the letter ✉and opens it ?and reads:
KUnj i am really sorry but i had not done anything which woulds be shameful ?to u u remembered when i was sitting with you in balcony &a call came ?in that call a man ?said that if i don’t come to hotel paradise ??then he will kill you u went there it was dark in the room ?suddenly someone hit me from back ?and i got unconscious ?and after that what happened i don’t remembered………i know u will not believe me without proof which i don’t have and i want to see u happy if i will live near u neither u would be happy nor i so i am leaving where i am going i also don’t know and i know u will not come to find me but i loved ❤u i love u ❤and i will love u forever…❤❤
kunj gets teary eyed ?reading letter✉ he falls on his knees and cries???
kunj- TWINKLE!!!where are u ❓please come back i am sorry?
precap:not decided ?
hey guys hope u like the twist please comment??

Credit to: Twinju (Bhavika)

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