Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 18)


hey guys today my special thnx for sam,zayb_zikra,ritzi because u three have been reading my ff from starting itself andalways keep commenting soooooo sorry to hurt others and next also thnx roshni
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now i think as always i am doing too much chapad chappad so here is my episode 18

its morning
now twinkle can walk correctly ..twinj gets ready for pooja..they go for pooja in hall
the rituals start
twinkle prays—babaji please make kunj and my baby happy they don’t face any obstacle before anything bad reaches to kunj it should cross over me
kunj prays–babaji please give me strength that i can keep twinkle away from all the problems and also help me to tell her the truth don’t know how she will react but i will surely tell her the truth after pooja
twinj comes to room..kunj cups twinkle’s face
k-twinkle i want to tell u something
twinkle gets shocked and tensed
t-truth what truth kunj
k-twinkle wo actually
t-kunj please speak fast
k-twinkle our baby is no more
k- yes twinkle actually…(he tells him everything)
twinkle suddenly moves away in anger
t-what this can’t happen tell you are lying…TELL ME KUNJ!!!(she shouts)
she starts to throw away things and it behaving like mad..kunj tries to stop her but he didn’t stop..she picks up knife from fruit basket and puts it on her hand
T-tell me the truth kunj or else..TELL ME TRUTH!!!(she shouts again)
kunj tries to calm her down
k-twinkle relax twinkle please don’t do anything to you
twinkle move up the knife and quickly tries to hurt herself but kunj puts his hand between the knife and twinkle’s hand..his hands started to bleed..twinkle throws away the knife and make kunj sit she becomes worried she quickly brings first aid box and puts oinment while crying she do dressing and leave his hand she is still crying
t-kunj why did u saved me i must die whatis my role in life ..because of me we lost our baby if that day i haven’t crossed the road then…kunj let me die what i will do here
kunj cups her face and speakes softly
k-twinkle what do you think u are alone your life is my life and i wan’t my life fine i think your life don’tt matters to you but for me it is the reason ehy i am alive ..never try to hurt yourself because you are MRS TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA as your name your life is also mine so before hurting yourself you have to ask me
t-but kunj
kunj covers her mouth…twinkle hugs him and cries badly..kunj hugs her back ..he kissess her on forehead

now twinkle is fine and has accepted the truth she is sitting in balcony with kunj just then her phone rangs she picks it and gets hell shocked ..she stands up ..and is about to leave
k-whta happened twinkle
twinkle is tensed
t-nnn nn..othing kk..kunj you stay here and ya don.’t go out of house ..i will just come
k-but twinkle..
t-kunj you trust me na
t-then let me go
k-fine but take care
twinkle leaves
kunj thinks-god please protect my siyappa queen

PRECAPE:KUNJ SLAPS TWINKLE says her that she had crossed all limits AND LET HER OUT OF HOUSE

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Credit to: Twinju

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  1. Pls update the next epi aoon eagerly waiting and yes today’s epi was fab

    1. *soon and ya i am a silent reader dear
      The precap gave me goosebumps!!!

  2. Percap ???????

  3. ohh iam silent reader but i read ur ff daily and pls unite twinj pls

  4. nit need to thank me dear. i read it bcus its really interesting… but the precap oh ghosh its scary….. a twist!

  5. Oh gosh m in shock…lol… bcz of dis precap bt Ik u will do sumthng interesting or nw twist btw osm epi dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon plzzzzz luv u

  6. osmmmmmm. do cont soon


  8. osm. but I’m thinking wat must be happened their that Kunj will slap Twinkle. ya it’s must be uv’s plan. I’m 100 % sure its UV only

  9. Pls update the next part…..

  10. Awesome precap awesome episode loved it

  11. Beautiful roses for u……… nice epi…..shocking precap

  12. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    amazing …..waiting eagerly for next part…

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