Dilon ki dastaan (Episode 11)


Hey guys I had read your comments and then re checked my post and realized that I had mixed episode 10 with episode 19 so this time I am writing this episode as episode 10 but I will call it episode 11 so you don’t have a confusion I will tell you where we have ended……they both get intimate..so this is the ending of episode 10 ..so here is episode 11
IT’S MORNING? twinj are sitting on dinning table????? with the whole family
Bebe: usha rani do you know the next house’s Sharma ji is having a grand daughter?
Usha-yes bebe how lucky he is whole day he is playing? ?with her
Bebe-god knows when we will get someone with whom I can play⚽⚽
Twinj look at each other and blushes?
u-arey bebe I don’t thing our kunj had made any plan about it
BEBE-yes kunj what do you want girl ?or boy?
Twinkle feels shy
T-bebe wo i..i ww..will bring rice??
Twinkle leaves blushing

Bebe moves to kunj ears?
B-kunj I don’t think you had made a plan of honeymoon?? and even if you had made you will not tell us so I and your maa decieded to plan tomorrow morning you are leaving for Singapore????
k-but bebe honeymoon?
b-what honeymoon I am not asking I am informing you and I know very well..tumhare man me laddu photo rahe hai honey moon pe jane ke liye..ja kunj jee le apni zindagi
they both laugh
Twinkle is putting sindoor but she is confused
T-Oh babaji today what happened to me why I am not able to put sindoor straight
She thinks to try again but kunj comes from behind and punt his hands? on her waist he comes close to her neck and turns her front he continues to kiss her on neck(saans me teri saans mili to plays)he then kisses her on her head and then her cheeks and then he moves to the lips but just then twinkle pushes him away and turns to mirror kunj again goes close to her and moves her hair from back to front
T-kunj please not now someone will come

K-then let them come they should also now how much I love you
Kunj moves close to her twinkle turns back they both are just millimeters away
T-kunj what will bebe say you started in day time
Kunj suddenly moves back
K-what bebe you always think about bebe what about your husband
And he turns back twinkle hugs her from behind kunj hold her hands which are on kunj’s waist
T-ok patidev I am sorry
She goes front and touches his feet kunj stops her
K-what are you doing twinkle stop it please you are my wife
T-but you had t..told mm..me
Kunj remembers how he had behaved with twinkle earlier and gets upset twinkle hits her head
T-oh what a stupid I am I am really sorry kunj acha tell me for what you came here
K-for what means it is my house,he comes close to her..it is my room,he comes more close..this is my bed ,kunj is near her lips…and you are my leagal wife
Twinkle pushes him
T –oh really now you will lie to me you were going tooffice tell me why you came here
K-to do romance with you

Twinkle speaks like child
K- acha baba wo actually bebe had given me something
Kunj gives her an envelope..twinkle opens it ..and sees honey moon pacage twinkle smiles
t- aawww we are going to singapur I am so happyyyyyyyyyyy
she holds her hand an moves roun with him
kunj looks at twinkle who is smiling..her hairs are flying(koi mujhko yu mila hai jaise banjare ko gharplays)
they stop moving
K-ok so now I am going to office I will finish all the work you pack bag we will leave tomorrow early morning
TWINKLE nods in yes
Kunj is leaving
Kunj turns back..twinke kisses her cheek..
T-i love you
K-love you too
He leaves twinkle smiles
T –wow twinkle singapore
She hits her head
t-mrs.twinkle kunj sarna don’t be exited an pack bag..kunj this would be the best time of our lives

PRECAPE:twinj reaches singapore

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Credit to: twinju

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  1. Its awesome twinju…im super excited for the next epi….HONEYMOON !!!!

    1. I am also exited to read ?your comments for that episode ..and all of you where are those people which commented in episode 8&9 there were19-20 comments please comment i am feeling sad ??and not want to continue ??as there is no response???? guys please comment?? and also tell me how many episodes i shud write..i had thought to write 3⃣5⃣⛔4⃣0⃣but still getting more plans ?please please comment ?and tell me if you like ?or Not like ?according to that i can shape the track????

  2. loved it nice episode

  3. Woooooooooooooooooow osm loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon plzzzzz……..

    1. Sure keep reading ??thnx???

  4. woowww m super excited fr the nxt episode….btw twinju wats ur real name can u disclose it if u dont hav any problm.?? m jus asking generally out of curiosity….?????

    1. Hi loveleen my real name is bhavika i dont have any problem u can call me by my name i used twinju as i liked it?? and thnx for commenting hope you like my ff and please all of you tell me if u have any suggestion or problem and please tell me about the ff dp??thnx love you all??

  5. wooooooowwwww……. awesome epi ….. eagerly wtng fr d nxt one….. pls post d nxt one soon pls….

    1. Thnx i will try my best

  6. twinj fan-(tamanna)


  7. Wow wow wow wow wow and simply wow!

    1. By reading your comment i am feeling wow wow wow(100times)?????thnx?

  8. Can ny1 translate in english’mera pehla shehd chand’

    1. Jasmine where had you seen it it is not written here

  9. It’s awesome really love it it’s fantastic

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