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The Episode starts with Dylan going to see the girl. The doctor shows him the girl. Dylan thinks why does he feel he knows her and goes closer. He tries recalling where he has seen her before. She opens her eyes and looks at him. She says Dylan… He gets shocked. He thinks how does she know me and the girl gets unwell. Dylan calls the doctor. The doctor checks her. He gives her injection and she gets better. She holds Dylan’s hand tightly. Dylan tells the doctor. The doctor tries to free Dylan’s hand and the girl’s clutch is very stiff. Dylan worries.

The doctor says its strange, how can 11 year old girl’s hold be so strong. He leaves. Dylan moves back and goes. The girl opens her eyes and looks at the door. Dylan recalls her. The inspector comes and says Juliet has come

with us to police station. Dylan asks why, mom did not do anything, they came infront. The inspector says we have to interrogate her, we took doctor’s permission, we are not arresting her, please cooperate. Juliet cries and says my son got married today, my bahu’s grah pravesh did not happen, let me do her grah pravesh and then I will come. The inspector says sorry, its routine interrogation, two people died in this, media will point to police.

Juliet says yes, a girl became orphan because of me and goes with police. Dylan says talk to your dad, I will go with mom. She hugs him and asks him to take care. The nurse says that girl is crying a lot and missing her parents. Dylan says you should meet that girl. Dylan goes to the girl and consoles her. He hugs her and asks her to be strong. He says he will get chocolate for her. She asks for her doll from her bag. He sees the scary doll and she says her mum’s name is Trishna Kapoor, and she is Kamya Kapoor. He recalls his friend Trishna. He says did your mum tell you about me. She says yes, she said you were her school friend and then left one day, then met on friendsbook, mum has shown your pics. He thinks so this way Kamya knows him, so sorry Trishna, my mum did this accident.

Rajveer talks to Chandi and says he just loves her, Kajal can’t do anything after signing divorce papers. Binny comes and says Dabbu has come. Dabbu asks LN to do something, it was not Juliet’s mistake. LN says we should not interfere in police work. Mamta asks LN to help Juliet. LN says 2 people died, she did a crime and I can’t support her, law is same for everyone. Dabbu cries.

Chandi says I know its your duty to protect law, but Juliet is also family. Mamta asks LN to help Dabbu. Dabbu says she can understand LN, he is right, she did not see her dad doing anything wrong till now, he always supported truth, so we are proud of him. LN thanks her for understanding. He says I m helpless. Dabbu says I m not annoyed, I will leave. She cries and leaves. Mamta looks at LN.

Dylan thinks whats happening, don’t know Dabbu reached home or not. Dabbu is back on the way and recalls LN’s words. She gets Dylan’s call and wonders what will she reply to him.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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