Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 19)


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Episode 19
Kunj and all are watching TV in hall (except twinkle and cherry)
Suddenly cherry comes in breathing heavily
K-what happened to you
C-arey kunj on news channel then many things will happen to you
C-arey yaar ..i am saying..wait
He picks up remote and sees bews channel they all are hell shocked kunj turns off the tv and all sit
After sometime twinkle enters tensed..kunj angrily goes at her
K-toh mrs.twinkle kunj sarna no no no ms.twinkle taneja aa gayi aap
K-mazze aye
K-ha….ab us ladke ke sath ayiyashiya karke mazze to aye na ya kisi aur ko bulaoon
Twinkle is confused

T-kunj what are u saying
Kunj holds her arm tightly and drags her to tv ..he ons the TV
On news channel they are showing twinkle’s decent pics with a man
Kunj angrily turns it off
Twinkle gets shocked
T-kunj what is all this i had not done this
K-twinkle now no need to speak lie
T-but kunj this is not me?
Kunj slaps her? ..she puts hand on her cheeks tears fall down??
K-ENOUGH TWINKLE how much lie you will say ..mujhe to doubt hai ki tumhare pet me jo baccha tha wo bhi mera tha ya..
T-but kunj try ti understand i had not done this kunj i love you
K-shut up dont take my name from your dirty mouth just get out of my house
All are shocked
K-i said get out of here
He drags her till the main door she just stares at him and thinks-kunj why are u doung this u know that i cant live without u then why
K-twinkle now get out and never show me your face GO!
T-but kunj
He shuts the door twinkle moves out (do pal ki yeh dilon ki dastan aur phir chal diye tum kahan hum kaha plays)
Kunj runs and goes to his room while hiding his tears he goes in room and shuts it he sits on bed takes twinkle’d pic and cries looking it he think-twinkle why u did that u know i cant hurt u why u did that WHY
Saying this he throws her pic on floor

The song keeps playing twinkle is walking on road while rain starts(she is wearing a saree ) she cries and thinks -kunj tum aisa kyo kar rahe ho u know i love u why are u doing this (she remembers all time spent with kunj)
Just then some man comes near her
Man1-oho bheegi bheegi saree me chamakta chand
Man2-arey yaar she is not chand she is chandani
Man3-arey zara madam ki kamar ro dekho makkhan se bhi mylayam hai
Twinkle is not speaking anything actually she don’t have any thing to speak she is just lost in kunj’s dream
Just then a man comes from back and hug her she comes in senses and pushes her away
T-please..pppleasae leave me ..ll..let me go
Man1-oye hoe madam ko jana hai
Man2-kya shehed jaisi awaz hai madam ki
Man3-madam chalo hum apko drop kar denge
Twinkle feels very afraid and shouts kunj kunj

Precape:leap of 4 years

Thnx prakurti,sruti,zarmeen,ritzi,zayb_zikra,mitali,fatrajo,sonali,rashi verma ,sam,ahana and all keep supporting me and nishi iam waiting..

Credit to: Twinju (Bhavika)

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