Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 16)


thnx for commenting rashi verma,poorvi,crazy,harna,zayb_zikra,sam,amy lama,bd,mehek i was just new on this website and u all gave me too much strenght even after knowing that i am not a nice writer and ya tommoro means on23 its kunj’s birthday so i am super exited i hope u all are also as exited as much i am
here is the episode
this episode starts with uv call avantika in anger
av-oh my dear uv long time ha how are you
uv-just stop acting tell me why u did that with my twinkie ..ha how dare you…
av-oh hello just shut up i am not acting infact u should be thankful to me
uv-for what..for hurting twinkie
av -oh yaar i just did that for kunj and there is a benefit 4 u 2
av-not like this i will tell u face2face
uv-ok so come on this address etc.etc.
avantika goes there & tells him something(muted)and uv smiles

kunj is waiting outside the room just then the whole family enters
bebe-what happened kunj why u urgently called us here
leela-yes puttar is twinkle fine
usha -kunj u are fine na
kunj is crying
bebe-tell kunj we will die like that
just then doctor comes kunj hurriedly goes there
k-what happened doctor is there anything serious..is the baby fine..is twinkle fine
doctor-yes twinkle is fine
kunj takes a siegh of relief
bebe -thank god
kunj gets tensed
k-but…what but ..tell doctor
doc-there are 2 things
doc -first thing is she had dropped her baby and second that she is in comma
kunj laughs

k-what doctor u are joking ri8…twinkle told you to do so
doctor holds kunj’s hands
doc-sorry mister kunj
he is about to leave but kunj holds his collar angriliy
k-what sorry ha how can that happen…she is fine no..tell me the truth
doc-mr kunj please
kunj cries
k-what mister kunj what all this happened till night everything was finr …what u did god what u did
he cries more and more doctor leaves

doc is talking on phone
doc-sir your work is done i had aborted twinkle’s baby
man-fine u will get your money
he cuts phone the man is revealed and he is uv
uv-manna padega tumhe very nice idea
av-mai janam se hi smart thi
avantika tells uv that while twinkle would be in hospital he can abort his child and uv agrees
flashback ends
uv-but avantika because of u twinkle is in comma
av-oh don’t worry she would be fine in some time after that u will get twinkle and i will get my kunj
uv -smart
they both do hi5 and laugh

PRECAPE-twinkle is fine now

hope u all like the new twist there are many more new twists ..just wait and watch
this is link for older episodes : http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=Dilon+ki+dastaan

Credit to: Bhavika (Twinju)

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  1. Please unite twinj….nd expose that avantika and I’ve fast…pls even in the serial both r suffering..atleast here some good scenes.. Nd forgot to say it was a good episode

  2. Omg wonder what will happen now

  3. wow bhavika. seriously its awesome

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  5. HBD sid-(tamanna)

    omg…sad for twinj…btw amazing episode…

  6. Woow osm epi dear loved it so much

  7. osm dear

  8. Amazing episode

  9. It is wonderful episode I hate UV and avantika

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