Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with everyone waiting for Dabbu for the ouja. Dabbu comes home and tells Eshu that she taught him a good lesson. Mamta takes her to sit in puja. The puja starts and they all smile. Shastri says its completed and Eshu asks Chandu to have halwa. Chandu is upset. Dabbu tells everything to sisters that channel head said he will do enquiry and find the truth. The girls hug and laugh. LN smiles seeing them. Mamta tells Dabbu that Shastri told one solution, she has to be mute and not talk anything, just for one day. She says its easy. LN jokes on Mamta.

Mamta says its simple thing to do, matter of one day, will she do it. Dabbu nods and smiles. Eshu says this can’t happen that Dabbu does not raise voice for any animal. Chandu says I think she can do it, and they bet.

Dabbu says stop it. Binny asks her to talk today and then be silent tomorrow. The girls go to room and talk. Its morning, Dabbu gets a call and says its 5mins for Maunvrath to start. She gets Aseem’s call and asks about audition. He asks him to come for audition today at 11am. Mamta comes and takes the phone, saying she has to do this Maun Vrath well. Eshu comes to Dabbu and sees her worried. Dabbu writes in her phone and tells her about audition today.

Eshu says what, and asks her to go for audition, they can manage mum later, maybe they want to see her and she don’t need to talk. She makes Dabbu ready. Aseem waits for Dabbu and says he has many meetings, he wants auditions to be infront of her. Dabbu walks in office and bumps into a peon. She thinks she did mistake upon arrival. Aseem compliments her and she just nods. He gives the script and says is she fine. She shows thumbs up.

She thinks what to do now, she kept Maun Vrath and got audition call. She sees Aseem and acts like rehearsing. He smiles and goes. She goes and stands against a wall. The man paints there and says its wet paint. She gets it on her clothes. The man laughs. Aseem comes and asks what is he laughing, do his work.

Dabbu thinks now Aseem will get angry. Aseem says don’t worry, we will have extra sarees. He asks a man and they don’t get it. He says I have a plan, wear this coat and gives his coat. She wears it. He says you are looking perfect. She thinks he is so soft spoken and helpful, and that Dylan is so rude, Aseem also works in channel and he is so nice. Dylan tells his boss that its his mistake. His boss asks is he saying true. Dylan says yes. His boss says he will announce next bulletin that he did mistake and he is suspended for 10 days.

Divya thanks Dylan for doing a favor on her by taking the blame on her, she would have lost her job. Dylan says I know, I needed some time to do my pending works, now I got a chance. He smiles. Aseem says he is impressed seeing how calm is Dabbu, and asks her not to be nervous and wishes her all the best. Dabbu thinks of Mamta’s words and what Eshu told to give the audition and they will manage mum.

Aseem asks her to be ready and starts. He signs her to say it. Dabbu gets tensed. Dabbu smiles and starts the audition with confidence. She reads the news and ends the audition. Aseem shows thumbs up. Dabbu comes home and Eshu asks her about audition. Dabbu does not talk. Mamta asks her where did she go, if she fell and got hurt then. Eshu says she can’t reply. Mamta says yes, I forgot. She says she feels bad to make her do tough vrath, but she wants all her problems to end, and her life gets easy. She asks where did she go wearing this saree.

She says don’t say, I know my Dabbu will take care of this. Dabbu says I broke the vrath and talks. Mamta asks why and gets annoyed. Dabbu says Maa, I went for audition, Aseem kept it for me. Mamta says I m working so hard for you, and you are not doing any bit, why did you go for audition. Eshu says I told her to go. Dabbu says I know I did wrong, but you want me to get job soon. Binny’s husband comes and says he got good news, and get sweets. Binny asks what is it. He says Dabbu got the job.

They all get happy. Mamta asks Dabbu now she might be happy that work is done even after breaking vrath. LN says she kept vrath for job, and now she got it. Dabbu asks Mamta to call Shastri and ask anything new, and she will do any solution, even if its tough. Mamta smiles and makes her have sweets. Dabbu says thanks. LN asks Mamta to give sweets. Binny’s husband says no, I was going to pick kids and Binny sent me to give good news. He leaves.

Dabbu asks Mamta to call Shastri ji and hugs her. Shastri tells Dabbu to make a white cow have the grass, so this can be a method to rectify mistake of breaking Maun vrath. Dabbu thinks how can I get white cow. Dylan says how did they make NGO there in that bungalow, its mine. The lawyer says its NGO to support orphan animals, and how can I make them leave, its sensitive case. Dylan says he gives him fees as he is best lawyer Gujral, find some way. Gujral says an old man is caretaker, its easy to make him leave, but a girl Debjani Thakur works for that NGO, she is savior for animals. Dylan says I don’t care, make the legal notice, I will go and give them. Gujral says her name Debjani. Dylan says he will kick Debjani and the animals out.

Dylan gives the notice to Debjani and asks her to leave his bungalow. She gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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