Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 13)


thnx guys for commenting actually my new school session has started and i’m a bit busy so i am not able to write but will try my best and guys please ifu don’t mind can i write some words in short …as i told u i am not getting time so ….if any1 dont understand anything they can ask in comments…
kunj crassess her hair with his hand
t-can i ask you something
t-wo..w…what if something happens to me
kunj wakes up angrily
t-what happened
k-i said sit
twinkle sit on bed kunj is angry
k-do you love me

k-can you do anything for me
k-if i tell you to die will u do that
twinkle is tensed
k-tell me
twinkle is confident
k-how can you say so confidently
t-because i know that before anything happens to me .you will save me…you will never let anything happen to you siyappa queen
k-then why are you asking this question

before she cold continue kunj covered her mouth with his hand and speakes softly
k-kunj i promise you till i am leaving nothing will happen to you ..i will not let anyone harm you..before any harm comes to u i’ll finish it..i will never let anyone destroy your happiness for you i can even give my lif…
before he speakes twinkle covers his mouth…they both share an eyelock…..ishq bulava plays….the day ends with their romantic moments
twinkle wakes up and sees kunj’s hand on her waist….she tries to remove it but kunj pulls her towards himself like they are hugging each other ..she moves his hand slowly away and stands ..she stares to kunj for sometime..har kisi ko nahi milta yaha pyar plays…then she sees that kunj is feeling cold..she goes to other side of bed and puts blanket ..she is about to move but kunj pulls her from back..twinkle falls on kunj…she feels shy and tries to wake but kunj again pulls her back
t-not now kunj
k-lai haaad hai what abhi nahi hum honey moon pe aye hai yaar aur agar mai hi apni honey ke sath romance nahi karunga to kiske ath karoonga aur tumne suna nahi..”abhi nahi toh kabhi nahi”,,,”kal kare so aaj ”
t-please kunj aaj mujhe thoda ajeeb lag raha hai

k-oh please ha the moment you came here then also you were not feeling fine
t-don’t know kunj since we came here i am feeling that something bad will happen
k-oh really u ladies 6th sense is just outstanding you can know what will happen next ..u just behave like daily soap actress..oh yes why don’t you become fortune teller..”twinkle kunj sarna the great fortune teller”ha
twinkle hits his shoulder and wakes up
t-kunj really i am feeling someting weird
k-oh please u r feeling nothing this is just excuse to..he comes close..to break romance
twinkle pushes him and stands up
t-kunj please why you always think of this(she gets teary)i am really feeling
kunj gets tensed and cups her face & speakes softly
k-twinkle never feel afraid till i am with you ..koi tumhara bal bhi baka nahi kar sakta
they both hug each other and after some tme breakes it
t -kunj i’llget fresh

k-no wait first i will go
t-but kunj i had made my clothes ready
k-its ok i will go
he goes to bathroom and hears a noise from window
he moves forward while speaking
k-who is there ..come out who is there ..who is there
he suddenly slips down on floor because of soap but before that twinkle comes and holds him
t-kunj are you fine..ha something hapened to you…how you fell
k-twinkle relax wo actually this soap was here

t-ok you bath i am outside
she leaves
kunj thinks-who was that person who put this soap here..maybe he came to hurt twinkle because she was coming first..but why he will do so..we don’t know anyone here..btw i have to take care of twinkle
on the other side a man calls on phone
man-mam we are really sorry actually twinkle didn’t came there kunj entered and he fall
voice-what how dare you ..did any thing happened to kunj
man-n..no mam
voice -thank god ..now listen u just keep a watc on them and dont dare to hurt kunj ..don’t you know how much i love him..if anything hapens to him i will kill you
man-ok Avantika mam
voice-what how dare you to call me by my name
man-sorry mam
voice -ok
precape-entry of a villan

thnx guys keep commenting love you(i know its boring and there are too many songs here;if you dont like that please tell…..but it was important because then there will be less romantic scene in this ff)

Credit to: Twinju

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  1. D epi was awsm twinju but i am having a confusion dat who is avantika ?

    1. Twinju(Bhavika)

      thats a twist to know that you will have to read next episode

  2. Amazing loved it

  3. omg..new villain..hhmm..secret admire of kunj..hhmm nice

  4. awesome … loved it….

  5. Mmmm new entry of villian loved d epi do cont soon plzzzzz luv u

  6. twinj fan-(tamanna)


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