DILO KE RISHTE (Episode 1)


Hey guys this riya and this is my next first episode of this ff hope u all guys will like it

Episode with a lady running here and there in her house

LADY- o god kaka what r u doing here ? go and see if outer decorations r complete or not !!

KAKA- ohk beta !!

LADY- uff !! now where r those red flowers which i thought to decorate the main door ?

Then suddenly a voice came from behind it was mainly a man ‘s voice

MAN- those flowers r here mishti

Then the lady turns and yes she is none other than sharmishtha shekhar gadodia

SHARMISHTHA- Uff !! shekhar ur still in home attire go and change it fastly u know na anytime grooms’s family will come

Then the man came closer to sharmishtha and hold her shoulder and yes guys he is none other than shekhar gadodia

SHEKHAR- relax mishti everything will be fine and perfect

SHARMISHTHA-what r u saying shakhar ? look at these work they r still pending and only 1 hr is left for their arrival what shall we do now ?

Then shekhar forcefuly hug her

SHEKHAR- relax baba !! i said na evrything will be fine do u know what i think she is so lucky that u became her mother !!

Then she broke the hug in fake anger

SHARMISHTHA- what ?? no i am so lucky that she is my daughter ,u know what our gudia become so big that today her alliance is going to be fixed ,i can’t belive on my eyes

SHEKHAR- ya ur ri8 mishti still she is our that cute little daughter !!!


Then a voice interrupt them from back

LADY- If urs husband wife talk r over then should we complete some work ??

Then they both turn towards the direction of voice and the lady is none other than parvati gadodia aka dadi

SHARMISHTHA -Ya offcourse ma !!

DADI- ohk fine come fast !!

With this dadi leaves from there and here sharmishtha was about to leave then suddenly shekhar hold her hand

SHARMISHTHA-What happen shekhar ?

SHEKHAR- mishti vo………….


SHEKHAR- mishti i think we should hide our marriage matter from grooms family


SHEKHAR-I know this is wrong but what shall i do ? if…if they broke this alliance then ? what will happen with her mishti ? no one will marry her ! just think once about this !!

SHARMISHTHA-I know ur ri8 on ur place shekhar but remember this relationship r not build like this and that specially marriage and yah i am goning to see whether she is ready or not

With this sharmishtha leaves leaving shekhar behind

Screen moves to street where group of boys were sitting around a car and was talking with each other

BOY- o god lucky why r u so stubborn ? if they r forcing u to meet that girl then go and meet her what’s so big deal in that ??

ANOTHER BOY- ya lucky mayank is ri8 !! i also think that u should meet her once and yah who knows she will hot and gorgeous just like ur type haan ?

With this a boy jump from car and turn towards them and yep he is none other than laksh maheswari aka lucky

LAKSH- no ways i will not i know my parents clearly they will select some paye lagu type girl for me

OMI- but lucky yaar…………

Before omi could complete his line laksh’s phone rang and then he recieve it

LAKSH- now what happen mom? ,no mom plz i am not interested in all these ,what ?? o god ohk ohk fine i am coming !!

Then he hurriedly cuts the call and moves towards the car

OMI- what happen to cool dude haan ?? is ur hitler dad shows his power ?

LAKSH- Nothing like that !!

MAYANK- yah yah i know when ur dad shows his dadagiri these all happens with u

LAKSH- just shut up guys and take ur seat quikly we have to reach at home on time otherwise dad will kill me oh god wait i think i have forgot my goggles on that shop u guys wait i just come in sec

Then laksh was about to cross the road then suddenly someone pushes him from behind and he roll down to other side of the road ,he was fuming in anger then he stood up and was looking here and there 4 the person who has done this then he notice a girl who was crossing the road ,her back was infront of him

LAKSH- hey wait did u push me like this ?

Without turning back the girl said

GIRL- yah !!

LAKSH – How dare u ?

GIRL- o hello mister don’t show me ur attitude i saved ur life ,a big truck was coming behind u

Then she turn towards him only her big beautiful eyes were visible as she has covered her face from her duppatta

GIRL- stuppid !!!

Then the girl leaves leaving behing laksh was hypnotised by her eyes ,his heart start beating fastly then he put his hand on his chest

LAKSH- relax dude !!! she was just a girl why r u racing like this ? oh god only her eyes were enough 4 brusting my heart !! wase who was she ?

Here screen shift to sharmistha who was knocking at a particular door

SHARMISHTHA-Oh god where r these girls ? ragu !! shona !! open the door beta !!

Then from inside a girl jump from a window ,she was in a complete modern attire ,black top ,blue jeans with black heels and a long stall around her neck

GIRL- thanx god i am safe now no one notice me that i was not present at home uff !!! otherwise dadi will surely kill me

Then again sharmishtha knock at the door

SHARMISHTHA- ragu !! shona ! r u both became deaf ? why r u not opening the door ??

Then the girl from inside goes near towards the door and open it

SHARMISHTHA- oh god !! who take this much time to open a door ??

GIRL- ma vo… ma….

SHARMISHTHA- what is this shona ? still ur not ready and where is ragu ?

Then the girl turn her face and she is none other than swara gadodia aka shona

SWARA- ma …vo… i don’t know

SHARMISHTHA- what ?? u don’t know where is ragu ??

SWARA- no ma !

then sharmishtha called shekhar and dadi

SHARMISHTHA- ma !! shekhar !! look what shona is saying !! she is saying that she doesn’t know where is ragu ??

SHEKHAR- what ??????? where is ragu ??

DADI- oh god where is ragu ?


Credit to: riya kapoor

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