Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 14)


this episode starts with twinj comes out of hotel and visit many places for site seeing in between twinkle tried to tell something to kunj many times but was not able (sorry guys i also wanted to write that part but i don’t know much about singapore)
k-twinkle its late so now we should leave to the hotel
t-ok kunj
they reaches the hotel room and sits on bed
k-hmm(he was feeling asleep)
t-wo i want to talk to you
k-so what u r doing now?

t-kunj its serious
k-(yawning)aaawww….not now twinkle i am sleepy tell in morning
t-but kunj
k-twinkle please
t-ok u can sleep now but tommorow morning first of all u have to talk to me
k -ok

they both sleep hugging each other
Twinkle comes out of bathroom and dries her hair with towel…water drops fall on kunj..he wakes up and sees twinkle..twinkle moves her finger like saying come…kunj goes to her and moves her hand like saying what..twinkle puts her hand on stomach..kunj speaks
K-what say clearly what you want to say
T-that’s a surprise you just guess
K-give me a hint
T-it is very small
K-mouse ..ok you are feeling hungry
T-no it is very cute
K-rabbit you want a pet
T-no which brings happiness
K- monsoon…but monsoon is far
Twinkle shouts
T-arey..our CHILD
The word ecos kunj is happy and twinkle realizes what she had sad ..she feels shy
K-what our child are you serious..means are you 100% sure
Twinkle nods in yes

T-arey baba 1000% SURE
Kunj picks her up in his arms and moves round twinkle smiles muskurane ki vajah plays
Twinkle suddenly shouts while holding her stomach
Kunj makes her sit on bed..he sits beside her ..and hurriedly says
K-what happened twinkle …are you fine ..why are you crying ..twinkle please tell
Twinkle stop crying and laughs
T-don’t take that much tension pati dev
k-today you had really frightened me..what was that
T-nothing I was seeing how much you care for me
K-did you even know twinkle if something had happened to you I would have die..
Twinkle cups her face ..kunj stares her..they share an eyelock sanam re plays..twinkle gets in senses and moves her hand ..she feels shy and turns back kunj holds her and turn her front ..they both fall on bed..
K-twinkle T-kunj (they both say together)
K-wo T-wo
k-first you T-first you
K-wo T-wo

K –I LOVE YOU (the words eco)
T-I love you too kk..kunj
They both hug each other ..bas itni si tammana plays
Kunj breakes hug andtouches twinkle’s stomach
K-twinkle now we both will together take care of our baby
Twinkle nods yes
Kunj kisses her on forehead
k-twinkle its time for celebration lets come and ya i have passess for a party
t-ok when it is
k-today 6 pm
k-twinkle u know what
k-iam feeling like dancing
t-so will you dance with me prince(he acts)
kunj stands and they both do a beautiful dance (pehla nasha pehla khumar naya pyar hai plays)
on the other end a man is calling on phone
man-mam twinkle is pregnant
ak(guys i cant write avantika so i will write ak)-what
man-yes mam i heard it with my ears
ak cuts the phone angrily
ak-how can he do that ..doesn’t he knew that i love him ..twinkle i will not spare you
the man again calls
ak-what now

man-mam actually i got an info that uv is also here
ak-wow so that fulish uv still loves twinkle ok so i will take advantage of him..ha ha ha


hey guys so here is the true story of avantika
she loved kunj during college but when twinkle came kunj ignored her..and that day onwards ak decided that one day she will seperate twinj so now she is back
and all the readers wish you a happy MAHAVIR JAYANTI

guys i think u don’t like my story line because you are not commenting..tell me i have a long story but if u don’t want i can end it on20 episode please guys PLEASE REPLY

Credit to: Twinju

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  1. Wooooow…..Awesome episode……loved it……Happy Mahaveer Jayanti to u too

  2. Twinju I loved it re..
    But once u uploaded this na?
    So plz upload 2 episodes next time

  3. Hey nice episode…but please don’t separate twinj…let this avantika be exposed fast nd uv also should not do anything…

  4. Nt nthg lyj dat ur ff IE so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo osmmmmmmmm dear loved it so much do cont soon

  5. Nice loved it awesome

  6. It was just too good 😘😍

  7. no its nice..keep it up…waiting for ur next part!!

  8. actually ur problem is that u dont post regularly nd thats y readers dont get to know when u r posting …many of ur old readers might still not be knowing that u have posted next epis after epi 11

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