Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Dabbu calling Chandi and telling about Dylan’s gift. Chandi asks her not to talk to Dylan and show him attitude. Dylan says I gave her a meaningful gift with my feelings, and she has given me this cactus. Dabbu says he has given me this book, instead confessing love. Dylan says I don’t understand women, and asks a staff lady. She leaves. Dabbu says I won’t talk to him, till he apologizes. Dylan says he won’t talk to her, and sees the cactus. Binny comes to her inlaws home and sees police going. She asks the guard and comes to know police took Aseem. Her mum in law gets angry seeing her. Binny’s mum in law scolds her. Binny tries to clarify and she asks Binny to leave.

Dabbu talks to Anji about Dylan. Anji asks her not to talk to Dylan. Dabbu goes

to Dylan and says she has to go early. He says good for you, you are permitted. She thinks he is not even asking why. He thinks to ask why is she going. Dabbu comes home, and Anji talks to her. Anji says she has seen Dylan helping them, he does not look conservative. The sisters talk to her. Dylan talks to his mum. His mum says she has seen Dabbu, she is not such girl, she will have some reason. He asks what reason, I gave her a note and a book, she gave me cactus. She asks him to talk to her once and sort this issue, talk face to face. The sisters plan with Dabbu to make Dylan confess his love. They all discuss and Dabbu worries thinking what will happen tomorrow.

Its morning, the girls meet few men. Anji asks the men to give brilliant performance. She says I m Dabbu, start. The men are unable to tease her. Anji asks them to tease the girl well. Chandi trains them and the men say Dabbu not to feel bad if its exceeding limit. Dabbu says don’t worry, I understand. They see Dylan coming. Binny says Dylan has come, hurry up. They all hide. Dylan is busy on phone. The men are unable to tease Dabbu well and talk well. Dabbu says tease me well. Dylan sees Dabbu and says what is she doing with her. The sisters talk that Dylan does not know the guys are teasing her. Dabbu asks the guys to hold her hand and shouts for help. They smile as Dylan walks to save Dabbu. Few ladies come in between and beat the men. Dylan stops and looks on. Anji says the aunties has really beaten them. Chandi says save my friends. Anji says our plan will fail, hide. The men run away.

Dylan comes to Dabbu and asks is she fine. Dabbu asks did he come now, he was seeing drama standing there, he does not care for her safety, don’t talk and leaves. Dylan says what happened to her, I m asking is she fine with love, she is being rude with me. The sisters look on. Chandi says this plan failed. Anji says their misunderstanding did not end. Binny says it increased. Dabbu and Dylan walk either ways.

The sisters find about book swapping and tell Dabbu. They ask Dabbu to call Dylan. Aseem comes to Dylan and argues, saying his love will end soon, I promise to snatch everything from you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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