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The Episode starts with Dylan coming to meet LN and Mamta. Mamta opens the door and acts annoyed to him. Dylan greets them. LN asks Dylan to sit. Dylan stays tensed. LN asks what did they think. Dylan says we thought to stay together for 309 days to see compatibility. Mamta asks if they feel they are not compatible then.. Dabbu says then we will break this relation. Mamta says then no one will marry Dabbu. LN says Mamta is right. Dylan says Dabbu is imp to me, I don’t want her name to get spoiled, I m scared to marry, so we decided this. My intentions are very clear, I don’t want to take advantage of Dabbu. I want to see this relation succeed, I know your yes is difficult. LN says good you accepted this, but I m ready to say yes. They all get surprised and smile.

Mamta says

no LN, how can you agree. LN says listen to me, I m agreeing because Dabbu wants this, I have a condition. Dylan will stay here with Dabbu, in this house… Dylan looks on. Binny and Vicky talk to marriage counselor and tell their views. Binny says she can’t trust Vicky. Vicky says he wants the kids, he can be good father. The counselor talks to them and says kids need mother in small age. Vicky’s mum says Binny is not suitable to take care of kids. The lady asks Vicky’s mum to go out and sit.

She asks Binny does she work anywhere. Binny says no. The lady asks how will she raise her kids. Binny says I m well educated and will get job, she started assisting her father. The lady asks who will see kids then. Binny says my parents. The lady asks will she depend on her parents. Binny gets Monu’s call and says she has to leave now. Vicky says but the kids are in school. Binny leaves. Vicky says Binny is irresponsible, my mum and I can raise the kids well.

LN asks Mamta to listen to him. She says I don’t want to listen, you are big judge, I thought you will scare Dylan, but you agreed to him. He asks her to listen. Dabbu loves Dylan a lot, she does not want to annoy us, Dabbu did not run with Dylan as she worries for us. Its matter of one month, our lovely family will end Dylan’s fear, he will start a family’s importance. She says society will blame Dabbu. LN smiles. Mamta says she will not treat Dylan well. LN jokes that a mum in law will tortore a son in law now.

Dylan packs his bag and tells Juliet that he now feels how a girl feels to leave her home and goes to her husband’s home. Juliet laughs. Juliet asks him to lessen few things. He says fine, I will leave a small bag. She says no, just take one bag. He asks what. She smiles. Dylan says how will I stay here with such less things, Mamta is annoyed, she does not want me to stay there. Juliet asks him to convince Mamta. He asks how. She says you love Dabbu, love will teach you everything, don’t worry, go.

Binny comes to the school and looks for the kids. She scolds the teachers for being irresponsible. The teacher asks what is she saying. The kids come there. Binny hugs them and thinks who called her if kids are here. Mandy asks Chandi to make her clothes fit as she lost weight by diet. Chandi says yes, congrats. Mandy goes. Rajveer says sometimes we have to lie, right? She asks what. He says sometimes we do things without logic. She scolds him and asks how can he justify himself. He says wait, listen to me. She asks did he ever had any GF? He gets sad.

Mamta tries calling Binny. LN asks her to have tea, Binny went to meet counselor. Dylan comes to stay with them. Mamta sees him with his bag. Dylan smiles and greets them. LN asks Mamta to treat him with love. Mamta asks why, is he my bahu, shall I welcome him with aarti plate and kalash. Dabbu welcomes Dylan. Mamta goes. Dylan asks is aunty still annoyed. Dabbu says we will try our best to work out this relation. LN asks Dabbu to show Dylan his room. Dabbu asks Dylan to come.

LN asks where are they going, and asks Dabbu to show Dylan guest room, not Dabbu’s room, as they decided to stay together, not in same room.

Dylan asks Dabbu to give him a goodnight kiss and holds her close. Dabbu kisses him. They hug. Dylan gets shocked seeing someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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