Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dabbu coming home. She thinks she can’t believe Dylan can do this. The family claps for her and gives credit to her for saving the locality. They find her upset and ask what happened. Dabbu says Dylan has not helped them, Aseem made the feature air at 9am slot. Mamta says he is great guy, he risked his life and helped us. Phool and Binny tell her that Aseem is a diamond, he is perfect for her, she did wrong to reject him. Anji defends Dabbu and says she is proud of her, she will stand by her decisions always. Dabbu sees her family happy and all this because of Aseem.

LN and Mamta ask her to have food. She says I had heavy snacks in office, I m tired and want to rest. She goes to her room. Ye mann karta hai……………..plays……. Chandi finds her sad.

Dabbu goes to sleep. Chandi cares for her and says she is her hero, she learnt to smile in problems by her, she knows there is something in her heart that is troubling her. She goes. Dabbu opens her eyes and cries. Naino ko pata hai……………… neend ud jaaye……… plays……….. She recalls Dylan’s cheat and Aseem’s love. She thinks what to do, she loves Dylan who is stone hearted, and on the other hand, Aseem, who always helped her and everyone likes him, but there are no feelings in her heart for him.

LN is glad that its all peaceful now, because of his Dabbu. Mamta says she is our daughter. Dabbu gets ready and comes to talk to them. Dabbu says I think I did mistake, I want to rectify it. She says when she went to thank Aseem for helping me in Chadda case, he told me that he still has hope that I will accept his love, and he still wants to marry me, and now I also don’t have any objection now. Mamta and LN are stunned. Mamta asks is she saying she will marry Aseem, its such a good news. LN asks did she take decision in pressure. Dabbu says no.

LN says you said no before, are you saying this being emotional after his help. She says no, Aseem is a good person and responsible man, I saw everyone happy and I realized this happiness is because of him, and maybe I did wrong rejecting him. She says she rejected him and he never let it come in his heart, he has helped her as a friend always. Mamta hugs her and says she is very happy for her right decision, she will inform Binny. LN finds Dabbu sad. Dabbu walks away and cries.

Aseem asks Vicky shall I drop you somewhere. Binny and Vicky ask him not to go office, they have to go and take sherwani. Binny teases him and says Dabbu has agreed for this proposal. Aseem gets glad and asks really, I did not know this, she did not tell me. Binny says she is my sister, she will be shy, Mamta gave this news. She goes to tell her mum in law. Vicky dances and Aseem smiles. He says he had to get her, as his bow has hit the target.

Dylan sees Dabbu and thinks is she so annoyed, that she is not looking at him. She sees him and he smiles, thinking its good she has seen once. He thinks he can’t see her like this, she is sad because of him, what to do to make her smile again. He recalls the old moments and sends sweet muffins for her, with a note. She throws it in trash.

Chadda talks to Aseem and Mirchandani. Chadda blames Dylan. Mirchandani says they don’t have any proof, he can’t fire him, he is talented. He asks Aseem whats his benefit in this, to make Dylan out of their company. Aseem says yes, Dylan can join any channel if we fire him. Aseem plans and tells them. Chadda smiles and says its great idea.

Dabbu sits sad I the cafeteria. Aseem comes to Dabbu and thanks her for saying yes. He says he would be more happy if she tells him herself. She says she took decision in morning, I told mum and she has told Binny. Aseem asks is she happy with this decision. He asks is she doing this for his help, he is her friend, she can say yes to marry him when she is sure of him. She says he is not selfish, he is honest and has all good qualities. He thinks she will know soon how wrong she is. She says she has all reasons to marry him, and maybe she will love him one day as he loves her, she will try to become the wife he deserves. He smiles and holds her hand. He says he will give her happiness always and hugs her. Dylan looks on shocked. Aseem smiles seeing him.

Dylan tells Dabbu that he wants to talk something personal to her. She refuses to talk. Aseem gets happy seeing her angry on Dylan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tanx for update amena di 😀

  2. Urgh aseem 😡 . Dabbu no dnt do dis. Fir a sec I felt u as kushi … Shyam as aseem and Dylan as ASR.. Cuz ur comparing Dylan and aseem juz lyk kushi did in ipkknd(asr and shyam) . Hmm so u realized dat ur loving Dylan a stone hearted man 😉 . Uff wat dis chadda,aseem ll do . Hate u day by day aseem 😡

  3. Good going but aaseem track and chadda track should be ended soon

  4. nice but uske aage kya hoga

  5. Aseem ka parda faash! very soon! 😛

  6. Aaseem is too much irritating

  7. Lots of drama is set to unfold in the upcoming episodes of &TV’s Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls (Cinevistaas) with Dylan (Aamir Ali) coming to know about Aseem (Waseem Mushtaq) and Chaddha being involved in a conspiracy. She would learn of Aseem marrying Dabbu (Sukirti Kandpal) for her house and money.

    Now, the scene will be that of mirth for Dabbu’s family, with the marriage carpet being laid. Aseem and Dabbu will visit a jewellery shop and buy a ring. However, they will mistakenly drop it but Dylan, who coincidentally will be present at the shop will find it and return to the shopkeeper.

    Now, Chaddha will call Aseem and Vicky at a restaurant and there Dylan would also be present. Dylan would overhear their conversation and get to know that Aseem and Chaddha are crime partners. Dylan would try telling Dabbu but she will refuse to talk to him.

    So will Dylan be able to expose Aseem’s truth in front of Dabbu?

    Aamir remained unavailable for comment.

    Thank god at least Dylan ko pathachala aseem ke bare Mein. Ab Vo bachadega dabbu ko ?

  8. o god I just wish that stupid Assem face comes in front of Dabbu.

  9. I want to kill assem

  10. dylan should do something before assem . really assem should be kill

  11. i also kill him

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