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dilon ka milan (swasan raglak) three shots…. Episode 1


FRIENDS, this ts happens after ragini knows the truth and laksh realises his mistake and kavita turns positive
this ff is the marriage of swasan and raglak
these names are used replacing their original names
rags: ragini
ap: annapurna
swasan raglak haldi
swaragini get ready in baadi
sanlak in mm
swaragini enter the hall. they r looking gorgeous in yellow salwar with flower ornaments.Likewise sanlak in yellow kurtas
sumi starts applying haldi to rags. then sanskaar applies haldi 4 swara and teases her. swara starts hitting him and sanky hold her hand and they share a cute eyelock
ap applies haldi 4 lucky and sanky(sanky both in baadi and mm?? its swara’s dream)
swara realises that it was her dream and starts smiling rags notices this.
ragini:jiju ke baare me soch rahi ho kya??hmm
swara:tu bhi na ragini kaise baatein karti hain. mein kuch nahi soch rahi hoon.
In mm
laksh is in deep thought
sanky:lucky? lucky? kahan kho gaye ho?
lucky: kuch nahi bhai bas aise hi

sanky: tik hain. chal.
haldi gets over..
mehendi function.
gf arrive at mm
swaragini is wearing green gagra
kavia and uttra are applying mehendi
sanlak cum down
they keep on staring swaragini respectively
uttra goes towards sanlak and whispers in their ears
uttra:bhabhiyon ko kha mat lena
sanlak: wo..wo..chup rahna neeche jakar apna kaam kar
uttra:tik hain app dono apna kaam continue karo..
swaraginikavi keep laughing and sanlak get embarrased
after applying mehendi, kavita calls sanlak and tell them to find their name on their to be wives palms.
sanlak go near and start searching but they couldn’t find. they didn’t want to lose. they signed each other.
sanky:wat is this? kisne swara ke hath me mehendi banayi?
laksh: aur ragini ke hath kisne banaya
uttra and kavita: humne. kya hua?
sanlak: tum log hume chidathe chidathe ek badi galti kar diya.
laksh: tumne ragini ke hath me sanky ka naam aur swara ke hath me mera naam likha hain
swaragini: kya?

and see the mehendi and the name is written correctly i.e. sanky’s name in swara and lucky’s name in rags’s mehendi
swaragini: correct toh hain. yeh dekho..
sanlak give a winning look and uttra and kavita notice this and they understand that it was sanlak’s plan. they were going to stop but swaragini had shown their mehendi.
sanlak: hum ne doond liya apna naam.
swaragini uttra kavita: this is not fair
sanlak:everything is fair in love and war
laksh: bhai kya idea tha apka
sanky: thanks yaar tumne toh sikhaya
swaragini kavi uttra angrry
sanlak then cool them down
sanlak drop swaragini in baadi

swasan and raglak hug eachother and leave for preparing 4 sangeet

Credit to: smvi

  1. nic start…

  2. Interesting introduction

  3. New start and nice episode… Update it regularly….

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