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The Episode starts with Dylan saying we will together convince your family. She asks what will he say, that you will stay with me without marriage. He says yes, I like to be frank. She says no, I will tell them, first we will convince my sisters, Anji is already on your side, I spoke to her, and tomorrow we will talk to Chandi. Its morning, Dabbu talks to Chandi at the café,. Chandi gets annoyed with Rajveer and Dylan too. Dabbu messages Dylan that Chandi is angry, they can meet Eshu first. She gets Dylan’s call and tells Chandi its imp call from office. She goes to Dylan and says don’t know what happened to Chandi. He says we will make her mood good, then maybe she will agree, be positive.

Chandi gets Rajveer’s call and ends it. She recalls his words and gets his message.

She sees Rajveer there. He smiles and comes to her. He apologizes for the mistake. She gets angry and asks does he feel this is joke, if anyone said so about Mandy then… She scolds him infront of everyone. Dabbu and Dylan get tensed seeing her anger. Rajveer says let me explain. Chandi scolds him. Dylan and Dabbu hide. Dylan says your Chandi is very dangerous. Dabbu says I told you. Chandi leaves. Rajveer says Chandi is angry, I will talk to her later.

Chandi comes to Dabbu and says all men are same. Dylan says all men are not same. Chandi scolds Dylan. Dylan says I think I have to be brave, and compliments her western dress. He says his intention is not wrong, he is afraid of marriage, so we decided this. Chandi asks what, did Dabbu agree. Dabbu says yes, and you will help me. Chandi says I did not agree, and see Eshu will also not agree. They all go to meet Eshu. Chandi asks how did Dabbu agree. Dabbu says I always supported you. Chandi says I did not request you for wrong thing. Dabbu says how will Binny and Eshu get convinced.

Dylan sees Eshu and says I will convince Eshu, and asks Chandi to hold his jacket. He goes in the basketball court. Eshu sees him and stops. She passes the ball to him. Dylan says I want to talk to you and need your help. Eshu refuses to help. Her friends says Eshu told us about you, you want to live in with Dabbu. Dylan says I think the sisters told the locality. He asks Eshu to have a game with her, he will assure that she can trust him, he does not want her to lose, but if she is afraid… Eshu says I m not afraid.

Chandi says does he know to play basketball. Dylan starts the game. Dylan plays well. Dabbu cheers for him. Chandi says Eshu is losing. Dabbu says my BF is playing well, as he wants to prove he is worthy. Chandi also cheers for Dylan. Dabbu smiles. Dylan wins. He says I love Dabbu a lot, I can do anything to prove it, I just want you to trust me. Eshu hits the basket and asks him to say why should she trust him. He says because I will keep trying, till you all agree and trust me.

He says I m not wrong, we will take this step with everyone’s approval, else we won’t take this step. Dabbu nods. She tells Eshu and Chandi that she did not take any decision without asking them. Chandi says right, and explains Eshu about playing trials before the match, they should support Dabbu and Dylan. Chandi and Eshu agree. Dabbu and Dylan hug them.

Dabbu says now Binny, mum and dad has to agree. Chandi says talk to them together, they will have same opinion. Dylan asks what will we do. Dabbu says I have thought something. Its morning, Mamta asks LN to come for dinner. Dabbu signs Eshu. Eshu plays news and they play about live in relationships, which will lessen the divorces. They see Dabbu taking opinion about it from people. Dabbu says positive things about it. LN switches off the tv. Mamta asks Dabbu whats this. LN says this is her way to ask us about our opinion, this program was made for us, right. Binny asks Dabbu will she stay with Dylan without marriage.

She goes to check did Dabbu do planning and checks the DVD. She brings the DVD and shows LN and Mamta. Mamta says you did this to show us. Binny asks whats this, what did you think, men can be cheaters. Dabbu says marriage is not guarantee, its good to know before marriage. Mamta asks what is she saying. Dabbu says sorry. Binny says I don’t want Dabbu to bear what I m going through. Dabbu says we did not think Vicky will do this. Binny asks will you stay with Dylan without marriage.

Dabbu says I want to see the future of this relation, Dylan does not want to marry, I want to convince him, you have to trust me. Mamta says how to trust, if we can see you are taking wrong, you got these two fools. Chandi says Anji is also in favor. LN says stop it, Dabbu you understand that Dylan can leave you even after staying with him. Dabbu says yes. LN asks do you still want your live in relationship. Dabbu nods. LN says I always supported you, but I can’t support you in this, this is final. Mamta, LN and Binny leave. Dabbu cries.

Chandi pacifies Dabbu. Dabbu says I know mum and dad are right, how can they allow me, I m worried what will happen next. Mamta, LN and Binny have a talk. Mamta asks Binny to talk to Dabbu. LN says what will happen if we talk to Dabbu, the reason is Dylan, he has fear of marriage and Dabbu has fear to lose Dylan. Mamta says Dylan is using Dabbu’s love, Dabbu did this on his saying.

LN says if we refuse, Dylan will ask her to run, we won’t let this happen. LN, Mamta and Binny go to Dabbu. LN says I want to meet Dylan, call him at home tomorrow. Dabbu gets glad. LN leaves.

Dylan comes home and sees Mamta angry. LN asks Dylan and Dabbu what did they think. Dylan says we are thinking to stay together for a month. LN says he has a condition, and asks him to stay with Dabbu in Thakur house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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