Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 17)


thnx for commenting twinj fan ,sam, ritzi, manasa, tammana , zayb_zikra ,sonali, lama.you all had given me enough support so i am here with another episode

this episode starts with the scene of 2 days later now kunj had accepted the truth
at home
kunj is sitting near twinkle holding her hand
k-twinkle please get up soon don’t sleep too much or else u will become kumbh karan
and all like this days pass by kunj takes care of twinkle each and every day with the same love sometimes he broke down into tears but never shown that to twinkle but one day (after 2 monthes) he could’nt control himself he goes to twinkle and sits near her bed and cries
k-twinkle yaar please wake up your kunj is waiting for you i love u twinkle please wake up (bhula dena na plays)
tears fall off his face he moves and gets up just then twinkle ‘s hand move and it hitted the glass on side table kunj turns back and sees her fingers moving he gets happy
k-twinkle..twinkle wake up ….nurse..ma…bebe…papa…see twinkle moved
all comes running
nurse-yes sir we should call doctor
doctor comes and checks twinkle
k-what happened doc is everything fine
doc-mr.kunj your wife has shown very quick rcovery i had seen manypeople waiting for years but this is just because of your love that she will be soon fine..we would have to wait till morning if she would move a little then after sometime she will be fully fine
doc leaves all are very happy ..they pray to god

kunj is sleeping near twinkle he looks at her
k-twinkle its last night tommorow morning u would be fine

kunj wakes up and sees twinkle sat on the bed he feels like on cloud9
k-twinkle u wake up are u fine
twinkle can’t speak properly
kunj covers her mouth
k-dont say anything twinkle u had not still fully recovered
and he hugd her twinkle also very slowly hugs him back (banjare ko ghar plays) he kisses her on her forehead and stands up
k-twinkle wait a wile i will come just now
he is about to leave but twinkle slowly holds his hand he looks back twinkle very inocently nods no kunj sits down and cups her face and speakes softly
k-twinkle i want u fully well so i am going to call doc u want to recover soon na i will just come ok
twinkle moves her eye lashes in yes
kunj goes and bring doc ..doc checks twinkle and says
doc-mr.kunj u are lucky she is fine but as she had not fully recovered ..her body is still weak..it will take 1-2 days to recover fully
k-ok doc
and doc leaves

bebe-kunj twinkle i am so happy that twinkle puttar is fine so today we will have a pooja in home
k-ok bebe
usha-kunj take care of her …
they leaves
kunj sits near twinkle
k-twinkle i can’t tell u how much happy i am to see u fine..BTW do you know in this 2 monthes u were sleeping like kumbh karan and i can’t sleep …
he keeps on speaking and tells her all that happened in 2 monthes but twinkle just stares him(agar tum sath ho plays)
twinkle thinks-kunj u are telling me about the whole world but u don’t know meri sari zindagi tumse hai mera jeena tumse mera marna tumse tumhara gam mera gam ..tumhari khushi me meri khusi..tumhari har muskaan mere liye jeene ki wajah …aj mai agar zinda hu toh tumhari wajah se I LOVE YOU KUNJ!!!
she puts her head on his shoulder kunj sees it and stops talking he wakes her and cups her face
k-twinkle I LOVE YOU
T-i..i lo……vvvv..ve …y…yyyou tttttoooo
kunj hugs her they both smile kunj breakes the hug
k-ok now twinkle u rest because i don’t want to see u in comma..because of your comma my life became fullstop for these 2 months…and u know what i had loved u ,,i still love u and only wan’t to love u my sweet siyappa queen..so mrs twinkle kunj sarna don’t be super woman and take rest otherwise i will complain my siyappa queen about u
t-kkk..kkuuunnnjjj ….ooouuurrr….bb..baaabbbyyy…
kunj becomes tensed
k-twinkle sleep and take rest
he is about to leave but twinkle hold his hand
kunj thinks that he should not keep her away from the truth..but its not the right time he cups her face
k-twinkle don’t worry junior is fine
twinkle touches her stomach and smiles
t-really junior u r fine ok take care of urself ok
kunj smiles but his smile soon fades away

kunj and twinkle are on bed kunj is on twinkle’s lap
t-kunj i am feeling better now
k-i know u are recovering fast but still u are just speaking correctly
t-kunj u know when i was small then i also slept on mom’s lap ..she told lorrie but i didn’t like them so i used to tell her stories and after sometime i only slept
k-then tell me also
k-ya i am also a baby
t-u r going to become father (kunj smiles fades)u should tell to ur baby
k-but i don’t no
twinkle holds her stomach
t-leave i will speak lorrie for my junior she sings(chandaniya chup jana re plays)
while singing twinkle herself sleep kunj sees her he makes her lay down correctly and covers her with blanket he thinks
twinkle how i will tell u the truth moreover how will u face it how will u react i am afraid if u hurt yoursef
he gets tensed and lays down to sleep


thnx again all the readers for ur support please keep commenting(on this silly ,boring,stupid,pakaoo,bakwas fan fiction..i think u would like throwing tomatoes on me rather than commenting )but still please try to comment

Credit to: Twinju

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